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cheong cheong Recent Cheevo unlocked: You got cookied!
  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    I have something to check. The list could be generated from the full Apps listing filtered by category marked as Games. My full Apps list contains 150 - 200 Apps only. How about yours?


  • So is SQL Server 2014 in memory Hekaton gonna crush nosql?

    Well, at least Oracle users get greatest() and least().

    We tried to suggest Microsoft to implement these on MSConnect, the SQL team initially show interest in making them available, but later marked it as won't fix on a cleanup before release of SQL2012.

    I know these are syntax sugar, but with short hands like decode() here and there, the summed up difference will be huge.

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    @magicalclick:It take around 1 second to load. While slower than before, not quite unacceptable. (My list have about 50 games in it)

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    @magicalclick:Actually the games have returned, just that the "Recently played game" list still missing.

  • Did your Surface pen get lost yet?

    I did have some customers wanted to get prepared for the lost and actually bought the 5-pens pack for Palm 10+ years ago.

  • 100 million downloads of Apache OpenOffice

    , 00010101 wrote

    PC office software is becoming a bit of a Dinosaur.

    Most businesses and schools have migrated to either Google Apps or Microsoft 365. Most have migrated to Google Apps. 

    Let me tell you something: No serious company will allow it's core financial data to leave the coparate network. Otherwise why do we have policy of banning unauthorized use of flash drives, plus outbound emails for finance department staff?

    I'm sure we'll continue to see local installation of spreadsheets for quite a long time.

  • Impressions of Windows 8

    As Traditional Chinese user, I still feel like handicapped by using IME in games in Win 8.1. Unable to type every 1 word out of 10 should be a bug of quite high priority and not to be slipped through 3 releases (Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win8.1 update 1)

    This bug affects any IME that involves selecting word, this leads me to think that maybe Microsoft don't want to sell it in CJK regions for home users.

  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    @Jason818:If I were Microsoft employee and doing a project not-to-be-made-public yet, I'd prefer to reduce my visit to PR sites to minimize my risk of telling thing I shouldn't tell. I think that has an effect of making previously regular visitors come here less and less often.

  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    @00010101:What you're new startups you need to make some risky moves to success, otherwise you're just like 10000+ other startups you're competing with.

    Big companies can choose not to take this kind of risk if they want.

  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    Actually the problem is the solution. They want to make products that customers like, so they make products that has been proved by the market.

    What's wrong there?

    Btw, for "glass" like products who make it first isn't that important. The most important part is the first one who solve the "prolonged use will cause headache" (caused by eye-strain and sore neck) problem. Let's see which company will come with sounding solution first.