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  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bundyum:It's the same update mentioned by elmer, which doesn't address all the problems... and for problems it can address, result in questionable state.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    Btw, talking about automatic driver updates, I remember that in the early WinXP's day, one brand of display card used to customize a bit from the original driver made by NVidia to add some customer features then ship it, and in their manual they also explicitly said that do not install driver from NVidia site, you have to install their driver instead to enable all the "awesome" function. Don't know whether they're still doing that, and don't know if their card will be affected by Win10 driver update. (Although I suspect that if they're still doing this, their card won't be able to pass Win7 hardware certification)

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , elmer wrote

    So... does KB3073930 fix this or not ?


    See the review of using this Troubleshooter here. Seems something is still missing there...

    To summarize if you don't want to read it yourself:
    Moral of the story: Uninstall drivers and patches at your own risk.

    It's one thing the Troubleshooter will break the Windows Update functionality (you no longer be able to install the update even if you unhide it through this tool), but there's one more important issue: You have to install the update first, uninstall it and then prevent WU from install it again, so it does not have any use for stopping updates that'll brick your system.

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    Same as above. New kind of bot?

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , bondsbw wrote

    Isn't this NVidia's fault for releasing a crap driver?

    Yes. Just the main issue is there is currently no way to get rid of faulty drivers you get from Windows Update.

    Btw, as I said on different forum before, since like 5 years ago there's more and more buggy NVidia's driver released, and I wonder if there's some key person on their driver team gone at that time. Their drivers were once of leading quality back at like 10+ years ago.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @figuerres: You don't get it.

    This time you're lucky that you found a workaround, but lots of driver problem have no workaround for normal users.

    Say, if this time the problem occurs for users have dual display card connected by SLI only, should you instruct user to take out the display card, with the risk of voiding the warranty, in order to boot it?

    In the old times you can just uninstall the update and hide it and it'll be fine, but now you can't do that because on your next reboot, the Windows Update will automatically reinstall the problematic update.

    This is a real issue to be addressed.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bondsbw:And btw, I think MS Office is not covered by any of the "Insider program" as of now.

    These updates will get much less rigid testing than Win10 when pushed out.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bondsbw: Since there's less than a week till Win10 is Gold, I don't think they'll entertain such request now.

    Let's wait and see if they'd be willing to change on the next update fail(s).

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  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bondsbw: No. It's just "an ordinary Office update crashed Outlook, on Win7 I can uninstall and hide the update, but what if I'm on Win10 where there will no longer be UI to allow me doing it" type of question.

    And regarding whether "the update policy for Windows 10 also applies to non-Windows applications like Office", the policy is not but the UI is.