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  • Windows Home Server

    I have 5 PCs setup in common areas of the house and with a family of 6 I got tired of my kids, wife, and me complaining about the location of their files and email accounts.  This prompted me about 3 or so years ago to setup a SBS in my house.  Ever since then I've been wondering why MS hasn't come out with a server product that was designed for the home user.  To my pleasant surprise it looks like they will be coming out with one.

    However, since I bit the bullet and figured out how to install a SBS at home, I wonder if WHS will offer me anything more than what my SBS is giving me?  After some initial learning curve, SBS has been a "set it and forget it" product for me.

    I primarily use the SBS for:

    1. "My Documents" redirection to the server.
    2.  MS Exchange to store email accounts and messages.
    3.  Shared network drives
    4.  IP Router
    5.  Remote Web Workplace

    What I would like it to do:

    1.  Parental controls at the server level (internet filter, pc time limits, etc.)
    2.  Media distribution (Sling type service, dvd server)
    3.  Firewall, virus, spam, protection at the server level rather than configuration at each PC.
    4.  When a new PC is added to the network all user configuration is pushed down from the server from internet favorites to drive mapping (I know, SBS can probably do this but I'm a CPA not an IS guy.)

    Good luck to the MS team and waiting patiently for my private beta test invite.