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  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @TheTraveler:Well, I have no problem on buying from Microsoft Stores.

    First, my mobile service provide in Hong Kong never sold Lumia phones so I have to buy from somewhere else, and more important, there will not be phone company's preloaded craps on the phone, so I'll not buy from them even if they sell it. (For some of the Andriod phones you can download vanilla OS package to clean it yourself, but that's never the case for WinPhone / iPhones.)

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild

    @magicalclick: Laptops usually don't come with "Pro" version as default OS, you need to pay additional amount to upgrade it to "Pro".

    If all you need from "Pro" version is just "an option to stop Windows from updating automatically", expect a hard time to justify it to your company's management. (Why don't you just buy something with Win7/8 preloaded instead?)

    If you're using "Microsoft will eventially stop selling Win7/8" as argument, expect to see companies that bought their WinXP/Vista/7 Pro/Business with Retail/Open Value license transfer the license to their laptops after their machines upgraded to Win7/Win10. If that's the case we have to expect to see WinXP/Win7 for a lot longer than what we had expected because of this.

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild

    This is kind of expected... It's makes you wonder who'd think this behavior is acceptable.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @Michael Butler: My only comment on Surface Book is it's kind of too expensive for me. The one comparable with my current SP3 (less discrete GPU) is about US$2100, and I'm not even sure if the price includes the detechable keyboard.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @TheTraveler: FYI, the "Windows 10 Phone" OS is named "Windows 10 Mobile" or just "Win10m".

    All Win10m systems will just have a mixed subset of APIs when compared with full desktop Windows (kernel32/user32/gdi32 all merged into coredll.dll), so even if it runs Intel CPU, I don't think it'll run ordinary Windows programs. So unless you're using Visual Studio Online or other web based development platforms, I don't think you can do much development there.

  • MSDN site is dead

    Now it's back...

  • MSDN site is dead

    [The service is unavailable.]

    What's going on? =:O

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    On a somewhat related note, the update for Surface Pro 3 firmware is reported to break WiFi connectivity on various forums (I'm one of them who experienced the problem).

    Although for most people the issue resolved itself after one more reboot, that were at least 3 forum members reported that can't make their wireless network adapter function again so have no choice but to reset their SP3 to factory state. (They got no network connectivity on the system, they have only one computer, and have no USB to LAN dongle to provide temporary physical connection.)

    This marks the third broken update in consecutive months for Win10 related to driver/firmware updates. It seems a good time to add opt-out or even opt-in option for "updating drivers automatically".

  • Self-post to Channel9 outside of MS?


    If you take a look at his profile, you'll find he works for Microsoft Sweden.

  • Microsoft Big IoT announcement

    Nice spec. for 950XL. Although I'd expected the equiped RAM will go to 4GB because of 64-bit processors (although iPhone 6s just got 2GB)...

    Now lets wait and see whether the price is attractive enough.