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  • Xamarin - hopes and fears

    Actually, the support for iOS does not go well too.

    Seems currently Xamarin does not compile code to Swift. For companies which had started moving their code to Swift already, using Xamarin would mean "a step backward".

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    @ScottWelker: On the other hand, a web game that uses WebGL keep crashing on Chrome when clicking around the third button, but have no such problem in Edge/Firefox/Safari.

    Talking about browser that fails, I dropped my phone on floor yesterday and wanted to find out repair information on Microsoft Store. Their webpage for mobile support becomes flat white page on IE11 but can be opened on Chrome (not tried on Edge as my working machine is still Win7), WTF?

  • Google.com unsafe ?

    "Some pages on google.com contain deceptive content right now."

    Thanks (and no thanks) to malware sites that use keyword to trick Google to place them to higher rank and Google cannot completely eliminate them from the result, the status describes the status reflecting reality. The bottom of the page actually included some of the links that users reported to contain those contents - since Google displays result in form with redirecter link that originates from google.com ( google.com/url?... ), those malicious contents are counted against "google.com".

    On the other hand, Bing shows result URL directly so does not suffer from this problem.

    And there are "dangerous sites" that sends people to google.com, including Blogspot one that I presume is using Google search functionality to replace it's internal search function.

  • Date stored as an int in SQL Server

    @AndyC: That needs some adjustment as 735572 clearly is not a value with counting start on '1900-01-01', when the expected answer is '2014-12-05'.

    Replace INVHEAD.Invoice_Date in the provided SQL select clause with 735572 to see the expected result.

  • Date stored as an int in SQL Server

    In MSSQL, int 0 is '1900-01-01' in datetime. So you need some adjustment

    SELECT CONVERT(datetime, 735572 - 693596)

    693596 is the integer value for '3799-01-01' in SQL


  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    I wrote RAID data rescue tool myself because softwares like FinalData won't fix it and I had figured out how to fix it.

    I wrote virus removal tool because all computers including servers in my company and upstream factory are infected (virus spreaded through router-router VPN connection) and we can't affort to wait a day or two for antivirus company to update their virus defination for virus removal. (I analysed what the virus code do and wrote the virus removal tool in 3 hours because I literally can't do anything else without certifying the machine as clean. And the tool runs significantly faster because it has just one infection code pattern to test, and will just scan .EXE files because the virus won't touch anything else including zipped files)

    Then again I wrote these back in 10+ years ago. I don't need to do these things because in all companies I joined in recent years, the staffs responsible for hardware and software are in different department, and I'm no longer involved in hardware related firefighting.

  • How does Ch9 (uwp) app know my login details?

    More on the topic here.

    According to the article, if the user did sign-in once to the App/website using that Microsoft account, the user to that Win10 device afterwards will be able to login the user to the App/website without the need to enter password again.

    All you need to do is to login *once* on *any* device that using that Microsoft account (because of profile roaming - the third point - if you signed in on your desktop using the Microsoft account to access Ch9 before, you can access Ch9 on Win10M that use the same Microsoft account without need to enter password).

  • How does Ch9 (uwp) app know my login details?

    @csgulyas: I think you already signed in your live account when you setup backup to OneDrive, all Channel9 forum do is simply ask the LiveID authentication server whether you've logged-in, and if you're logged in already, return your user token for Channel9 site.

    Try login Channel9 forum with Edge browser on Win10M, it won't require you to enter login detail too.

  • Surface phone

    @figuerres: I'll bite.

    How about killing the oppotunity to upgrade most old WinPhone to Win10m, announcing to stop WP8 updates, and have no Win10m Lumia phone available on Taiwan market all in the same time.

    I can only think this literally translates to something like "They're actively pushing those WinPhone users in Taiwan to other choices (iPhone, Android)".

  • ClearType will be back in Win10 browser! finally

    Yay for this one. There's been countless complaint that losing ClearType support hurts their eyes when they see it after upgrading from Win7.