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I work for one of the few very successful .COM companies as a Software Architect. My current life's mission is to become an expert in all things .NET. Ok, that may be impossible. In some things .NET. I also have world-changing software ideas that will one day really "change the world". I'm trying to start an upper-Westchester .NET User Group (see my website).


  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    billh wrote:

    Did somebody say "Chrome"?

    It would be practical if Amazon was willing to deploy some type of desktop application. On any given screen of Amazon, it usually only holds about ten titles (down the center of the screen).  Now, if you expand that into a 3-D book aisle, it would be a matter of piping the title information to the client app. I don't know if it would be wise to use a browser for that or not.  If you think about an aisle full of books in a typical library, for instance, all you usually see on the spines of the books are titles. Pictures only become an issue when you slide a title out and look at the cover. What would be nice is if you could walk down a virtual aisle of books and have Amazon populate the titles with a) things similar to what you have bought before, or b) random suggestions that might lead you to new topics.

    You know what? You've just given me a great idea for something I'll do here on Channel 9.  Give me few days and I'll see if I can code something quickly to show you what I have in mind. I'm not familiar with DirectX at all, so the interface might be a little poky until I figure out something better. I was going to do another "collage" thing, but I've got a much better idea.

    I thought I heard last year that Amazon was working on such an app.
  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    This was special on several levels.  It reminded me why he's someone I've always looked up to.  It's pretty amazing how he can keep as close as he has to everything while running such a company.  It's inspirational.

    Great job.  Definitely the most *real* interview I've seen with Bill.  Glad to hear he'll be back.
  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    Ok, how smart do I need to be to work at Microsoft?  I want a job there.  That is my goal.  Now to learn everything about everything so that I can pass the interview process...