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  • Windows Phone 7 ​Announcemen​ts & Demo's from MIX 11 with Joe Belfiore

    @JOB: Hmm.... Actually, I see user ptoblem. From your long story, if you need the dialer / SMS function so badly, move them to the top. In that way, you will see them staring at you whenever you go back to the Home screen. And also, why in the world do we need to display the Dialer and SMS button everywhere we navigate?! If I need to make a phone call, or SMS to a friend, I will then navigate to the Home screen. Why cluttered the screen with useless buttons?!

    Regarding the blank area on the Home screen, MS will utilities the area when there are needs in the future. Just like they have added the search button on the app list screen.

    As for the jump list, enter few now letters in order to filter more. Just like how you use search engines. Do you just enter a letter in order to search for the contents you looking for?

    Lastly, Live tile. Yes, iPhone has a number stating how many messages or emails you having. A Count. And that's it! Just a count! But if u look at the demo, the flight tiles let the user know when is the flight time, are you being late and highlighted with red. That will provide the end user more information! Does iOS icons do that?! The only controls that come close with Live tiles are Android widgets. iOS can step aside with its ugly tiny icons.

    So, bottom line is: If you are so disappointed with WP7, sell your phone away and get an iCommonPhone or the Windows-Mobile-Wannabe aka Android. No point forcing yourself sticking with a phone which you do not enjoy everyday. It will affect your health.



  • Windows Phone 7 ​Announcemen​ts & Demo's from MIX 11 with Joe Belfiore

    @JOB: Funny... I don't have such problem with bringing up the dialer.... All I need to do is to go back to the Home page and tab on the dialer icon. Or I can always tap to call from the pinned contacts which I will call frequently.

    As for the app jump list, I find it is a very nicely added feature. I used stocked Android before and I always have headaches looking for an app from the forever scrolling app list. In fact, I need to create folder to group the apps. but with a jump list, all I need is to do a search! If you can do well with searching your contacts, I don't what's the problem of using the same jump list / searching for apps....

  • Windows Phone 7 ​Announcemen​ts & Demo's from MIX 11 with Joe Belfiore

    @iamaelephant: Hmm... I think that will require Nokia help.... Ms is already busy enough with the WP7 OS... But once the cloud services are up, I bet MS will crown as top over iOS and Google, together with the powerful WP7 OS.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    @reader:What's the point of being colorful and you can't even use your favourite songs as the ringtone? And tell me, what's so colorful with the lame theme colors and no wallpapers at all?

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    @reader: Is about customisation.... And making WP7 looks dumd as compared to other platforms.
  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    First of all, I got myself a Windows Phone 7 because I really do like its UI and responsivness of the OS. But after using it for 4 months, I'm starting to regret getting it.

    First of all, WP7 updates. The pre-NoDo is not updating well on my Omnia 7. Then followed by all the delaying of NoDo updates. No dates confirmed and what MS did was to give some simple news to pacify its customers.

    Second, the Copy & Paste is so poorly done! Look at the pathetic selectors! Those markers are as small as ants! Who in the world can use them with ease?! Is MS trying to patch the holes for the OS?

    Third. We have to wait till late 2011 in order to get the app switching and multitasking, functions that iOS and Android already having. Is WP7 suppose to be a smart phone? It can't even allow the user to switch between open apps and multitask! By end of 2011? Looking at things now, I bet we will only get Mango on 2012.

    Forth. WP7 is having some performance issues if you haven't notice. When one exit from a heavy game / app, the phone will freeze and the tiles will not even display properly. I need to wait for it to recover before I can do anything. And to make things worse, every app which displays list with graphics and text will results in difficult with scrolling. Take a look at the bloody Facebook app and you will understand.

    Fifth. Damn expensive apps and games. Why is it that games like Fruit ninja and other titles ported from other platforms cost so much more?! Just because it is a Xbox Live game? Who cares about that! I only want to enjoy the game with the same price like the rival platforms. One must be a fool to get WP7 just to enjoy a more expensive games / apps and I'm that fool.

    Last but not least, when are we going to have better map and search supports? BING is totally USELESS OUTSIDE USA! I need to include my country name in order to do a proper search. And the BING map is not informative at all. Please take a look how much Google maps have improved over the years!

    Well, I'm not sure if I can wait till late 2011 for the Mango update. If Apple is releasing a much better dual cores iPhone 5, I'm abandoning WP7 and get a iPhone 5 instead. I gave MS a chance, and this is how MS treat its customers with slow updates and excuses.