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  • Surface phone

    @Ian2: Yes, of course. :)

  • Surface phone

    Someone need to remove the link for Lumia950 XL WiFi lost problem on that page and move it to Lumia 950 instead. The article explicitly said "Until now, we haven't seen this bug on our Lumia 950 XL" and the problem reported by "User BFuentes" is on "Lumia 950" not "Lumia 950 XL".

    Lumia 950 XL does not exhibit lots of short comings of Lumia 950 despite the models have similar name. Say someone said Lumia 950 have battery life problem, but my Lumia 950 XL just need to be charged every 2 days (or 7+ hours if I play some graphics intentive games that really make the phone warm) so I don't think it has that problem.

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    Just ignore him. This is one of the attempt to post random senseless message that randomly copies lines from technological sites, in order to have their Ads embedded without trigger too alert of spam filters.

    Flag this as spam and let the mods remove it.

  • Beginner's Luck

    @MasterPi: Seems to be.

    Btw, I suspect it'll never be granted. There were a few MVPs (who are eligible for access of Windows source after signing required agreements) who really want WinXP continues to live, but so far none of them have announced they'll do this.

    Given Microsoft really wants to see WinXP (actually, also Win7) goes away, I seriously doubt there will be any chance on that.

    And btw again, telling you own which book(s) cannot show whether you're capable of doing the task of patching WinXP that requires over 200 developers to maintain. I'd be better if you're one of the ex-employees in the kernel team, or written a book about the Windows internals. The books you quoted are so "user mode oriented" and outdated (Win98) that does not prove a thing regarding whether you're capable of handle bug-fixing of WinXP.

  • Surface phone

    @Wodd: "which doesn't support Windows 10"? It comes with Win10M preinstalled! :O

    Btw, I owned the phone over half year now an have never experienced the said "1) Wi-Fi issues and 2) sporadic reboots" problems. These are the problems found on 950 but not 950XL.


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  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    , TexasToast wrote

    @Ian2:I don't disagree with that.  The phone apps will be slimmed down little "buddy" apps to the main app which needs more screen real estate.  

    I see the things the other way.

    Have you seen how Japanese / Korean phone games are lately? They demands good graphic performance. Imagine what if these games are made available on full size screen desktop computers? Those little phone CPUs and GPUs probably would never beat the desktop graphics performance given the limitation on heat generation. (On desktop graphic cards operating from 70 to 100 degree celcius is considered normal, try that on a phone or pad...)

    Now I'll say the only thing that hinders UWP development is touchscreen for desktop environment is still limited to tablet / All-in-One models. That makes the design of games to run between mouse / touchscreen oriented actions troublesome and limiting. Microsoft should influrence display manufacturers to make touchscreen enabled models available to general users in order to push UWP developments.

  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    I have a problem seeing it call Nokia acquisition disastrous. It costs Microsoft 7.2B to buy for sure, but the revenue generated by the expanding patent portfolio from Android phone makers also jumped from 2.5B annually to 6B. It only needs Microsoft a little over 2 years to recover all the money involved and begin making profit.

    This is more profitable than most other acquisitions I've ever seen.

    Btw, it's continuing to mix-up feature phone and smartphone. That wrong baseline makes any speculations generated based on that garbage.

  • VS2015: Writing comments into code while debugger is running?

    2) If it is that you want the timestamp to change: don't allow saving the run-time-edit untl //#/ is met with /#// (end commented code tag).

    The background compiler can be called to detect if the code is valid prior to attempting to save it.

    Actually, if timestamp or filesize changes (i.e. any of above) the compiler will treat it as changed file.

    If you add comment to the code, the source file size changes, and you have a problem.

    A possible solution would be to let the compiler to store computed hash of each classes to certain files like ResolveAssemblyReference.cache too. When only comment is altered, the classes object code (in CIL) generated is going to be the same. The hash can therefore be used to verify if the source file has meaningful change that will prevent the debugger to locate the lines.

    Now if before the IDE save the changes, it'll save the changes of modified files to a temporary location, and then use instruct the compiler to do incremential build and the source codes - with files about to be changed mapped and replaced by those temp files. By compare the resulting code generated, it would be able to save the files that won't trigger change directly, and then prompt the user whether they still want to save <a list of file name> files.

  • How to view the device list on dashboard

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