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  • Does Surface 3/4 have some sort of universal mounting system?

    Surface does have docking station, but it's kind of expensive for it's price, and I'd rather they ship it with free type cover than that.

    On related note since you mentioned "a passerby would snag it", I just found that unlike my WinPhone, I found that there aren't a website that I can just login and brick my Surface if needed. That'd be panic saver for a portable business machine if it's lost.

  • does channel 9 need a new look / site?

    @TheTraveler: Agreed content is more important problem.

    It's kind of pity that MSFT employees other than those in C9 team doesn't participate in discussion here like when C9 just started anymore.

    Channel9 is supposed to be a channel that people can talk with those who fly the plane, but we seldom see the pilots here now.

  • does channel 9 need a new look / site?

    Yes. The look and feel haven't been changed much lately, so yay.

  • SpamSpamSpam


  • Blue or White?

    Actually on a forum I'm visiting, there are someone using color dropper of photoshop to show there are different shade of gold, blue and metallic grey on the photo. How you interpret the color on the photo is affected by white balance of your screen and your background light source.

  • Blue or White?

    @ZippyV: Seems not. It's "blue and gold" on my home PC and "blue and black" on my working PC. All of them running Win7 x64.

    Should it be the case of ICC color profile, it should have been looking the same on the same OS.

  • I hope I can write my own phone call blocker

    @magicalclick: Unfortunately they don't. If it's spam caller, it'll just turn the screen red and show the caller as "SPAMxxxxx", neither actually block it or mute the ringer. The good thing is as soon as I see the screen turn red when the phone rings, I can reject the call.

    As for why the amount of calls received is reduced, I suspect the SMS advertisers just check and skip my phone number if they see it in Truecaller's list?

  • I hope I can write my own phone call blocker

    Oh I almost forgot about this.

    After installed TrueCaller, the spam calls received have been significantly reduced, but apparently because they have lots of numbers, about 1-2 times a week some calls can sneak through. And it misses the feature to block calls that chooses to hide their caller ID. That makes about 4 misses a week.

    While certainly an improvement, not good enough for me. If I'm able to write regex to block calls, I can easily obtain 100% block rate against them.

  • Strange thing about WP Developer Preview

    Yesterday, most WP users in Taiwan reported to received their update, but:

    1) Those with installed will NOT receive the update. You have to disable DP first to see it.
    2) After update you can see the phone version changed to Denim, but if you try to enable DP after the update, the version reverted back to Denim.

    Strange... My phone also exhibit this behavior...

  • new info around Midori team

    @felix9: I guess it's probably the reason why Microsoft recently finally published ImmutableArray implementation on NuGet (it's currently with prerelease status only, not "stable" yet so you have to change the NuGet option to see Microsoft.Immutable.Collections (Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable) package) Missing immutable array type had been the greatest source of pain to port codes that supports functional language properties to C#.