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  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    Actually I've been using Win10 like half year now, and there are no major problem for me - Except that the on-screen keyboard for "Quick" IME is still displaying "Bopomofo" keys and I have no way to type ChangJei radicals there, and sometimes the IME will simply disappear suddenly... don't know if it had crashed or else (nothing related is found in event viewer).

    Other than those "gitches" I have no problem using it like Win7.

  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?

    So on 21 Mar, some of the Taiwanese forum's members mailed to Synnex TW to ask their latest plan on Lumia 950. Here's rough translation of their reply:

    First of all, thank you for your enquiry and give us the opportunity to serve you.

    Regarding the Lumia 950, we currently do not have confirmed release date for the product. We suggest you to stay tuned on Microsoft official website for the news, thank you. If there are further enquires, please don't be hesitate to contact us on www.synnex.com.tw . Thank you.

    Have a nice day.

    Synnex International Customer Service Center

    Nice, so there is still one week left on March and still they cannot confirm the release date.


    One the other news, HTC have replied on @HTCHelp that because the Win10M update for HTC M8 is still under review of carriers so they cannot push it yet.


    They committed the update will be released within 2 years.

    //faceplam again

  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?

    If it's like what Microsoft said, the failure to let these <1GB RAM and <4core phones have Win10M upgrade is because of technical issue, I have more concern on whether Microsoft will continue maintain the WP8 updates.

    You know, most of these models are < 3 years old. I think their owners should reasonably be expected to receive updates for at least 3 more years.

    P.S.: There are quite an uproar on Taiwanese forums' WinPhone community, especially because none of the Win10M phones are on sale on Taiwan market yet. They criticize Synnex Taiwan for made an announcement that 950 and 950XL should be available on March but so far no news regarding this is heard. Are they going to "let go" the WinPhone users there?

  • Windows 10 Mobile on 17th March 2016?

    Regarding the suggestion on giving use option to rollback on that forum: I don't know about the newer ones, but for Lumia 920, remember that they needed to break the update process into two parts in order to upgrade to Cyan last time? I don't think they have enough space on system partition to allow rollback happen.

  • Surface Pro 3 power cord replacement

    I just got the replacement power cord. It's not sent by FedEx though... :P

  • WÄ°ndows 7 x64 Professional Driver is any way to work on windows server 2012 x64 Datacenter GUI

    IMO, technical support of OEM installation is done by the vendors themselves (that's why OEM version is much cheaper than the retail one). You need to contact them to see if they can provide drivers for server OS for you. (this is rare as most motherboard vendors only provide server OS driver if it is server motherboard, that means it could be out of support scope for hardware level too)

    If you or your company have MSDN subscription, the usual way is to install Win2012 on VM running inside your laptop with "supported OS of your laptop installed".

  • Is Edge virus free?

    @bondsbw: Or simply use those LiveCD without the use of persistance medium (or use those with physical write lock).

    If you got a virus, reboot and it'll be virus free again.

  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux

    @figuerres:It really depends on the distro you're using.

    See this incident on a distro that have their website hacked, and have installation ISO got backdoor embedded.


  • Surface Pro 3 power cord replacement

    Two months passed, my "service request" is still pending to be processed...

    They did sent my a FedEx tracking number that I keep checking everyday but nothing ever returned.

    What's up...

  • First wave on HoloLens

    Development edition available on 30th March, 2016 for US$3,000. Too bad it's for U.S. and Canada only. (That said, since I don't do game development, I'd probably wait until there is a game I want to play in order to buy it)