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  • Microsoft Security Alert, here's where to go

    Charles wrote:

    You want a 100% secure browser, 100% secure operating system, 100% secure Internet? Well, then don't connect to the Internet.

    This is the comment that sent me down the road I went. And to be very clear, I am in no way trying to be the ungrateful end-user. I was simply trying to point out that comments like the one above can get really twisted (obviously as I am victim). Even scobleizer mentions all the time how ASCII can get twisted.

    More to the point, I really like hearing from the MS folks especially from behind the curtain. This site is exactly what I would want to see and hear. I am a fan of MS tools and products. But when I see comments like the one above it makes me think MS (and yes Charles I am picking on you) folks are just tired of us "stupid users" wanting our cake and eating it too. And I know there are humans behind the curtain scobleizer, I wouldn't have thought otherwise, yet it is the caliber of human that I would expect. I know it takes time as I said I am a developer too. To reiterate my thoughts from earlier, it seems to me you should be considering solutions, and if nothing else saying "we're working on it." Don't tell us to not use the internet.

    And you guys are allowed to be informal, please do. But you have to realize you're sitting in the castle and we don't know what goes on back there behind the walls.

    Lastly, Charles, scobleizer I would like to say that the responsiveness of MS from this site is truly a credit to you channel 9 guys. I consider you the gatekeepers and appreciate your efforts to put together this site. Just be easy on the "stupid end users" because we pay the money to use the products that your company sells to be able to pay your checks.

  • Microsoft Security Alert, here's where to go

    Charles, with all due respect listen to what you are saying. You are providing this forum to us to voice our opinion. To hear the cockpit and also talk back. Now, when you guys open your mouth about another security patch and we respond not so pleasantly - you say more or less to shut up and stop whining.

    Hear me out because I am a software engineer and I know what it is to debug something in production and also get all clients updated. My point is MS is a company that I think would be unrivaled in intelligence (at least that is what I would suspect). Wouldn't you listen to these comments and say "hmm, how do we get things done quicker?" or think to yourself this is an interesting challenge and wonder how to attack it? From your replies I would sense you are tired of hearing the "whining" and wanting someone to give you a break. No breaks in software development. This is a job you signed up for, and now you need to take your medicine.

    You don't want to hear us challenge MS or it's products - don't participate in your own site.

    How does that feel coming from me? Maybe now you can walk in our mocassins a mile.

  • File Cache/​Storage dilemna

    Thanks for the reply. I agree the FS/Meta in SQL is probably the best, and for reasons you outline specifically holding up the SQL resource for the download. But I find that really isn't as much of the problem as is the stream to the client. Performance aside I am finding that PDF files actually "request" twice? Here is the handler I built to accomodate file extensions and for PDF and SWF files, I am showing two hits to this handler?

    public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
    HttpResponse response = context.Response;
    string fileName = context.Request.QueryString["FileName"].ToString();
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".doc") > 0) response.ContentType = "application/msword";
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".pdf") > 0) response.ContentType = "application/pdf";
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".jpg") > 0) response.ContentType = "image/jpeg";
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".gif") > 0) response.ContentType = "image/gif";
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".swf") > 0) response.ContentType = "application/x-shockwave-flash";
    if(fileName.IndexOf(".xls") > 0) response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel";
    DateTime start = DateTime.Now;
    System.IO.FileStream file = new System.IO.FileStream(fileName, System.IO.FileMode.Open);;
    long bytesize = file.Length;
    byte[] buffer = new byte[(int)bytesize];
    file.Read(buffer, 0, (int)bytesize);
    DateTime end = DateTime.Now;
    FileCaching.FileCache fileCache = new FileCacheing.FileCaching.FileCache();


    So now I have two hits to the FS? Is there something I am missing here? (Disregard the FileCaching it's only stubbed out right now).

  • File Cache/​Storage dilemna

    I have an application that I am working on that is on the front end of implementing some file storage. The choices I have are to store the files in SQL (Image type) and retrieve accordingly or to store the file on a network share and store meta info in the SQL DB. So, my question isn't which method is easier, but which method has the most advantage? My key points of consideration are for availability, performance and re-usability since this will probably end up being SOA. I have a rough assumption of average file size (1MB) - typically PDF, and being accessed roughly 100's of times a day if not more. My major concern is building a performant downloading utility for accessing these files.

    Any good suggestions? 

  • Interfaces

    Sure, but if you take good care of the interfaces that this abstract class has originally and just add features to the abstract class, aren't you getting best of breed?

  • smart XML logging

    Interesting. So what I'm thinking is your asking if IM would have events listening to the text to see if "phone" or "mobile number" come up and when they do, the next reply will be encapsulated with the <phonenumber> tag.

    I would say that is a tough call. I would think that SmartTag type of technology could help you there, yet I don't think it would be 100% successful.

    Then again, I don't work at MSFT.

  • Error Handling, use exceptions?

    Exception handling is a tough topic to corral. I now work in a large development environment and even they have yet to formalize a standard exception handling methodology.

    IMO, your code should reflect two things when considering exceptions:

    1. Possible data entry
    2. Possible data corruption

    And the key word is obviously "possible". If you cover all possible entries (checking for type safety etc.) and then check for computational correctness then exception handling becomes very small in scale. This is the core. Find the exception. How you deliver it should be flexible. Log files, emails, bubble to the client and blue screen are all effective in getting the point across. (sarcasm on the bsod).

    By no means am I an expert. And hardly a "seasoned" exception guru. But I follow this standard in all of my code. And some days it means I do hundreds of drivers for my objects with different data scripts until I find one that bugs out. Then I catch it, and start over. I like to think that if my applications actually get exceptions thrown (and they do without fail), I would hope to see what data caused it cause I will go to the source, add the catch and recompile.

  • Interfaces

    Thanks for all the feedback. And I will admit, I still don't like the idea of interfaces. I see the beauty of sharing "behaviors", yet I find it so limiting when change-management rolls in to the picture.

    hurcane wrote:
    If you're dealing with public interfaces that are going to be used by people over whom you have no influence, you must be very careful about the design because it truly becomes a "contract" once it is implemented by others.

    And so I would wonder how might there be a way to still get the advantages of interfaces yet keep the flexibility of classes. Abstract comes to mind and I was wondering how you guys play this into your designs?

  • Does anyone actually watch the videos?

    Button on the bottom right.

  • Visual Studio is just way too expensive!

    Lowrez wrote:
    We presume that anyone can learn an IDE and we only worry that you know the languages we use and that you have some other knowledge that is useful to our team.

    I agree 100%. Now that isn't to say that I don't get impressed when someone says I use Emacs totally. I just beleive that the knowledge of the language/architecture is king and the IDE you use is semantic.