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  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    @figuerres:I remember they'll pressurize the compartment before take off, so the air pressure measured on plane should be higher than on ground, makes "guess height by air pressure" useless.

  • Edge is IE...

    Edge = Highest version of IE that your Trident engine supports.

    You know, IE since 7 ships with multiple version of Trident engine to render your pages.

  • Do you find the Win 10 build 10122 "Hoth" theme to your liking?

    , bondsbw wrote

    I mentioned this on another thread... most people with the amount of experience you repeatedly claim, I find they consider text-based interfaces (about as un-skeuomorphic as they come) are the only true way to use a computer.  Unless your desire for skeuomorphism resembles my parenthetical paragraph above, I would consider you the oddity.

    That's pretty weak argument. For one thing, you should probably try to visit the control room of a real datacenter. They do run commands on command-lines but there is also plenty of monitoring screen for logs and graphs.

    For the other thing, especially for developers, we usually do input (like writing code) on one screen and make the result shown on the other, some even prefer a third screen for viewing static documents like specs or calendars. Difficult to distinguish the active window is real usability issue.

    IMO, even if they decide different shades of grey should be used in the theme, they should make sure there is enough color distance between colors to make sure people can distinguish between them.

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    Talking about other types of sensor... I wonder if there will be barometer and it's application, altimeter, added.

    I know the air pressure is affected by many factors so the altimeter reading is not going to be accurate, but so does consumer grade GPS. I wonder why it's not be added as standard part of mobile device too, considering we have watches with altimeter already for many years.

  • block access to a web page by ip

    I think the feature is moved to folder-based instead (IIS category, IP Address and Domain Restriction item), and you'll need to enable IP based security in Windows Features first.

    Seriously, I'd rather write my own HttpModule for filtering because it gives you more flexibility.

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    @figuerres: If you live in a hotel, or some apartment that claims to be apartment but actually registered as hotel (like The Apex in Hong Kong), yes you can call police and sue them. (At least in Hong Kong, hotel rooms also fall into no-smoking area)

    Otherwise maybe you can just close the window facing that side.

  • Do you find the Win 10 build 10122 "Hoth" theme to your liking?

    @NoelCarboni: The caption bar for WordPad looks exceptionally bad. The caption text is unreadable.

    It's just bad to change the background color without changing the corresponding text color. This has to be fixed.

  • microsoft visual studio

    You can download VS2013 community edition if your company fits the criteria (See the lower part of the page for who can use it).

  • SpamSpamSpam

    I wonder whether I should count his reply as spam. The reply is normal one, but with link pointing to some essay writing service, which I don't think is appropiate here.

    If mods can edit the reply to remove the link, it should be okay. 


  • Will there be Win10 Beta

    @figuerres: I see. Although I'd still think that test on plain installation is equally important.

    Without RC release, people will seldom want to do plain installation of it. I'd think the installer may not have enough polish than it should have been.