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I'm a programmer at Microsoft on the WindowsCE networking team. On the side I'm a budding woodworker getting into furniture making... anyone got a 18" band saw they'd sell me cheap? :P


  • Chris Gray: Windows Home Server ​Extensibili​ty Model - Building Add-Ins

    here is the code Smiley  I put it into the Channel 9 Sandbox

    have fun and please tell me if you have problems or suggestions Smiley

    for what it's worth there are two samples in this .zip - one C# sample of our notification infrastructure (great for sending errors messages from your code into the Home Server Admin console and client computer task tray).

    the other is a VB.NET sample for creating a tab into the Home Server admin console - dont forget that if you create your own tab you can access it from the internet using the Home Servers Remote Access feature.  we've found this REALLY cool for home automation

  • Chris Gray - Building your own home server

    Manip, your exactly right that this demonstration is insecure - please let me stress *that it's not to be used in a production environment* I hoped to convey this message a bit more clearly in the demo, thanks for bringing it to my attention,  I'd hate for someone to get hacked because they had the wrong assumptions about this code!  My goal in making this video was to share my excitement for integrating Windows Server with WindowsCE by highlighting only one aspect of the system (managed web services).

    Please let me stress to anyone viewing this demo,  before placing any service on the Internet make sure you've configured your server securely and that your code is reviewed wherever appropriate.  Please follow the Microsoft guidelines for creating secure code.


  • Chris Gray - A super small file server

    I dont know if its part of the MSDN or not but you should be able to get a free evaluation kit from 
  • Chris Gray - A super small file server


    these just readjust the refresh timings from 30 seconds to 8

    basically the idea is this -- when you supply a password to the ISAPI it needs to restart the webserver,  problem is the client hasnt downloaded all the data yet so restarting will result in broken links.  These settings tell the server to wait 4 seconds to restart and tells the browser to wait for 8 seconds to refresh.

    You might need to adjust the values here for your platform.

  • Chris Gray - A super small file server

    hey, I figured its time to startup a little blog -- I put in a little entry about the discovery problem we've had.  Feel free to post comments there if you'd like.  I'd like to hear more about how the community thinks this problem should be solved.

  • Chris Gray - A super small file server

    hehe - yeah I hear ya on the discovery thing -- problem is that we are using the server on our domain where there are like a zillion of people so it was driving me nuts.  at home I do exactally what you suggested Smiley
  • Chris Gray - A super small file server

    Hey, thanks for reminding me to put up the link to the utility.  Please use this at your own risk, we dont support or maintain it in anyway. You can download it off my personal webpage at: