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  • Laws to be abused

    The news I'm talking about is this one.

    I'd think it's understandable for them to want to freeze the assets of Iceland companies (whether it's right or not set aside), but with anti-terrorism legistration? WTF?

    Just another example of people will use whatever most convienent to do what they want.

    The next time whenever your government want to pass any law that is abusable, had better beware.

    P.S.: I seldom post things related to politics, but I just found this disturbing...

  • Help request ​Masterthesi​s.

    Reinout said:
    Ion Todirel said:
    Thanks! I hope there will be more. Couple more and then i can start with my results!

  • Does ReadFileEx really work?

    I think it may help if you fire up Process Explorer then look how "DPCs" goes when you load the file... You may also see the individual thread and find out whether the blocking thread is the thread you expected.

  • .NET FrameWork Named Instance

    Irakli_Lomidze said:

    1) About Disk Space. Today Application beacmes larger and larger disk space does not means a critical.

    2) Secrity Updates comes for each instance as it is in SQL Server Express

    3) It should be posible to have Cross Instance Call. use Class from diffenret instance exampel "default"

    4) It sould be  a optional and configurable  where to run your app in default instance witch have enaugf functionality or deploy your self.

    5) in Custome .NET Framework run time, I mean not only Libraary but also a .NET Core Functioanlityus too, Like a ngen GAC ...

    Your first point may be valid for most senerios, but is horrible for call centre machines that have thousands of user profiles.

    Take the machine of the project I'm working on for example, say that it's like the size of .NET v1.1 (~55MB), the total required space for all the "named instance" will be > 50GB, which I could hardly say to be acceptable.

    For "faster deploy", just ask your customers to deploy it through WSUS. It's more managable and has less problem.

  • Hyper-V Server 2008 has been released

    While 32GB memory may seems a lot today, I think we'll soon hit the limit.

    Seriously, why limit it to 32GB on a system with 64-bit processor on a host OS that'll solely be used to host guest OSs? That makes the choice less attractive when compare with ESXi Server 3.5 (up to 32 logical CPUs, 256GB physical memory) which is also free.

  • SQL Case sensitivity

    Matthew van Eerde said:
    I believe this can be specified per-database; it also controls whether 'a' == 'A', for example.
    Setting to collation to "CS"s instead of "CI"s of database will definately affect your case, but I doubt that'll affect how the server interprete the SQL statements as well.

    But maybe PerfectPhase can try to set the server collation to those one of those "CI" types...

  • Windows CE Menu Question

    eckenkind910 said:
    cheong said:

    I was going to suggest that you may try applying MF_OWNERDRAW flag to AppendMenu(), but wanted to try it first because not sure if all the APIs required in this method are available.

    I don't have VS2003 in working place now, so cannot run simulator for WinCE here.

    You may try it yourself, anyway.

  • Windows CE Menu Question


  • OK, so why doesnt vista use EFI to boot?

    Ok, I'm going to hijack this thread by asking the following question:

    IPV6 is also advertised as one of "the future" for many years, but has anyone seen a commercial website binding to IPV6 address only yet? Or is anyone there using ISP the offers non-IPV4 range of IPV6 addresses?

  • Finding register date of domain from DNS record

    jh71283 said:
    What about the whois record?
    Seems to be possible candidate. And WHOIS protocol client is simple enough to implement.

    Will try and see if it works. Smiley