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  • Long Boot Time (Maybe from past dual boot)

    I have only used dual boot in Vista, but I guess at 5 seconds is for you to press F8 and select things such as "Last known good settings" or "safe mode"... don't see much problem on it.

    If you press F8 when the loading bar is displayed, it'd be too late.

  • USB Hard Drive backup

    Massif wrote:
    Is there anything stopping you installing a Windows Home Server (like, does the license specify that it has to be used at home...)?

    Emmm... hadn't they announced certain programs will corrupt it when saving files on WHS? I'd want to have the backup software fully tested it out first.

    Backups don't have much value if you can't make sure the reliability of medium.

  • Am I crazy?

    I've been constantly using only half of my monthly income. About half of it is transportation, the other half is paid to my parents (I live with my parent). I almost use no money on my part except occasionally buying some hardware... Losing 2 months of income should be bearable...

  • Am I crazy?

    evildictaitor wrote:
    Is this a paid project? I wouldn't quit your job if this is just some community you found on the internet.

    Not a paid project. Actually there's never been paid project on that community. It's the kind of "some people gather to make something we thought is cool" sort. I was one of the active participants back a few years ago then. Working with people there feels great.

    evildictaitor wrote:

    Also what sort of timescale is this project? Is it a project of the size of say, making a big industrial app, or is it more along the lines of rewriting notepad to include double buffering?

    Actually this is the final version of an existing project (a few beta version has been released, and response was quite good among people in the circle), so I think it probably won't last more than 2 months. And for the content, the important part is the storyline because the engine is quite complete long time ago. So you could think of it like... sort of... we're drama performers when considering the value of it.

    If you had joined drama community before, I guess you'd surely won't want to miss the oppotunity to take a role in the final performance, wouldn't you?

  • Am I crazy?

    There is a community that I've been enjoying with is about to end for various reason (e.g. lack of members from new generations, most of the current main workforce are graduated and busy on their life affairs, etc.). The leaders announced the final project that will be finished before they leave.

    I'm a bit motivated to quit my current job (which I'm not quite happy with anyway) to dive in that project... After all it'd be the last one and perhaps it's good to burn the remaining energy and love for it... I must be crazy... perhaps...

  • What's The Point in Blocking Somebody

    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    Where do I report this as a bug?

    Here perheps?

    There's a "Send Message" link at the sidebar...

  • cmd script with own current IP address?

    Before answering, why?

    As far as I aware, the gateway for route of is always your own IP address. The script will only have some value if you have multiple network interface. But if you indeed have multiple interface, the answer would not be simple...

    EDIT: Anyway, a bit of goo**ing helps...

    And then you can use

    to access the IP address...

  • How to Start Learning Windows XP Programming

    Lloyd_Humph wrote:

    I'd recommend against learning C++ *first*.

    Second that.

    And if you insist, I'd advise you to read about the difference of Windows and XWindow programming first. Learning concept like Windows message pumping mechanism and how DLLs load/unload can help you get better understanding on what to expect on MFC or whatever framework library you choose. Smiley

    There's old books "Osborne Windows Programming series" which is written for Win3.1/Win95. Most of the concepts there still hold true, and things are simpler at that time. If you can find it at local public library, I'd suggest you to borrow book1 and take a look. (The book is written in "classical C" without any framework like MFC, so that examples don't hide the commonly abstracted-out parts and you can compare the difference against XWin programming more quickly. Not need to buy the one, through)

  • 4GB RAM

    Question: When I'm on 32-bit version of OS (WinXP or Vista) on system with 4GB RAM, would it still be making sense to assign HDD space to pagefile?

  • Windows Service Parameter problem in WinXP

    I'm writing a Windows Service for reading data from COM port under WinXP. The service requires startup parameters.

    I have no problem reading the parameters from Environment.GetCommandLineArgs(). However when I type the parameters at the "Service" MMC panel, the value is lost whenever I press "OK" to close it.

    I've tried to set it to "manual" then "automatic" again just to make the "Apply" button enabled. But it also doesn't keep the value when "Apply" is pressed.

    I've tried Close the service, set the parameters, then Start it again. The parameters doesn't pass to the service when it starts... and lost when "OK" is pressed.

    It seems to me the "startup parameters" box is not connected to anything... is it a bug or it is to be used with some fancy special way?

    Meanwhile I just go to HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\<servicename>\ImagePath and append the parameters there, but ask the user to change COM port setting doesn't sound good to me. I wish it could be done using a more standard way - using the MMC Service panel.