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  • Non-invasive notification in .NET v3.5

    That's pity. I was assuming that's some form of control (Statusbar for example) that have behaviour modified/enhanced by one of the Shell APIs...
    (Think about SHAutoComplete() that adds autocomplete functionality to your edit control)

  • The silence is broken! (IE8)

    creditcard wrote:

    Anyone want to take bets on which will be out first?


    Firefox 4

    Internet Explorer 8

    Or anyone want to take bets on which Firefox version will have version number the same as IE when it being released?

  • Non-invasive notification in .NET v3.5

    Just read this post from the Coding Horror. It mentions the notification on IE download/popup blocker security prompt which I think is a very good design.

    Has that notification included in .NET v3.5 package? Or could we call some API/use some ActiveX control in Windows to do that?

  • Vista SP1 will neuter WGA

    ScanIAm wrote:
    I've taken the trouble to highlight...aw...screw it.

    Actually I'm trying to say that what you said is flawed too because of that.

    On the second thought, if I'm a writer, can I demand that my book cannot be purchased for lending to others (like in public libraries)? I think a lot of books in the libraries are of the type that "if you'd read it, you'd probably won't spend (note that I don't use "waste" here) money to buy it.". (Try to relate that to the thought that if public libraries can buy Windows discs and lend it out)

    Can I use the copyright for my book to forbid anyone to lend it to another person sitting next to the owner? That's something I haven't seen before... I'd think "casual copy" for average home users feel something like this for them...

  • Vista SP1 will neuter WGA

    ScanIAm wrote:
    No, it isn't fair at all.  Especially since books, by and large, aren't re-read by the same person.1

    No. Reference books like dictionaries or your Win32 API programming books are supposed to be read again and again. That's their sole value of existance - to be referenced as many time as you wish when you need it.

  • www.​Microsoft​Manager.com

    Koogle wrote:
    well lets see.. you don't need an extra plugin(outlook connectard) to get your email from outlook if you use gmail(pop3) and plus you can always use the web browser...

    so advantage gmail

    Is there anything bad with OWA then?

  • Anyone else?

    Also using VS2008 here...

    Primarily I'm testing to move existing projects there, so far so good. Smiley

  • CS0123: What's Wrong with this Code?

    scott976 wrote:
    In your markup why can't you just do. 

    <asp:ImageButton ID="btnView" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/Images/icon_view.gif" AlternateText="View the full Entry" OnClick="btnView_Click" />

    Also if it is in a grid you may want to consider the onCommand event and have the command event arg as the id of the row in the data control so you don't need to find it.  See below

    <asp:ImageButton ID="btnView" ImageUrl="~/Images/icon_view.gif" AlternateText="View the full Entry" OnCommand="btnView_OnCommand" CommandArgument='<%# Bind("ID") %>' />

    Or set the button's "CommandName" property to "Select" this will fire the selectedindexchanged event on your datagrid. And you then can find the record by the SelectedDataKey property.

    Using AutoEventWireup is not always desirable if you have to use javascript and you have to work with other staffs who do not familar with ASP.NET. With explicit EventHandler declaration it'd be less confusing for them (And save me a few days that they introduce changes and break the client-side or server-side part.).

    So normally I'll just turn it off except if case that I can't get my Visual Studio handy (e.g.: when I have to do some quick-and-dirty fix on client sites, so you have to use AutoEventWireup or the new server-side method you add in the aspx files won't work).

  • CS0123: What's Wrong with this Code?

    No. This is an ImageButton, so place:

    ImageButton btnView = (ImageButton)e.Item.Cells[0].FindControl("btnView");
    btnView.Click += new EventHandler(btnView_Click); //CS0123


    ImageButton btnView = (ImageButton)e.Item.Cells[0].FindControl("btnView");
    btnView.Click += new ImageClickEventHandler(btnView_Click);

    To make it match the Delegate declaration.

  • VS2008 rule change on variable declaration?

    odujosh wrote:
    Yea Switch statements are evil anyways. Basically your doing a manual table look up in the example and setting temp based off the value of the switch parameter.

    I think the code would be better off if it called some data access pulled it from a source (hash table, database table, xml file, whatever) and then operate on it using a work flow. With XAML adding a branch isn't a code change. You can bring down a process push in the new XAML and bring it back up. Depending on how populaur the work flow and the eventing infrastructure you have in place you may even be able to do it in process.

    Call me a snob Smiley

    Actually, that's the simplified example to rule out possibility of other things. The string constants "ABC", "DEF", etc. are actually some function returning string type. I have to base commandline parameter to decide which function to call. Smiley