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  • The Complete Guide to Windows Easy Transfer

    Just a note -- I recently used the easy transfer wizard and was very disappointed with it -- After following the directions to "backup" my old computer - I found that when I "restored" my profile on the newly upgraded system, it missed a large amount of programs and almost nothing was back to the way it was before. I had several programs installed that it didn't migrate back in, even though they were included in the backup. ITunes, MS OFfice, some thrid party software I used for testing, etc. It did backup my email pst file, but not MS Office itself. It saved off my music but not ITunes or Quicktime so I lost all my playlists, etc. I had to find the disks and re-install Office, Itunes, and several others. Desktop wallpaper wasn't done, etc, etc.


    All in all I found it less than I expected. Especially Since Windows 7 has proved to be so far ahead of what I expected.