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  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    [Not smartphone users? These still exist?]

    Remind you that there are always grown-up who have never had a phone yet, and that's the major target I suggest Microsoft should have targeted.

    And the easiest way to get attention from them is games, especially games made to work better on WinPhone (Don't make it exclusive on WinPhone... those who know how to fish will tell you how important it is for waiting "fish" to get caught by hook first). I know a few people who take the pain to switch from Android to iPhone just because characters in iOS version of a game named "White Cat Project" can dodge easily but those in Android version cannot. Don't underestimate the influrence of number and quality of games on the mobile market.

  • A simple survey.

    @MasterPi: Same here. Press the "win key" then start typing do better for me than desktop icons. So my major argument on like/dislike goes for other users.

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    @Bass: Not exactly. If advertisement really generates more sales, the end result would be more money available to be spent on engineering. With currently low marketshare on WinPhone, drive up the sale to achieve the effect is not impossible. The problem is just on how to spend the money wisely, i.e. to target the group(s) of people who is most possible to select WinPhone.

    Apple successfully brands their gadgets as fashion and trendy item and I think they're doing pretty well on this. (Consider there was a university student in China sell his kidney to get money just to buy an iPhone, you can understand just how sucessful they've put the concept in their mind that, if you don't own one, you somehow lose your social status among other students)

  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    One more question: How can I completely shutdown the screen after I locked it?

    When I locked the phone, the screen gone completely black for brief seconds than time text appears in dimmed color. I thought it was because it's connected to charge yesterday, but this behaviour continues this morning when I plug off the phone. I can't find any related option to disable it. Anyone know how to do this?

    I think keeping the screen on will keep draining the battery and it's not good, and I don't know if it'll cause screen burn on the position of "year digits" like you'd have for old LCDs.

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    @androidi: Indeed Microsoft can become the biggest player of App market herself, but that isn't healthy to the market. See what Nintendo's console platform (Wii) had become. Pretty much all the major titles these days are from Nintendo.

    Of course this guarantees there will be enough games/apps in the market as long as they wish, but this is just... not healthy. Consider Microsoft did carefully not trample on the other's toe when releasing product/feature that other company have successful product it, this will be difficult decision to make for her.

  • A simple survey.

    @magicalclick: Most company which don't allow their normal staff use computer as non-admin user also have domain policy that blocks them from access USB storage.

    Btw, the file explorer icon provides access to any USB drive through the left pane.

    My major discontent with that setting is, I can't just tell user to right click "My Computer" and then select "Properties" to verify their Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit now. :P

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    I think Microsoft need to focus more on the youth generation. Smartphone users don't change between iOS, Android and WinPhone often. Usually when they decided to use one platform, they stick to it. The inertia is hard to break.

    And honestly we people in forums don't recommend changing to WinPhone, when from time to time someone who said he has been using iOS/Android already asked whether they should replace their phone with a WinPhone, because we know the transition is not going to be smooth. They'll find lots of thing lacking here and there.

    So try to get people why never had a smartphone before to select WinPhone would be Microsoft's best strategy.


  • A simple survey.

    It's one of many inconvenient default settings that I dislikes, but it makes sense to hide it when the user is not admin user.

  • Got my Lumia 950XL

    @magicalclick: Yup, they all look the same.

    Just that if you click a date a week before an event, it'll also be shown in the lower event pane.

    It only will show difference when you rotate the screen in landscape mode, where the first few character of event description will appear in the "calendar color" it belongs to.


  • Is it pokemon or Big Data

    Congratulations, you got 73% correct!