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  • hello from a new employee

    UH, can we pretend that I didn't say ANYthing about Anywhere?


    I understand the rules.  But let's be honest.  All I said was a few letters that none on the outside could make any sense of.  But just to be sure, I will not do that again.

  • hello from a new employee

    m1keh wrote:

    Congratulations, seems like a nice place to work at.  Hope I can say the same thing at some point in time

    So, what do you do at microsoft?

    I am working in [Some Building on Campus] on [Some Project].  I don't know how much I should say because isn't it true that this forum is accessable from the outside?

    Like lots of people, I am here via Volt.

    I will pm people now.

    LarryOsterman Edit: Removed some NDA material.  It's possible that [Some Project] is public, but it's not clear.

  • hello from a new employee

    jigarmehtamscit wrote:
    Welcome.. Best of luck for surviving around the best and smartest minds..

    Sweet.  Sounds like a dream job to me.  I prefer it to surviving around the worst and poorest minds.

  • This is my first post.

    Now I am working at Redmond.  I have started a new post.


  • hello from a new employee

    Hello forum.

    I just started at Microsoft.  Glad to be here.

  • This is my first post.

    This is my first post.  I have nothing yet to give.

    Has anyone seen any good Internationalization and/or Unicode demos?