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  • Lynn Ayres: What is Windows Live ID?

    Bas wrote:

    This has been asked on, among others, the Live ID blog, for several months, and no reply whatsoever. Maybe Lynn (or someone else) can answer these questions here?

    1. Will we ever be able to change our sign-in email address? I know that this is possible if your sign-in address is a non-Microsoft address, but the option is unavailable if you use a hotmail, live, et cetera address. Why does Live ID provide people who use Microsoft technologies with -less- options than people who used a non-Microsoft technology to create their Live ID?

    We are aware of this problem and are working on it as well. Please understand, it's not that we want to limit options for these types of Live IDs - it's just that it's a more complex operation. Keep in mind that there are typically a large number of items associated with these accounts (like a mailbox, etc). But we understand, and we're working on it! Smiley
  • Lynn Ayres: What is Windows Live ID?

    Kryptos wrote:

    Just watching video now...

    I've ended up with 3 Windows Live ID's, is there any way to link the two other e-mails with the remaining one so I can just login with just one and all of those services will be avaiable?

    Hope that makes sense?

    Your question totally makes sense. We're working on ways to make it easier to work with multiple Windows Live IDs. Stay tuned Smiley