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  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Steve “Lightning” Trefethen posted a link to Anders Hejlsberg's LINQ video on Channel 9 Forums, so I was intrigued and took a look. After all, Anders was the father of Delphi.

    In the video, at about 7 mins 50 seconds into it, Anders was talking about Language INtegrated Query, and he was explaining to the audience where “Where” and “Select” came from, “because an array doesn't have a select or a where guy” and that C# 3.0 implements a new thingy known as extension methods, which is the “ability to extend an existing type with new methods”.

    Sounds like he's talking about Delphi's class helpers concept. You can take the man out of Borland, but you can't take Borland out of him... ;o)

    Class helpers or extension methods have been available in the Delphi language since Delphi 8 came onto the scene nearly 2 years ago.

    And the "var" thingy? Is he sneaking parts of the Delphi language into C# 3.0? ;o)