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  • .NET Micro Framework

    Hi MRumpler - yes, we have our priorities straight now.   The Beta that is currently out has provisional support for VS 2015 already.   It is provisional because, while it works now, VS2015 is out in Preview and there may be changes down the road. 

    Hi Skytribe - sorry about that.  Teh VB team were great partners in adding support for VB in NETMF and we should not be leaving that out. 

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - The .NET Micro Framework with Colin Miller

    We are running a contest called 'Dare to Dream Different' and tehre have been some absolutely great submissions.  We have videos of them which we will be posting.  A few are already out on YouTube if you search for the contest name.  The entries make it clear that there are more applications for small computing devices than any of us had thought about.  I have to agree with Tomy - I do have a pretty cool gig. 

  • A Look at the .NET Micro Framework

        There is some work in progress that will enable Wifi on some of the existing and less expensive development boards so stay tuned.  It is hard to get all this together at once for the launch but it is coming.