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cheong cheong Recent Achievement unlocked: Code Avenger Tier 4/6: You see dead program. A lot!
  • VB6 Module for VS.NET

    I think the only thing that you could do in VB6 that cannot be done in .NET is "late binding" (That's because the language itself forbidden that, as it makes the code not very "managable")

    For other thinks you can just search in search engine of your choice. I think the most common senerios are posted already on the web.

  • Free DVD Decoder?

    W3bbo wrote:
    ...the thing is, Reverse Engineering is explicitly permitted in practically every nation on earth. This EULA passage is there just to scare people into submission.

    With the exception to RE copy-protection mechanisms, I think. Tongue Out

  • US Dolar sinks, what do you think?

    As there's a fixed exchange rate between HKD and USD, it means this could be a good time for me to travel. Cool

  • const ref in C#

    Sven Groot wrote:
    That only applies to value types (structs). In .Net, reference types (classes) are never copied. Adding the ref keyword for a reference type means you are passing the reference by reference.

    Oops. I've forgotten that detail. Tongue Out

    Sven Groot wrote:
    Using an interface that provides only read-only access wouldn't work, since the function can always cast it back to the original object. The only thing that really works is a read only wrapper, which is indeed what happens when you use e.g. List<T>.AsReadOnly().

    Learnt something new today. Big Smile

  • const ref in C#

    phreaks wrote:
    I don't understand.

    Why pass it as ref if you don't want it changed in the first place?

    Because it takes time and space to copy a large object. Imagine if the method will be called in tight loop... I bet the GC won't like it(quick allocation and free), or will it?

    Passing by ref don't create duplicates.

  • How long will Windows last?

    anand.t wrote:
    The problem is VPC is free as in beer and we prefer that over a crappy limited version vmware player

    Ubuntu wont run by default in VPC due to some resolution problem. You have to manually change it first from the terminal

    Actually, my solution is to install Linux in text mode in VPC, then use vmware converter to convert it to VM format, then install X in vmwareplayer. (I'm using VPC2004, which doesn't work quite good with X)

    The drawback is you can't convienently drag and drop folders there until you get Samba works properly. And I really doesn't like that many virtual NIC drivers running...

  • const ref in C#

    Or try to provide a function that use StackTrace to attempt to find the immediate caller, if it's empty or an "recognized" one then allow write, deny otherwise.

    Btw, it'd be too heavyduty to do this on every "set methods" and may take more time to execute then just have the object be passed by value.

  • How long will Windows last?

    I'll agree that no currently existing OSs will win. The future of computing will be intergrating computer with our brain, so we can memorize more knowledge, need not spend time to recite things, and visualize our imaginations instantaneously.

    How long Windows will last would depend on how long we still have to wait the OS capable of handle direct CNS communications become exist. (inspired by Ghost-in-the-shell) Wink

  • Asus P5K embedded device

    This sugguest that you can just right-click and "hide" it for individual USB device. (I haven't tried it, through.)

  • Funny How the Linux Trolls have morphed into iJobs.

    Xaero_Vincent wrote:

    Actually, no. MacOS X uses Quartz Extreme as the windowing system but does support Xorg X11-Server so that it can run X11 apps ported to Mac OS X.

    You're right.

    I've just deployed a few small application on our Mac utilizing X11 library without problem, so I presumed "the underlying system of MacOSX's graphics is also X, just like another version of CDE, KDE or Gnome but able to run old applications for Mac". I was not aware of the fact that X11 is an addon here. Smiley