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  • SpamSpamSpam

    So we have another spammer who think copying content from other's reply will get them away from the spam scanning...


  • IT bricking IE

    , elmer wrote

    More commonly, you'd just use GPOs to set IE's proxy-server/cache address - to reduce web-traffic and optionally implement your URL filtering there. Of course, if that is the case, and you are a user with sufficient rights to change the proxy settings in IE, then bypassing is simple enough.

    Their IT should setup transparent proxy or normal proxy server, and then configure the hardware firewall to block outgoing port 80 and 433 if they're that paranoid. No need to mess with GPO at all.

  • IT bricking IE

    , elmer wrote

    But does everyone have the authority to install FF ?

    No need to. There's "green" installation of Firefox that allows you to run it from flash drive without the need to "install". Just zip the package with password and email it to yourself.

  • UWP slow startup times

    @wkempf: Actually, Android device before API level 22 (i.e.: v5.0 Lolipop) uses precompiled binaries. JIT only exist on Android on v5.0+. Therefore, those Apps on older Android phones starts without JIT cost, but cannot maximize the performance with JIT (when the code is compiled at runtime to suit the system)

  • 10 device limit for installing Apps

    @Ian2: I mean the number of desktops/laptops, tablets and phones involved.

  • 10 device limit for installing Apps

    Btw, what is your usage scenario that 10 device would not be enough?

    IMO, since most Apps does not support automation, you need someone to sit in front of it and use it to be useful. For those which DO support automation (like Office 365) it's "per user" license that you cannot legally use it to serve multiple users. Even if I own Windows desktop + tablet + phone, and even if I own XBox (I do not own one because I don't buy game consoles), I don't think I'll hit that limit anytime soon.

  • UWP slow startup times

    [Taking out my Lumia 950 XL and start the calculator there... It starts within 1 second.]

    No, I don't have the problem you describe.

    Btw, just want to make sure you know that since the second update of WinPhone8, most Apps will not be unloaded by simply press the "Back" button. To really quit the App you may need to long-press the "Back" button and then close the Apps in the "task switching" screen.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    When in doubt, press "Esc". When "Esc" doesn't work, kill it with "Process Explorer" (Drag the "Find Windows' process" icon over that dialog and hit "Del" key).

  • XiaoMi and Windows 10 Mobile?

    I really don't think partner with XiaoMi is good move because of this.

    I, for one, will never buy mobile phones produced in mainland China.

    While it may ba difficult for people to preload software in manufactured WinPhone, it'll be much easier if Microsoft give them the install image and let them preload on fresh manufactured phone.

  • can someone explain this to me about Windows Update?

    @magicalclick: If it's related to PIO mode, because CPU is responsible for copying bytes read into memory itself, at transfer rate of modern harddisk, it can saturate the CPU schedule easily.

    So IE/BT download is normal there, in that case I think the problem is not related to PIO mode at all because it would slow down everything whenever you have disk activity.