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  • Google is now Alphabet

    @spivonious: I think Alphabet is now the holding company of Google. Since the instrument code for trading market is not changed (still GOOG), this means most likely for the government record it's just a name change for company, and they start up another company named Google for holding what Google currently actually does.

    One thing I can think of is that, Google has grown into size as Microsoft and has been subjected to same sort of antitrust lawsuit. After the reorganization, if Court say Google has to split to satisfy them, the impact to the company would be trivial.

    The company split also mean more challenge to their talent management capabilities. However since they're experts to data managment I think there would not be much to worry about. Btw, because of this I suspect by 50% chance Google will release some kind of HR related tools as byproduct of this action.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Those "Enterprise" have propably used MOM/WSUS variants for ages already so I don't think it'll affect much to them. A good admin will probably wait about 2 weeks after the "Patch Tuesday" to approve the updates, otherwise who got the time to fix thousands of broken workstations?

  • Google is now Alphabet

    How is "HOME BOX OFFICE, INC" related to that?

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    Another problem: AppLocale for WinXP/2003 works for Vista/Win7/Win8.X but seems ceased to work in Win10. I've searched on a number of forums and seems noone can get it to work.

    If you have some old programs *cough* games *cough* that needs it to run, you're advised to dual boot or simply don't upgrade.

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  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    For now, I pin them one by one on the Start menu, but that's less optimal then what I hope it to be...

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    @bondsbw: No. Seems that because my region is "HKSAR", the Upgrade installer or Marketplace installed full set of Traditional Chinese version of Apps for me.

    And worse, there's no way to fire it up other than typing it's Chinese name. Now I only know the name of those Apps in English, what should I do?

    Is there an easy way to reinstalled full set of those "Preinstalled App" in English? If we can somehow update the indexer so it'll know to search by English name, I guess it'll do too.

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    Found one problem: Where is the calculator?

    I've been using the calc.exe since the Win3.X days to do Hex/Dec/Bin conversion and didn't expect I have to download some other program just for that.

    EDIT: Never mind, just found it when attempt to search for replacement in Marketplace. It's called "Microsoft 小算盤". How come Windows can't find it when search for "calc" and "calculator"? Shouldn't there be some kind of internal alias?

    EDIT2: Quickly viewed the list of App Microsoft install by default to me... My Windows is English version of Windows, updated from "US" Win8.1 to "US" version of Win10. All the Apps installed in my Win8.1 times are English. How come that in Win10, all the Apps installed by default become Chinese? Now my Metro/Modern Apps becomes chaotic mixture of Chinese and English versions of Apps. WTF?!?!?!

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    Just upgraded my SP3 to Win10. So far so good.

    Testing posting from Edge in here... :P

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