Neat stuff!

Actually, I'm wondering if your Citrix solution helped avoid some of the problems Airbus incured when using this software. According to an article I read a while back, the French and German design teams working on the A380 were using different versions of the CATIA software, which lead to inconsistancies in the designs and manufacturing. This lead to some very public delays.

I'm suspecting that by having the Boeing design teams run the software from Presnetation Servers, it's much easier to perform version control and ensure everyone is on the same baseline, as opposed to having to patch workstations and check version numbers.

Of course, having worked with Citrix myself, you do need a good backend and robust network connections to drive those applications with sufficient performance. I'd be interested to hear how that was accomplished.

The article is here if you're interested. Good video C9!,1540,2089756,00.asp