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  • HTML5 for Skeptics

    Nice talk, its just what is needed without all the hype. 

    All I can say is that I'll stick to Silverlight as your talk has made me more of skeptic of HTML5.  I just hope your comment at the end about Windows 8 doesn't mean that microsoft has taken resources away from xaml and focused them on HTML5 instead.

    I think I'd switch profession before going down the HTML5 path.  If I imagine myself doing HTML5 all day for a living, and pulling my hair out testing all the variances on 10 versions, having to look at a matrix on the web for which simple little feature works in which versions of each browser, I think it would be a dream to just think 'please give me an environment with 1 spec and 1 implementor that moves fast and works the same even with IE6 on NT', we do have that today with Silverlight.

    Clearly apps on mobile are winning against web, I think once the hype moves from HTML5 the focus will be back to apps.

  • C9 ​Conversatio​ns: Brian Beckman on Complexity

    I have the same problem.  Yes under media downloads or through the silverlight player, currently stuck on 33.1MB.    I'm in australia too, there definately is a problem for channel 9 and PDC downloads in this part of the world that started around PDC time.  Never had a problem before.

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Guided Tour inside the Windows Azure Cloud with Patrick Yantz

    I'm in australia too, seems like they have problems with their CDN.  I can also download fine from other sites, like the engadget show with no problems.  So definately seems like a MS specific problem.  I have to download the PDC and channel 9 videos to a server I have in the US, and then download it from there to get it to work.

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Guided Tour inside the Windows Azure Cloud with Patrick Yantz

    The silverlight player stops at about 1 minute for me, downloading WMV High stops at 38.9MB, WMV at 12.7MB... what is going on with channel9 and PDC videos in the last week?  Can hardly download a full video now.

  • Microsoft Help Viewer - New Help System in Visual Studio 2010

    The updating and downloading of new content looks better than VS2008. 


    However the lack of an index that you can drill down into as you type each character is a big negative.  Why create a new system if right off the bat you don't have a feature that many people use.   Same as intellisense provides discoverability when you get a up-to-date list as you type each character, I find the help index provides the same analogue rather than doing a search for most help lookups. 


    I'd probably stay with VS2008 until this feature is available for VS2010.