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  • Singularity: A research OS written in C#

    To Mr. Larus:

    I'm currently finishing the Computer Engeneering course at Universidade de São Paulo (Sao Paulo University --"> and ever since i started graduation, i've been studying C# and some CLR which eventually allowed me to take the MS Student Consultant position in our university lab (">

    I was planning to write my end-of-course monography based on managed-code kernels and ever since i decided that, i've gathering material about the subject (which, as you may know, is not an easy task). Eventually i found your project and since it is much like the topic i chose, i was wondering if you could help me by pointing out any papers, books or any other research materials you may or may not have used.

    I'm really willing to learn and would appreciate very much this kind of input, being more than happy to later share my research. Thanks in advance.