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  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @DeathByVisualStudio: There are potential non-technical side of problem for having Apps in multiple platform.

    Having In-App purchase regulation in iOS (section 11) and WP (section 5e) at the same time effectively make "I want to build App for both platform, and make features bought in any of the platform automatically switched on too when login in App of other platform with same account" breach of contract. App developer have to choose to:

    1) sell the App as a whole;
    2) seperate user accounts for different platform;
    3) App builders who want to use micropayment strategy just choose the platform with bigger marketshare.

    Now spare me some time while I curse whoever make such bureaucratic roadblock...

  • I can't comment in MSDN blogs site

    The Old New Thing to be specific.

    No matter what I post, it always return HTTP 200 but with content length = 0, resulting a blank page. When I refresh the page, my comment does not appear.

    Wonder if they hit a WordPress bug or not.

  • Surface Pro 3 power cord replacement

    @Proton2: So the "date before" that has the problem is different depending on where you are.

    I think as long as you don't attempt to fold the wire too hard, it's going to be okay. The electricity leakage and fire hazard only occurs if you fold it too hard that the plastic inside get damaged, according to EMSD of government here.

  • Surface Pro 3 power cord replacement

    As the power cord come with Surface Pro 1/2/3 sold before 2015-07-15 have electric current leakage hazard, Microsoft offers replacement power cord for free, which is good.

    The only thing I'm unhappy with it is the new power cord still come with plug without gripping place that allow us pull it out easier.

  • WM10 hell.

    I think setting the data limit is still hand for you to check, especially when your ISP's data App does not support winphone.

    Try go to Settings -> Notifications and Actions and see if you can mute the notification there. Or set the limit to a much higher one so you won't be able to hit the ceiling.

  • WM10 hell.

    Emmm... not experienced this.

    Could it be that the "Monthly reset date" is set to a different date than your actual plan?

    EDIT: Oh I overlooked the "data usage" seems to display correct data. So maybe you're ranting about they send "over limit" notice when it should be "near limit"?

    I only experience that once and it's in my 920 days when I was testing out the Remote Desktop App, and I remember the message is "near limit" message. Not sure if it send the wrong message on Win10M, but I remember it did send the "near limit" message quite frequently that I found it annoying too.

    Btw, do you get "near limit" message before "over limit" one?

  • SmartScreen Filter Blocked Problem

    The reputation score for your signing certificate increases over time and eventually the SmartScreen warning goes away

    Reads: There is nothing you can do now to make the warning immediately go away.

    Programs signed by an EV code signing certificate can immediately establish reputation with SmartScreen reputation services even if no prior reputation exists for that file or publisher. Other factors are considered when generating reputation and determining product experiences and EV-signed programs will be closely monitored over time. We think the improvements in the vetting and security of these certificates are a great development for both users and developers. 

    Reads: If the publisher's reputation exist and is below theshold, this is not going to help you. This is relevent for those publishers "without existing reputation" only.

    Btw, also note that the e-cert for www.deskgate.com is apparently for "sale.deskgate.com" only. I don't know if smartscreen will flag the download as suspicious if the cert's "name" does not match the domain.

  • Finally! An end to the Win10 upgrade nagging.

    Regarding SkyLake, I read something that maybe related.


    There is other article (on computer magazine so no link here) saying Intel is acknowledge of this problem and will publish update to BIOS (I suppose it should be microcode update here like this one?) to fix the issue. So if you're using any of the affected CPUs (i7-6700K, i5-6600K), remember to install update when the fix is ready.

  • SmartScreen Filter Blocked Problem


  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    The enforcement for any in-game purchase through the Microsoft Commerce system is, IMO, a good thing.

    The card game that I'm currently playing has in-game purchase for gems, but if you want to get "VIP monthly pass", the only way you can buy it is through their website via "支付寶".

    I don't have, and have no plan to, open a CNY account, that leaves me in weird situation that I can only unlock half of the game's feature even if I'm willing to pay.