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  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    @magicalclick: Yup, they all look the same.

    Just that if you click a date a week before an event, it'll also be shown in the lower event pane.

    It only will show difference when you rotate the screen in landscape mode, where the first few character of event description will appear in the "calendar color" it belongs to.


  • Is it pokemon or Big Data

    Congratulations, you got 73% correct!


  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    Have used it for a while, most things are good except some games (like Angry Bird GO) lost progress and have to start over again.

    For some unknown reason, I can no longer start the "Call and SMS blocker" app, anyone know if there is new version or what?

  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    Btw, when I try to go to Microsoft home page, then select Lumia to go to the Windows Phone site to register my phone (so I can use find my phone features), I'm greeted with "

    Request Entity Too Large

    The requested resource
    does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

    Additionally, a 413 Request Entity Too Large error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

    Someone know who I should email to check?

  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    I bought it from Microsoft Store, so can forget to check the card size.

    The replacement of SIM card is very fast. Last time it takes me half day to change from normal SIM to micro-SIM, and this time it takes 10 minute to make the new SIM works.

    Since I'd need to go shopping for screen protector and a second battery anyway today, so it caused only a little bit of inconvenience.

    The setup / restore process is fast. I started it when goes on the bus, and it finished before I go home. The process take less than 15 minutes, but all the Apps appears dimmed and need to go through actual installation when I connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

    For some unknown reason, my corporate email account information cannot be received successfully, will spend some time to check later.

  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    Forgotten to check SIM size. The micro-SIM of my 920 won't fit.

    Have to visit mobile company tomorrow for a new nano-SIM.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    @RealBboy360: Nice to hear that, and better if can hear some review too.

    Mine will be start delivery on 27th, still waiting for notification on when they'll send the phone.

    Btw, I just found that 950XL for Hong Kong should have Dual Sim edition like 640XL later, maybe I should have had waited for that model. But then again I don't need dual sim card feature that much, so... whatever.

  • Build vs Ignite

    On the other hand, Ignite gears towards IT Pro. That means if your position is more like tech support type, it'll suit you better.

    From your description it seems attending Build event will benefit you more.

  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    , Ian2 wrote

    That just says 'coming soon' on mine.

    Same here.

    You can use $200 Azure Free Trial now, though.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Fall update not showing up in Windows Update

    It varies.

    My Surface Pro 3 have it installed last Saturday, and my desktop haven't received the update yet. Maybe it all depends on your region and/or hardware.