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  • ASP.NET Core Middleware Basics

    Is webforms as middleware on core possible? How big a task will it be if community tries it? Any possibility of a video or blog post to educate about possible hurdles?

  • Inside the Azure Storage Outage of November 18th

    Thanks for the update. Has the original update (that caused the failure) been re-deployed. For the network fix did you follow the same rollout procedure or a different one i.e. is there a different rollout procedure for fixes during down-time vs. feature release.

  • Scott Guthrie demos Windows Azure Active Directory in the Cloud

    Are there plans to replace Windows Active Directory with this?


  • IE9 RTW Due Date, A Big Thank You, MIX11, and a Unicorn Named Frank

    @battlebottle: Thanks for the info. That explains why in VS 2010 beta the font looked bad and appeared to be fixed in RTM.

    I have been using IE9 full time since Beta. It is not terrible but I definitely notice the difference. When I sense a difference (negative) in the font, the first thing I look for is a grey border around the page which tells me if the page is rendered in IE9 Standards mode. If it is awful on a particular website, hurts my eye, I just switch to IE8 Standards mode.

  • IE9 RTW Due Date, A Big Thank You, MIX11, and a Unicorn Named Frank

    Charles, hope you can get the answer for all of us to Stilgar's comment. Like I said VS2010 uses the same API but is a lot more crisp than IE9 RC. May be it is because VS has to deal with a single font whereas IE does not have control over the font on a given webpage.

  • IE9 RTW Due Date, A Big Thank You, MIX11, and a Unicorn Named Frank

    Awesome. I guess it's too late but I hope they fix the font issue that still exists in the RC. I know they use sub-pixel rendering which VS2010 also does but the fonts are still not as crisp as in VS2010. I remember VS also had the same issue during the beta. Also, I hope they remove the grey border around websites running in non-IE9 standards mode. Not sure who else other than developers are going to benefit with the border.

    Overall a great leap forward. Congratulations to the team.

  • Cloud Cover Episode 37 - Multiple Websites in a Web Role

    Hey guys, will this work with multiple subdomains as well.


    e.g. if you want to put and * in one web role where * is a username under that will get resolved in code to ( becomes


    Great show, thanks.

  • IE9 Sites on the Taskbar

    I posted this on Scott Hanselman's blog post here:


    The idea of pinning websites to taskbar is great, but I find it to be a mismatch that you can open the website from the taskbar and navigate away to some other website. It does not work like an app in the true sense. May be they should hide the address bar for pinned sites. I understand that they may not have done that for security reasons but hope they can figure it out.


    By hiding the address bar it will function more like a desktop app, any external links should open in a new window, if you open in the same window then the taskbar will continue to show the site icon (say twitter) but the user would have moved on to say Amazon which is confusing.


    What do you guys think.

  • Windows Phone Design Days - Metro

    Really great and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Does anyone know what the design idea / goal was for the simple application list that appears when you pan over from the start screen? If the marketplace ends up with 1000s of apps, would that design principle still hold? Wouldn't the user have to keep scrolling to get to the end. I understand the user can use search. Just curious to know what the thought process was. Thanks! 

  • Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta - Available Now

    Great improvements overall. A couple of issues I noticed.


    Messenger keeps running in the background even after you right click and exit. If you start a new one, it creates another process in the task manager and that too stays running even after exit.


    For some reason it linked up the wrong twitter account to my live account, I don't remember doing this myself but when I deleted it and tried to add it again, twitter was missing from the list of services. I read on some forum that they had recently removed twitter and had no timelines on adding it back. If you already have a twitter link then you are fine but you cannot add a new one which is weird.


    Like CKurt said I was also hoping for RSS sync feature that would be enabled such that I can use Live Mail when available, else use an online reader (like google reader). May be integrate it with spindex.

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Inside Secret Microsoft Meeting Rooms - What Laptop do Alpha Geeks Use?

    Hey Erik, what's the model number / name of your laptop. I did not find it on hp website.