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cisco.hernandez cisco.​hernandez orale

Niner since 2005

Just a developer trying to make a living doing something so fun ;)
  • HanselMinutes on 9 - #1 -

    I like this video a lot but for a while there i was convinced that scott was a 'little person' even though i've seen him on his website since i listen to hansleminutes.  Just a weird thought there for a sec

    keep them coming!
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    love the video. It's great to have guys walking you around a city like London.  When i finally get to head down there i have a feeling i'll be spending my time looking at a map. 

    great video. What's next? Japan, Mexico? Smiley

    I did learn one huge thing. It's not eye-AN its eeeYAeN!  Smiley