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I started programming some 20 years ago, and I still find myself wanting to get up at 4am to try some new stuff out before the phone starts ringing!

I'm a huge fan of Visual Studio, and web services.


  • What’s New in IaaS for Developers

    Hello? Was this recorded? Is there a problem with the recording?
  • Where's the ESB?

    I get it that centralized cannot scale, but what if the ESB is actually built on top of Azure, leveraging all that Azure Service Bus has to offer.  Leveraging the Message class, messages of any contract could be routed anywhere, as well as inspected.  It would then also be able to scale up and out as needed.  With some creativity in the Message headers (which I recall you have leveraged in the past), a messaging route strategy could clearly be implemented.

    Going the other way, and only having Gateways, the subscriber is coupled to the publisher.  Would it not be better if the subscriber (endpoint that need data) would publish their requirement (on a true bus), and the publisher (who has the data) listen for those "events" on the same bus and simply responds?  Would this not move us to push data services, and do more in stream (StreamInsight/RX-hot observable) implementations on both ends?

  • - Windows Azure AppFabric

    Can you put up the links to Mike's blog - you don't even refer to his name in your show notes!  Blog? Twitter?

  • Silverlight TV 49: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 2

    Do you have a link where we can download the Mockups that Janete used in the demonstartions? 


    p.s. Can you please get get Janete to use her mouse with her left hand? The camera never really got a good shot of it! Big Smile

  • Windows Identity Foundation Ships!

    I've built this plumbing into too many applications - I'm looking forward to leveraging this technology!

  • Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Just started looking into Team Foundation Server - although I've used all the other MS products.  It's nice to see that everything is being pulled together, getting everything fully integrated.  I bet it was not fun working with all the com object in office and project!

    I love the screen cast format - the screen is easily readable, especially on my wide screen monitors!  Much nicer than zooming in and out with a shaky hand.  I'm sure the interviewers appreciate it as well!  Now they can concentrate entirely on conducting the interview!
  • Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12

    Wow - the web stuff looks really cool - do we know the price point and licensing requirements yet?