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  • Let’s celebrate

    I am meh as well. I know MS tries hard and it is almost a no-win situation but being honest this doesn't do it for me. Some of the stuff seems cool, but knowing the lines for *everything* will be outrageous, I am not excited. The ATL in whole as a venue is just meh. Chicago, while not conveniently located near the convention center, had a lot to do and tons of options. If a vote is taking place -- Vegas, yes. It has never gone there and I am not sure why. MMS was always there as was that other dev conference they had for a short time.

  • Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

    I will say for large enterprise this is a bad move. I certainly understand the cost efficiencies, we are under the same mandate but:

    • This means approval for several engineers to attend the same event, and while you may get a little discount it is much harder (don't ask for logic) to get approval for 10 to go to one conference than 2 to five different conferences spread out across the year.
    • A lot more engineers and developers all gone at the same time. This one hurts the most.
    • Content, hopefully will not get diluted. This is why I was overjoyed to see MEC come back. With 13K+ attendees, individualization just doesn't scale from MS, vendors, sponsors, event staff, etc. Ever been to vmworld? ;)