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  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model, Part II

    sriram_2001 wrote:
    Yikes - please stop with the ink. I know it's cool to write it out, but consider this

    - Reading ink is like reading words in all caps. Our brain is so attuned to reading normal computer text that it has to shift gears to parse the person's handwriting and understand what's written.

    - I bet you could have typed that out faster

    I know this is OT and should belong on that thread about C9's ink support - but couldn't resist when I noticed how I stopped scanning through the page when I came to Charles' handwriting and read it carefully

    it's an accessibility issue too... impared users wont be able to understand it, and neither will crawlers/spiders
  • Scott Guthrie - Demo of next version of ASP.NET (Happy Birthday Video #1)

    I almost wept when I found out that visual studio leaves my html code alone between view modes Big Smile

    I loved the way <script> showed a squiggely red error for not supplying the mandatory type attribute Smiley

    It really shows that you're starting to take some consideration towards the real needs of webdevelopers, and for that I am finding it much easier to accept using tools such as VS.

    Thankyou guys!

    my worries

    intellisense and standards

    I think it's a bit poor though, that intellisense schemas are provided through choice, and not by the DTD explicity defined.

    adaptive rendering

    Also, uses an 'adaptive rendering' engine, which made me have to stay til' 2am last night to fix an issue with firefox!
    Sniffing a UAString is WRONG WRONG WRONG! I hope this is fixed in Whidbey.

    collapsable html trees

    Collapsable html is a welcome feature, but sometimes even in codebehind mode it confuses me!

    It's difficult to see how far my code reaches down a page, when i expand the tree.

    It's a usability gripe, but maybe you guys should consider having a faded colour behind the expanded tree that was recently collapsed, so developers can overview what just happened?