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  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    So far I like the update, but just with IE 6, I seem to be experiencing issues with Channel9.

    I am having the same issues with typing replies as others.  If I back space, the computer seems to hang.

    But, in general, the whole Channel9 site seems to be bad for IE.  If I scroll through the main page or the forums, it is very choppy and lags happen throughout.   My processor spikes to 100% as I type replies and scroll through pages.  This experience is not happening on other broswers I have used on this site.

    The lagging/processor spiking also occurs when I click on the Favorites Center icon and then click an RSS feed to read.

    I am having no problems with beta as others have mentioned.

    EDIT: I have also noticed that when I open a new tab, the GoogleToolbar, I have the newest version (V4), does not show up until I actually go to a website with that new tab.  Is this behavior by design?
  • Eugene Lin and Jason Cobb - Windows Plug and Play

    Eugene, Thanks for the reply. My situation isn't necessarily about power. I know the drive works, Windows recognizes it, but when I Hibernate or restart/reboot the computer, the drive may not show up again. I know my USB ports work on the machine, becuase no other device has a problem, on any other ports. I know going into the registry is a big NO NO for a lot of people, but it was my last resort, and it seems to be the only sure fire way for Windows to see the external hard drive again. (After it re-recognizes it, the little balloon pops up and goes through the whole device found, installing drivers, device is ready to use). Also you mentioned poor installers from certain devices. Isn't the Adaptec cover just using the drivers supplied by Windows? I am just curious on this issue and since you are part of the USB team, I was hoping you can offer some insight. Thanks again for the reply and the information David
  • Eugene Lin and Jason Cobb - Windows Plug and Play

    Maybe you are referring to this:

    If so, I would really like an explanation also. 

    Scoble or Charles, is there anyway you can forward the above mentioned discussion thread to one of these guys for a response?  I know I am not the only one with the issue. 

    Thanks and keep up the great work, all of you guys. 
  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    I just noticed this as I was playing with the software. 

    Is there no way to get directions within virtual earth? 

    If you click the directions to/from link, it takes you to

    It would be nice if eventually the directions were directly in virtual earth instead of having to use an external application.  Just a thought.