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  • Scott Field: How secure is Vista, really? - Part I

    Im sorry but MS lied, I remember seeing a video saying Vista wont get spyware any more, and it does. I went onto a website I new had spyware, the system got infected, and when i tryed to remove the spyware, the computer restarted. After that each time i loged into Vista, it kept on saying explorer has crashed and it restarts explore, doing that in a loop. Thats not a driver problem, its a Vista is not as good as we was told problem Sad

    Now ok if i was not in admin mode I would of had to enter a password, but when you get a system from say PC world, its not going to have a admin account stopping you from installing things, as PC world would get loads of phone calls, saying hay i cant install something. So there UAC wont help at all sadly.