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  • Vista Control Panel

    Sven Groot wrote:
    If you have a decent DVD drive and HDD, it will take 15-20 minutes, in my experience.

    It depends, this is a laptop, and if it contains some hardware that Vista does not have builtin driver, it could take some time in detection stage. (But since model no. not included, cannot check for that)

    Btw, my desktop (P4 3.0, 1GB RAM, 250GB SATAII HDD, 4xDVD) need ~30min. to install Vista.

  • Calling a C# Function from a JavaScript Function

    W3bbo wrote:
    I'd like to see Querystring parameters used more in ASP.NET.

    Viewstate doesn't work well with the length limit of URL, so using POST as default instead of GET is considered necessary evil in this case.

  • Calling a C# Function from a JavaScript Function

    Actually, the real question I want to ask is: Why would anyone want to call something like addrow() with AJAX is they can do it in plain javascript? That sounds too enterprisy to me...

  • Calling a C# Function from a JavaScript Function

    A simple solution would be just add an invisible button and fire .click() to it.

    Just to remind you, by your function name addrow(), I think you won't quite get that to work after the first row if you don't manually keep track of the state of current rows. (Programmically created object are not added to statebag automatically)

  • FireFox div 100% height bug

    stevo_ wrote:
    I don't see what your so happy about. People here pride theirself on understanding things, and wanting to do things right. You on the otherhand appear to be defending your way of doing things wrongly.

    It doesn't really anger me, I just really pitty you for having zero care and ambition in the things you do.

    But Siyavash do have some point.

    I've seen thousands of web page breaks when be viewed under a text-mode browser.

    With tabled layout you preserves that compatibility.


    Also, I've seen people create pages will hundreds of div elements flowing around, with their LEFT and TOP style set but each elements appear out of order in the HTML. When just looking at the HTML code, I cannot build the idea of how the page would be rendering in my mind.

    I have to admit that when debugging that page it's like nightmare.

    Then again, I think the blame is on the origional creator of the page.

  • WPF usage poll.

    Rolled out one last week, waiting for customer's comment.

    Personally I don't feel very big improvement to our development flow. So neither like nor dislike it.

  • Visual Studio 2008

    k2t0f12d wrote:
    Is this not it?

    No. It's the trial version. And what the origional poster demands is the full version that some of us has played around for 2 weeks already.

  • WinXP SP3 is a Wrong Marketing Strategy

    Actually, service packs served as a package of WindowsUpdates fixes we have so far + some of those "request required" fixes. There should be no problem with that.

    Sometimes they choose to add new functionalities with that, but I think unless it really affects system stability, there should be nothing bad with that either. (I think a lot of Win2k users would be upset if Win2k doesn't get the USB capability update, and actually I think AMD Dual-core CPU users of WinXP welcomed the AMD PowerNow! support update.)

  • File IO - making sure a file is not in use

    Try opening the file with exclusive access (FileShare.None). If there's already opened file handle to the file, your call should fail. If any other program want access on the file, their call should fail.

  • VS2008 Web Setup Project Build Fails

    Anything error messages on the "Output" window? (e.g. some path/component not found, or something cannot be written on whatever location?)