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  • Vista deactivated after driver update

    Bas wrote:
    Apparently confirmed by Microsoft, there seems to be an issue where swapping out hardware or updating a device driver can deactivate Vista.

    I've never had a problem with activation, since it's a click-once-and-forget process for me, but.. this is getting embarrassing. Thoughts?

    As I've said before, we once "ghosted" a Win2003 server from RAID0 to a bigger single HDD, then put the harddisk back to the same server, and it deactivates as it reboots.

    Activation ties to motherboard is a lie, Vista is not alone for sure.

  • ISO's of Older OS's?

    Dodo wrote:
    AFAIK, this just applies to a single running system at a time. Means, you can't run Vista and in Vista run another system in a virtual machine. This would require either origin licence or two licenses of Vista.

    Btw, doesn't Vista Ultimate license permits installing multiple copies of Vista on the same device for the same user?

    Eula from Vista Ultimate:
    6. USE WITH VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGIES. You may use the software installed on the licensed device within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system on the licensed device. If you do so, you may not play or access content or use applications protected by any Microsoft digital, information or enterprise rights management technology or other Microsoft rights management services or use BitLocker. We advise against playing or accessing content or using applications protected by other digital, information or enterprise rights management technology or other rights management services or using full volume disk drive encryption.

    So the problem is, we have downgrade right for Vista Ultimate too, can I legally install multiple versions of Windows on downgrade path in VPC using this "extra license usage"?

  • Which Vista gadgets are you using?

    Bas wrote:
    Same here. It only takes up real estate when you explicitly bring it to the top, or when all apps are minimized, in which case there is nothing you need the real estate for. If people don't use it and therefore find that it wastes CPU cycles, sure, but screen real estate?

    You lose "screen real estate" for desktop icons, I think.

    Actually, in the previous "remote desktop shuttles my icons if the client is smaller than my actual desktop" discussion here, we already learnt many people here (including me) are fans of arranging desktop icons in groups with affinity to screen corners, and the sidebar occupies 2 out of 4... "What a waste of screen real estate" I should say... Tongue Out

    Added: Perheps Microsoft should defaults it to center of screen instead, afterall we all have relatively big screens so icons do not easily accumulates to occupy space there. But wait, will it still be called "side"bar?

  • How to reset the password of Local ​Administrat​or in WinXP to blank?

    PerfectPhase wrote:
    NT AUTHORITY\administrator or BUILTIN\Administrator?

    The first one won't let me type in there, the second one is the domain controller's administrator only.

    EDIT: After probing with GptTmpl.inf for a while, I think it'll translate whatever typed in the box to SID value first. So if the name I type there do not have respective SID, it won't let me pass.

    So is there any "Global SID" we can use to address "Local Administrator" account?

  • Language Experience

    It doesn't really matter.

    If you found the problem "interesting" so you want to know the answer too, and you think you know the keyword to find the answer, go search for it and share your findings. In this way both the asker and yourself learn something new and useful, and others on the web gain better chance of searching it, and just in case a few month/years later you forgot it, there's good chance that the answer will hide somewhere in  the archieves.

    So we don't really know everything, but we don't regret being a "human looking search engine" for the questions we have interest in.

    At least it's what I think.

  • How to reset the password of Local ​Administrat​or in WinXP to blank?

    That's great. I didn't aware of that. Thanks. Smiley

    That raise the second question: How could I set "local administrator" to this policy in Group Policy? Seems something like %COMPUTERNAME%\Administrator won't do...

  • How to reset the password of Local ​Administrat​or in WinXP to blank?

    I wish to take advantage of the fact the local administrator account with blank password cannot be used to login remotely, however the password policy -> minimum length requirement and complexity requirement cannot let me do it.

    I can login as local administrator, is there any supported way I can use to reset the local administrator password to blank?

  • Windows Installer .Net?

    Seriously, I'd like to ask, if your application can just run, why bother to install it?

    Just create a shortcut to perform "del /s <folder name>" and name to shortcut "Uninstall" will be good enough, or if you want to look "Pro" you can just make your application with progressbar do exactly the same thing. Alternatively you can use switchs like "/i" or "/u" to perform things like adding information to registry or registry EXE as service (like MySQL)...

    I generally would give additional point to applications that do not need to install in order to run...

  • Remote Desktop and Vista Home Premium

    W3bbo wrote:
    cheong wrote:
    Agreed "Media Center" counts, but how many user need Tablet support on their Desktop machine?

    Digital artists with Wacoms?

    Sure they do, but Wacom also come with driver for Windows XP.

    And do you think we average users own Wacom boards? Tongue Out

  • Remote Desktop and Vista Home Premium

    PaoloM wrote:
    cheong wrote:
    Can you name any "User Feature" that exist in Vista Home Premium but not in WinXP Pro.?

    Media Center and Tablet support do not exist in XP Pro. And all the low level Vista features, but those are not "User features"...

    Agreed "Media Center" counts, but how many user need Tablet support on their Desktop machine?

    Then again, is there any movie that can be played in Media Center but not in WMP? And how many user also bought  the remote control? And afterall, wireless keyboard and mouse are quite common today, they may serve that purpose good enough......