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cheong cheong Recent Achievement unlocked: Code Avenger Tier 4/6: You see dead program. A lot!
  • c# board game

    Omego2K said:
    Ion Todirel said:

    with respect to out of the box .NET capability, you can have a console application both open and interact with a form. This has always been the case.



    I've once received requirement to create a Windows service, then request to add self installing command line option, a command line test site, a GUI control dialog, everything be packed in the same EXE, and it run all these functions well under .NET environment.

  • What happened to Paolo?

    Wow! is what I could said. Smiley


    D&D and MtG are my most favourite games for a long time. I must say this must be a very amazing job.



  • Passing structure to unamnaged code in VB.NET

    vesuvius said:

    If you don't have to use Twain, the easiest and painfree way is to use WIA. There is a good tutorial here. Also have a look at the coding4fun site because I am sure someone has an implementation that does what you are attempting.

    WIA is easy, but not supported on all models of scanners.


    TWAIN is more difficult to use, but is supported in virtually all types of scanners be produced in last 10+ years.


    Unfortunately not much (if exist at all) vendors willing to add WIA support back to older models. And for certain models, if you choose the drivers with WIA support, your scanners will not be fully functional. (This is known for Epson scanners)

  • Help In JavaScript

    The browser did exactly what you ask for: Write these items in the same cell you specified. So it equals to the last item being assigned. I can't see what's wrong here...


    Also, it bugs me when you use "i" to do the loop but updating "count" inside it, the neither using any of them to do operations in there. Perheps you should specify what exactly you want to do here.

  • Request.Form and Child Controls?

    phreaks said:
    W3bbo said:

    meh. I tried that first. One of the User Controls has a drop down and the property is set to the selectedValue. But it loses it on post back.

    Is the "child control" on your user control be added to the page from 1) ashx page 2) certain code in your .vb/.cs files?


    If it's the latter case, the user control is responsible to save/restore control state to ViewState statebag itself.

  • Microsoft Windows 8's Advice

    # 2, better compressed file format support

    Actually, I found supporting ZIP is enough, or companies like RARLab will go out of business. Tongue Out However, it'll be nice to support newer variation like ZIP64 support (afterall the OS has been moving to 64-bit, so should the components, right?)


    # 5, Software Installation Center

    Microsoft has "Windows Marketplace" since Vista, so?


    # 6, end 16-bit and 32-bit support

    I strongly advise against this for 32-bit part. Just look back at when we move from 16-bit to 32-bit, it takes us about 8 years to move most applications we used to 32-bit platform. So Windows must at least support 32-bit for one more version or people will be upset.


    Considering even MS Office have some of the component available for 32-bit Windows only, it's clearly too early to do so.


    # 7, when the software after the update is complete, do not need to restart your computer

    It's funny that I've been suggest that in Raymond's blog a few days ago. Tongue Out


    Seems it's not going to be implemented that way in the foreseeable future.


    # 8, ISO support

    Yes, please. I hate to install those disc burner package that has lots of un-needed thing bundled just to burn some ISOs.

  • "clean" RDP 6 + Thin Clients ?

    turrican said:

    Thanks for the tips. Yepp, I guess I'll have to do one of those.

    Although, I still HOPE that SOMEDAY Microsoft releases an "OS" which is pure RDP, and nothing else. That would be so cool. Actually, I wouldn't even mind if it would be locked to a hardware sold with it. as long as the price is right. ( less than $150 ). That would help so much. Imagine, a little tiny box, with just RDP, no drive, no fan, no nothing. <3

    I think there's some motherboard come with "kiosk" mode that allow you to boot within 10 seconds, and enters an environment with web broswer only (you still need a harddisk, through).


    Perheps using that with web RDP client on IIS will produce the effect you want. (I haven't personally tried those kiosk, so don't know if the RDP ActiveX control will run correctly on them.)

  • Microsoft IE9 VS Sogou Browser 2.0 Webkit High-speed dual-core engine

    peterwillcn said:
    cheong said:

    First-class good technology should not be involved in politics.

    Agreed it shouldn't. But somehow it could (especially when govenment is involved in funding like Green Dam) so it creates concern.


    Green Dam is supposed to make web sufing safer, but it also blocks websites that the government dislikes, and it's behaviour of randomly send your web browsing data to the government makes it looks more like trojan to me.

  • Microsoft IE9 VS Sogou Browser 2.0 Webkit High-speed dual-core engine

    peterwillcn said:
    PaoloM said:

    i don't know about Great Firewall?Thanks..

    Certain content/IP filter that won't allow you to visit "webpage with (probably politically?) inappropiate content".


    Or perheps something like "Green Dam"?


  • "clean" RDP 6 + Thin Clients ?

    I think I've seen thin RDP box in China before at around RMB 1500 4 years before. They were only doing RDP 5.0 through (16-bit color is poor).


    Not sure if they've updated to support RDP 6.


    And there seems to be others on the web... or perheps you can just found old PCs and run Linux LiveCD on it with rdesktop (although not supported all features in RDP, I found it quite usable).