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  • Finally! An end to the Win10 upgrade nagging.

    @elmer: So according to the announcement, it's that security related update for these processors will not be shipped for these processors (Why? Security update for processors???).

    That's different than "these processors are no longer supported for that OS" and will not prevent people from downgrading (you can still downgrade, just you won't get update after 2017/07/17).

    I have question here. Since Microsoft product support cycle clearly states that the extended support for Win7 will end in 2020, it's that even legal for Microsoft to singlesided-ly drop support for certain category of processors in the middle of supported range? Companies which already bought these desktops/notebooks certainly do expect Win7 installed there get support until the already announced 2020 date.

  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    @Vaccano: Actually the page has changed a bit from what I see last time. I think the potential risk and FAQ sections are new added.

    Possibly that's why they have to take the page down for a while.

  • Finally! An end to the Win10 upgrade nagging.

    @elmer: From what I see in the announcement, all the claims about support on Win7/8.1 systems are nailed on "Skylake devices", and device carries a special meaning. Consider the person giving out this announcement is VP of Windows and Device Group, I'd think the scope of the announcement is confined in "Windows device" only.

  • Finally! An end to the Win10 upgrade nagging.

    , elmer wrote

    Sorta smells like a move to stop Enterprise from repeating the 'buy-new-and-downgrade' pattern that saw XP remain in use for so long.

    Wait... Are you suggesting there are people insane enough to downgrade an OS on device?

    Btw, I think only the "business" SKUs got downgrade right, embedded system and Winphone OS are not one of them.

  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    JQuery decided to drop support completely on IE8 finally based on this announcement.


    On the other news, it's animation related functions will move to  requestAnimationFrame() , so IE9 and Android<4.4 users will also need to move on or some sites will not work when jQuery3 is officially golden.

  • TFS 2015 Builds

    @spivonious:Except there are significant parts of example that is either "doing-it-wrong", or just fails to demonstrate how the class member works.

  • Idea on design of Win10M

    @Bas: Well, if it has information to show it can be what it used to be. For tiles that is monochrome the transparent tile idea does look good.

    I love Aero. :) 

    Btw, I'm not saying that I think all the ideas are good, but it would be great if the Win10M team can pick some of the ideas they feel applicable to make the system more awesome.

  • Idea on design of Win10M

    Copied from another forum, some of the ideas are quite good. I especially like the idea about highlighting items in folder by making other items transparent when folder is active.

    Take a look.



  • My Computers don't see my 950XL after update

    Try reboot your phone once to see if it helps.

    The last time after the update, I can surf web on the phone but WhatsApp is unable to connect to server. I was instructed by their staff to reboot the phone and that fixed the problem.

  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    @elmer: No, I read elsewhere that Microsoft said they'll continue to update IE9 for Vista users and IE10 for Win2012.

    In short, Microsoft will now only update the newest IE version on the OS. If you use an older version of IE that is still supported in other version of Windows, it'll not receive updates.