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  • A UWP Web Browser written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (and some C++/CX)

    Although listed as "work on mobile device" too, not showing up in my Lumia 920.

    Guess need to install Insider first or wait Win10M out.

    EDIT: Wait... the supported processors are x86 and x64 only, so no luck for it to run.

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    On a second thought, since in emergency the phone service providers will switch the bases to allow SMS only (not even phone calls will be available), and at war zone electricity become unreliable resouces therefore WiFi may not work, since phone lines operates on independent power, it may be sensible to add a bluetooth modem to try a dialup connection when all other things failed.

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    @androidi: Now you're asking for smartphone and it's different question.

    If your andriod phone has multiple phone card slots (I've seen as many as 4 in China, but not sure if anyone trying to hit a higher limit), buy a stored value card with network service from each ISP of the area will most certainly grant you the needed access (you may have to try the ISPs one by one though).

    If you can find someone writing firmwire for you so that it'll automatically try for strongest signal strength, it'd be even better.

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    @elmer: That'll require modification of OSI layer 3 for both side (if just alter the originate side only, sure the packets sending out will be load balanced, the packets sending back will still be sending to one of the wire only... worse, because the destination IP will not match the source IP, half of the packets will be dropped and request resend that will never success, the connection will be forced reset), effectively means need to create new TCP protocol.

    Or if you just need specific application only, a modified application can suit your need (like most downloading agent that uses HTTP range header to allow muti-connection download, they works perfectly with the "load balancing" that I previously described)

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    @elmer: It's possible. You can detect bandwidth utilization for each NIC, now you just need to dynamic update the metric cost of each NIC to redirect new traffic to less utilized one. (Metric lookup only occurs when the connection is opening, modifying metric will not affect existing connections)

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    Cheap solution just require you to install one more lan card to the system.


     (The thread title says network load balancing, but it's about redundant network connection actually)

    And if you're Linux system users, I think Linux had implemented network load balancing in kernel since kernal v2.2.X... I remember reading the how-to back when I was in school.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bondsbw: Okay, but the blog linked by wastingtimewithforums suggested otherwise.

    And IMO, removing their ability to opt out updates IS EQUIVALENT TO forcing them to participate [stroke]beta[/stroke] RC testing of the updates.


  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @bondsbw: The problem is: The "Home version users" are also paying customers.

    All retail Eulas are subject to local customer's rights' law(s) and I don't think any of them will allow you to treat paying customers as beta testers.

    I wonder why laywers Microsoft paid big money to hire will allow such action. At least they have to put an easily identificable consent box on OOBE module. (Because of former European ruling on "noone actually read the Eula, so the clauses out of reasonable expection inside Eulas are not enforcible", placing it in Eula page with "Agree" or "Decline" button is not enough)

  • Any Win10 driver update for Surface Pro 3?

    Tried IE11 and Chrome and the problem still exist. Even tried to unload the other plugins and so on.

    Now pretty sure the problem is on Flash plugin, or the ActionScripts it runs.

    Anyway even if the problem is on Flash, Windows shouldn't allow a "should be" user mode thing to crash the display driver (I know part of Flash run as Service hosted process, but still...).

  • Any Win10 driver update for Surface Pro 3?

    After upgrade, the "Intel display driver for Win8" keeps crashing about 5 - 6 times a day.

    Although Win10 automatically recovered the driver so it does not BSOD, it's still annoying to me.

    Anyone know if there is new driver on it's way?

    EDIT: This seems to only happen when I have Flash webpage running, but I have one or two websites that uses Flash (gaming and social communication), so it's a problem for me.