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  • MIX06: IIS7

    This sounds really interesting, i really hope i get to come to it, i find out Wed.
  • MIX it up at MIX06 - Live in Las Vegas

    z33driver wrote:
    Just thought I would post some info if you are looking for affordable accomodations, I'm surfing Expedia looking at hotels and flights and for Friday through Wednesday (5 nights) I'm seeing pretty much every major strip casino/hotel falling in the $1100-1300 range.  That's not too bad and includes Fri/Sat rates.  If you are just going to fly out Sunday through Wednesday you can probably knock $300-400 off that.  I'm not going to pay the $225 discounted rate to stay at the Venetian, I can see the value in staying at the same place as the conference but there are a bunch of cheaper casinos right next door/across the street.  The Bellagio comes out at $4400 though!!  The Excalibur is currently coming out the cheapest on Expedia, at $850 including my airfare for Friday through Wednesday.  Maybe they are running an Expedia special?  If you are willing to hike it all the way up the strip or take the monorail maybe it is an option.

    FYI.. for anyone not ever been to LV, the excaliber is a nice treck down to the Venetian.

    A cheaper hotel that i stayed at last time was the Barbary Coast.  I went out last september and we stayed for 4 days and it was a total of 350, thur-sat.  So make sure you check the prices there.

    I am currently trying to talk my boss into sending me, but not sure if he is going to go for it, since he wants to change our site over to sharepoint and there is only one session that even talks about sharepoint.

    so wish me luck