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  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    @androidi: Well, Samsung PM951 is a larger size model (compare with the SSD used in Surface Pro 2/3, which is R/W rate at 477MB/s, 58MB/s, but don't forget it's a model of 2 years old)

    Btw, these SSD chips uses mSATA interface so I'd expect it has faster read speed than the ordinary SSD we can buy in the shops (which it does have) and normal write speed. So the interface channel is not a problem here. (mSATA is not an established standard , therefore it requires a "matching" motherboard socket to work or it'll run at SATAII speed, that's why we don't commonly see it in retail market)

    if you compare the performance between other mSATA models (all of them have size and low power requirement), Sandisk X110 128GB (427/273 MB/s), Intel 525 Series 240GB (508/262 MB/s), Plextor M5M 256GB(504/414 MB/s) all can achieve over 200MB/s write speed.

    At the price of Surface Book, I'd think the choice of hardware would be at least above average.

  • Win10 Mobile information

    A page for you to check availability for each of the Lumia phones in your country.


    I'm amused that some phone models are still in Cyan or even Amber.

  • How do techies organize their Digital Assets

    @MasterPi: If you're using 32-bit Windows, go ahead and implement your own Windows Search datastore in Visual Basic.

    If you're in 64-bit Windows, you can do it in VB.NET at your own risk. (runtime collision) Although .NET 4.X allow multiple version of runtime to load at the same time, it requires some App.config setting and requires the v4 runtime to be loaded first. If you have a shell extension using 2.X runtime and loads before your runtime, your "explorer" is fried.

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    @SheldonS: It's everything you store on OneDrive. There has not been any announcement on plans to exempt any kind of file from storage count.

  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    Talking about Surface Book, ifixit recently posted teardown report for Surface Book.

    From all the parts shown, the Samsung PM951 SSD is a disappointing choice. It has a slow write speed of 150MB/s.

    For the purpose of comparison, from the SSD comparison chart of 2015, most SSDs have speed above 200MB/s, and about half of them goes above 400MB/s. Average write speed is 348MB/s.

    This really make the choice seems very slow for write.

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    @ZippyV: With those multi-TB users having files removed, the average can go a bit below 5GB, though.

    Say, I current have something like 98MB of data including photos and settings backup of 2 computer and WinPhone. (I don't take photos a lot)

  • How do techies organize their Digital Assets

    @wkempf: Well, at least it's not on piles of punch cards. :P

    How much time does it take to load 1MB size of data with punch cards?

  • Does the Surface Book have Apple quaking in their boots already?

    Btw, I don't think the hinge design (134, 135) in the pic works.

    If you want to use the part with display as tablet, you don't want it to those "plug" like part.

  • No more end to end encryption

    @blowdart: Yup. I remember there was two secure email service provider that, one of them sued by DHS(or is it DOJ?) and goes bankruppted, while the other one (Lavabit) decided to shutdown their business instead of handling the bending themselves to the request (fine of USD 5,000 per day is not easy to withstand). And then there is a third one, Slient Circle, that is not sued by any of the US departments, but decided to shutdown shortly after Lavabit incident fearing they'll be sued too some day.

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    , Bas wrote

    Aren't they ditching all extra's, like the camera storage and the early adopters bonus, leaving everyone who doesn't pay with 5GB? This is a great way to make your service look incredibly worse than Google Drive. Good job!

    Actually, the 10GB Loyalty Bonus is not affected.

    Just that the new customers will only have 5GB, and that literally means they don't want young people who didn't own a phone to choose WinPhone.

    As we know that it's troublesome for people who have chosen to use WinPhone/Android/iPhone to switch, those young people are Microsoft's primary target to get the market share increase... I can see how this change will kill the WinPhone market.