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  • How do you set up a foreign key in SQL Azure?

    How do you set up a foreign key in SQL Azure?

    I have a database now on the Azure system.

    The tables in the database have an intended use such that there is one main, logically centralized table and then there are a number of tables which each describe some column in the main table.  For example, if I have an age classification column in the main table, I might have a separate table which lists some categories of the age classification (as a string) and some associated index.  Then the index from the age classification table would be used as a reference in the main table.

    Is this what a foreign key is?  Is there some way in SQL Azure to make the association between these indexes?

  • What is the SQL Azure Report Viewer?

    What is the SQL Azure Report Viewer?

    The sample code "Windows Azure SQL Reporting ReportViewer-SOAP API usage sample" requires it:

    Prerequisites •You must install the Windows Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.3 or later to run this sample. You can get the latest version at Windows Azure SDK Downloads. •An active account for SQL Reporting with the server name, username, and password. See  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=204134. •Reports hosted in your SQL Reportinginstance. See the related sample at http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/SQLAzureReports.

    But the link for "SQL Reporting" seems to be a dead link.  And I do not see a feature on my Azure account that is SQL Reporting:

  • How do you output the contents of a Dictionary class?

    This is kind of a follow up to this post:


    Once I have the data nice and sorted like I want it, how do I spew it back out in the nice and ordered fashion?

    In C#, how do you output the contents of a Dictionary class?

    Once you have loaded a Dictionary class with keys and values, how do I cycle through them and output the individual values in a foreach loop?


  • How To Modify An Element in the Dictionary Class?

    How To Modify An Element in the Dictionary Class? =======================================

    C# has this cool Dictionary class that you can use like a Hash Table.  Is there a way of changing the value of an indexed element without resorting to removing it like this?

                   int value = runningcount[city];
                    runningcount.Add(city, ++value);

  • Organize Data From A File

    There are some cool classes and tricks and short cuts in C#.  I know this but I have not worked with C# enough to have them memoried.

    One cool trick is this.  If you read from a file data that is arranged in a similar line-by-line structure where each line is arranged in columns spaced out by tabs, the data can be read into a kind of class in C# and then you can parse out one column of data by simply doing a "for each" command.  Does anyone know off-hand how this is done?

    Basically, what I am talking about is this.  I understand how to read a file line by line:

                int counter = 0;        
                string line;
                 System.IO.StreamReader file =
                    new System.IO.StreamReader(filename);
                while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)

    Now, how would I go about replacing Console.WriteLine(line); with code that will organize the data automatically into members of a class provided that the line columns in the input file are seperated by /t (tabs)?

  • Does Microsoft have anything like camstudio or camtasia?

    Is it in productsweb?

  • Removing a Virtual Machine



  • Removing a Virtual Machine

    I have deleted a Virtual Maching from Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2  I stopped it and then then deleted it.   I went one step further and found the corresponding file on the hard drive and deleted it to free up more space.

    Here is the rub.  When I restart the computer and the Windows Server 2008 does its error checking, it says that there are errors.  One of the errors is that it cannot find the Virutal Machine that I had just removed. 

    I checked the registry for an occurance of the name of the removed virtual machine and it cannot find it.  So I do not know where the OS is getting this machine name.

    It also does not appear in the list of Vurtual Machines I have in the Server Manager.

    How do I remove this virtual machine completely from my system?

  • Does Microsoft have anything like camstudio or camtasia?

    I use Camtasia to record screen sessions and interactions at work.  Is there anything that Microsoft has that records video of screen interactions?

  • I am trying to go from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7.

    I am trying to go from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7.

    The 32 bit Vista was installed by mistake.  My system can handle a 64 bit OS.  Now I have finally found the time to upgrade.  But the 64 bit intallation DVD can't be read from my OS.  Any Advice?

    Do I need to boot from that DVD drive?  Will that work?