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cheong cheong Recent Cheevo unlocked: You got cookied!
  • MS developing software to identify you from your online habits

    I thought Google has been developing analysis tools like that years before... What's so special about Microsoft's version?

  • Herr Charles, Ban Me

    Sorry to hear you post that.

    Actually noone would be upset if you combat against linux zealots with reasonable arguments. Just blindly say something like "Linux sxxks!" will on the other hand makes you look like Microsoft zealot, I'd say.

    If you care not to spend additional time on this, you'd better just ignore those posts. Those posts are, afterall, boring.... Smiley

    In short, we don't like people "contribute to flame wars". If some trolls come, just wait the Banhammers fall on them. No need to waste time on nonsensible people.

  • OCR in .NET

    Although not in .NET, I found the COM+ library of MODI(Microsoft Office Document Imaging) works well provided the resolution is not too small and the background is not too colorful. Smiley

    If it's inhouse application, I think that'd be quite enough.

  • [ASP.NET beginner question] how to print a string

    Btw, I think a better answer would be:
    Page/WebControl.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("your string"));

    In this way, you have explicit control on where the string is displayed. As Response.Write() can only write at the begin of response stream - even before the <html> tag...

  • ASP.NET - Access to path denied ?

    quantass wrote:
    Matthew was correct is saying that a "new share" was the solution rather than the standard NTFS security solution.

    Anyway now im faced with a new error:
    Could not find a part of the path C:\

    as soon as i use the .CreateDirectory() for path: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mypath\prn

    The directory (c:\inetpub\wwwroot) is on the local system however mypath \ prn, both folders, need to be created.  I am using IIS6 and Asp.Net v1.1 and so the web app user name should be NETWORK SERVICE.  I used the NTFS security option to grant the user name the appropriate permissions for all folder starting from C:\ all the way down to wwwroot, but still the error message.

    My web app has been creating folders and writing files to the mypath folder all day but now it seems to be having problems.

    Any ideas?

    I think you might want to use Server.MapPath("mypath/prn") instead.

    And to use CreateDirectory() there, you need to grant "full access" to "mypath" for NetworkService account.

    And never grant permission to "NetworkService" at "C:\". (Actually, any root drive, unless the drive is explicitly assigned for storing files from the net and nothing else. And NEVER, NEVER for a "system drive".)

  • ACPI Bios error , Event ID 12

    Searching on the web and found someone worked around it by disabling "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System" in the Device Manager. (Just disable it, don't uninstall) Try re-enable it when there's BIOS update later.

    Hope that it works for you.

  • Another 2nd Tuesday, another PC brought to its knees by MU

    I've installed and am using Microsoft Update without problem.

    I guess the main difference is that, the only Microsoft Office product I'm using is Microsoft Outlook 2003. I don't have any other MSOffice product installed. Perheps because of this the checking speeds up a lot. Tongue Out

  • B.S or Truth? Is IE unsafe?

    DoomBringer wrote:
    internet browsers are for wusses.  I do raw HTTP GETs.  A real man's way of browing the internet.

    Something I occasionally do with fiddler... but it proves to be quite painful that I won't do it unless I have a good reason to.

    I guess I'm not that "manly" afterall... Tongue Out

  • Outlook 2003 annoyance

    Yes. It's connected to Exchange server.

    Seriously it's something out of my expectation. When I command it to use HTML, it changes to HTML view. I doubt if I'll ever aware/bother to check "whether it'll really send my mail in HTML" if it send message in proper charset.

  • Outlook 2003 annoyance

    Today when I sending reply to my client, I find Outlook to be quite annoying in selecting correct code page.

    The original message I received is partial GB2312, partial Big5 content as plain text. I have to change the encoding option to display it correct... no problem for this part.

    When I reply, the client found they receive garbage code. No problem, I'll resend again.

    This time I resend in HTML format. I tried to select to code page manually, just to make sure it works... but the only option I have is "auto-detect". Fine, I thought that's okay.

    This time I found it sending the same garbage code in plain text again, not honoring my command for sending it in HTML. Tried different attempts including changing the "default method of sending email" to HTML but without success.

    Finally, I create a new mail message and then "copy & paste" everything in. This time the correct font is displayed.

    Anyone with Outlook in Office 2007 can verify whether it has been fixed or not? (The "mails received in plain text cannot reply as HTML" part)

    P.S.: Keywords bolded for readability.