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  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    First, why so many project managers working on rss? Is it really that complicated? Second, why are all the pm's so exited? Every browser in the world has rss feeds built in already except interenet explorer. I'm also not to excited about the calender feature as I don't know anyone that would publicly publish their calender and if they did I wouldn't care were they were 24/7? Perhaps usefull for business but worthless to a home user. Also, the amazon example isn't all that exciting either. Consumer websites already have pricing, review, etc, sorting built into the sites. Why would I want to use my boxes resources to do it, I'd rather use the server? Anyway, keep up the good work.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - What brought about the birth of the CLR?

    Doesn't sound all that good when a microsoft engineer tells us that moore's law will make up the speed difference of .net in a year! What about the rest of the world still on older computers and havn't upgraded to 3 Ghz pentium 4's.
  • Windows, Part II - Dave Probert

    I'm wondering why Dave praises the NT kernel so much. For things like multitasking and memory management unix seems superior, at least from my own experiences. On my xp box the simple act of copying a file pretty much makes the box a paper weight. But on unix I can have multiple process running and the GUI or app responds right away. On xp I have to wait and GUI or app pretty much gets bogged down until the previous process is done. Also on unix I almost never use swap so everything responds quick because it is in real memory. Xp seems to be VM happy and I'm constantly having to wait on an app to pagefualt into real memory. This is especially true if I switch from one app to another then back ot the originial app. I don't understand this becuase I have more then enough memory for both but xp still puts the first app into pagefile and then pagefualts it back in when I switch back?
  • Singularity: A research OS written in C#

    They mentioned that the current NT kernel can't really be changed that much and I'm wondering why? Can't you just change the nt kernel and just make sure the interface between kernel and userland is the same? As long as the kernel interface is the same the app wouldn't care how the kernel did something. I would think that the app wouldn't even have to know it changed?