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  • Surface Studio

    @elmer: Hope that the dial will make a "ruler tool" handy with "measuring unit" changable.

    You'll be able to work as if you're working on real paper blueprint.

    (I know the actual length of the line being drawn can be made visible on the status bar, but the "feeling" would be different.)

  • Surface Studio

    , Richard.Hein wrote


    That touchscreen is incredible.  The hardware is very nice too.  It is expensive, but wow, drool.  This is the high-end:


    Surface Studio - 2TB / Intel Core i7

    Ships early 2017 



    Choose device: 2TB / Intel Core i7 - 32GB RAM / 4GB GPU

    If this were designed to target designers as audience I'll have little concern about the price. They're known for spending more than the price of average servers for the best quality hardware that money can buy.

  • Surface Studio

    @Richard.Hein: The aspect ratio is 3:2 (i.e.: 15:10). When compare with 16:9 you get more vertical space with less horizontial space. This mean the shape will be closer to square and when you compare it with another display with same diagonal size, you get more screen area.

    It's particularly impressive that the stand allow the screen to be layed down with an angle. Those designers gonna love it if the color precision is proved can be set correctly easily.

  • Alt. Notepad w/hex editor that ​launches+op​ens 50 GB log file into text editor in <200 ms?

    @elmer:Yup. In fact I think all hex editors on list with "Partial file loading" support and supports file size > 4GB can do.

    From their website, it supports filesize up to (2^64 - 1) bytes so it should be okay.

  • The Nintendo Switch

    People from a different forum predict that there will be a seperate graphics chips on the docking much like other portable devices which supports docking, so when you take it away from docking the games run in less performance but more energy efficient mode, but you can performance comparible to other current game consoles when docked.

    The drawing that illustrates someone laying on bed with those two controls on hand, looking up the "screen" part of a wall mount facing downward is interesting. It's not good for your eyes, but at least you don't get sour arms this way. XD

  • OS built-in application execution profiling (threat detection)

    @exoteric: The difficult part is that, for the ransomwares you see nowadays, there's no difference between those malware than legitimate "zip like" software that also perform password protected encryption. They smartly just perform encryption on user folders only and leave system folders intact. Unless you require manual approval for each application to modify files in user folder, there's very little chance this tactic can help protecting user from this kind of damage. And for this to work the token attach to threads would be required because you cannot judge which action (API calls) belongs to which application with return address. Some kind of identifier will be required.

    And by doing this, we're essentially recreating SELinux, and we can easily search to see how even the "supposed to be more security awaring" linux system admins think about it. I have no problem using it but most system admins just disabled it on day one and never enable it again because of laziness.

  • OS built-in application execution profiling (threat detection)

    @figuerres: Agreed. There is a reason why some of the antivirus is designed that they only be able to be shutdowned through the centralized administration panel on the administration machine.

  • OS built-in application execution profiling (threat detection)

    Emmm... I think this will block virtually all browser plugins that you don't install immediately after clean install of you machine.

    And btw, this won't work with the massive amount of games that comes with updater that the modules could be updated when the game is updated, especially those which come with 3rd party DRM or "anti-hack" libraries.

    Since I think these roughly accounts for 70% of daily usage of domestic PCs, it makes such feature little value for combating malwares.

    It'd be much easier to allow the manifest files to declare which folders would it want to have access, and have an object containing this information attached to all the threads that spawned by the EXE. Although this won't work for browser scenario, it works for games and mail clients which remains to be the most common way for the spread if malwares.

  • Why does MS kill everything good?

    @wkempf: Agreed. It's common opinion on a forum that I frequently go that Microsoft Band and Fitbit are the only two brands that it's wearables can reliablely detect heartbeats even when you're moving vigorously during exercise.

  • Win 10 mobile going to 64bit

    Well, Android had done this since Android 5.0 and WinPhone is about time to do it too.

    Btw, most of the WP8/10 Apps are made with .NET framework so I think this won't matter much. They just have to be very very careful on not to screw up the drivers.