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  • "Autoruns", missing DLL identified but it is shown as there on file search.

    @evildictaitor: I'll add that some programs like MS Office offers "Repair" option that'll replace the DLL with cached copy for you, that's pretty handy. (You always get the version of DLL that matches your latest update, so don't need to [painfully slowly] download them again.)

  • Windows tablet users. Are you going to upgrade to windows 10?

    I don't want to risk technical preview on my production machine, so never tried install Win10 on my Surface Pro 3 yet.

    However I DO get a number of complaint from forums I frequently visit to, and see they think Win8.1 UI works better for them. It could be important that Win10 can have an option for those tablet users to revert to Win8.1 start screen mode if they want to.

  • Ever heard of a CDN?

    No, I don't have OP's problem. Just that Visual TraceRoute is not pinging from my machine too, it's pinging from about a hundred machines elsewhere in network of different ISPs. It's pretty useful tool to identify the problem from the target webserver to major backbones.

    Whenever I heard there is network issue from oversea customers when visiting our company's website, this is the item to check after verified the problem is not on our webserver (memory stress etc.)

    From the statistic, we can rule out the possibility of networking problem from Channel9 host to backbone. Now unless there is a problem on the webserver, it's likely to be a problem from the OP's ISP, or his own machine.

    Btw, since I can watch the videos instantly without buffering (for those who don't know, I live in Hong Kong), I doubt it's problem on the webserver. So....

    EDIT: Btw, I found it's hard to believe there could be a problem when watching video in Hong Kong. Even if you neglect the fact that out of the 7 undersea fibers connecting Asia and America, 4 of them connects through HKIX in Hong Kong, most ISPs in Hong Kong uses transparent proxy. So unless you're the first one watching the video from your ISP, instead of streaming from the C9 server, you should be watch the streaming from the proxy server.

  • Sign in link not working

    It's working again...

  • Please don't use flash for live streams

    Actually that means their browser detection script should be updated to detect Xbox browser supports Silverlight?

  • Sign in link not working

    I can only sign in for "Sing In" link of "Video" pages. The links in other pages don't work.

    Please check.

  • Ever heard of a CDN?

    I think the problem is not discovered by traceroute.

    Visual Traceroute Statistics (video.ch9.ms):
    United States: 0-16ms (max: - 1ms 13ms 16ms)
    Europe: 0-18ms (max: ip-10-1-37-42.eu-west-1.com - 18ms 18ms 2ms)
    Asia/Pacific: 0-37ms (max: as20940.sydney.pipenetworks - 37ms 36ms 1ms)

    Ping response time < 100ms indicates there is no network related problem.

  • Compile C# 6.0 from the command line?

    From information provided in the .NET Framework Blog, in the preview release all tools and libraries will be shown as .NET v4.5.3.

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  • Compile C# 6.0 from the command line?

    The next version of .NET framework is .NET v4.6. You should just use the compiler in .NET v4.0 folder just like it was when v4.5.X is released.