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  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    The Channel 9 Team wrote:

    3.) We originally planned to ship a new data storage system codenamed “WinFS” when we released the Longhorn Client. In order to deliver Longhorn’s innovations to customers as quickly as possible, we now intend to deliver WinFS after the initial availability of Longhorn client.  We continue to be committed to WinFS.  It is expected to beta when Longhorn client is broadly available.

    What does this mean for Longhorn? It won't be there at first, but then it will be added later.

    Will it mean that in the first release we can say good-bye to the file stores such as contacts? (I was really getting excited about some of that stuff).

    Secondly what does it mean for Longhorn after WinFS is out and about? Does longhorn then become complete, as in it will then have all its intended 'pillars' (was it three or four pillars)?

    I can wait an additional year for WinFS, but there is very little point to it if I cant get the same (or better) user experience that I could have if winFS did ship with Longhorn in '06. I see the intergration with windows (as if it had been shipped w/Longhorn) as important - Windows itself, from explorer to msn, to the photo editor, needs to fully exploit it.

    Maybe most of the stuff that is exciting to the end user can be done without WinFS, I really dont know. However it would be apperciate if what this meant for Longhorn (with and without WinFS) was explained.

    My $0.02
  • Kevin Schofield -- Tour of Microsoft Research's VIBE group (large ​screens/mul​tiple monitors)

    The last example of the group bar really caught my attention - I showed it to a few of my close friends and they just went 'Wow! I want it'.

    We did a bit of on-the-spot brain storming and decided it would be cool to use the idea's behind the group bar + the concepts shown in the next media groups video (

    We decided that windows-tab was a useless key combo, and that it instead should turn all open windows into thumbnails, like in the media browser. From there, you can either click on an application to bring it to the front, or you can .. drag it to a group (known as a bin in media browser - just sounds a bit funny when dealing with applications). Once that is done, the group is automatically assigned a colour (just as in the group bar.. but you can also assign a more meaningful name) .. You can then drag other applications into its group.

    Switching between groups is then just a matter of pressing windows-tab (tapping tab switches groups, holding tab down (no tapping) keeps the group bar up (not really a bar now is it Wink).

    I also think this would work well for those who massively multi-task, and would display many applications well, just as media browser displays many photo's well.

    (as a final note, just as you can display all photos in media browser, you could also display all applications (no group\colour filtering), and thus it would also work as another form of alt-tab.

    Going off on a tangent now, the ability to rehydrate applications ... umm, is it possible to have windows always load off a hibernation file? If you used a *fresh* hibernation file (i mean hibernating windows as soon as it has just finished start up, and then booting off that file always (except when a restart is needed)) to reduce start up time, and then rehydrating apps so you would have many of the benefits of hibernation (short start up and working from where you stopped).

    I guess with longhorn, and its push for two power states, hibernation will be come increasingly more common, so that kind of thing would have very little value.