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compugab compugab From Québec in Canada
  • Desktop vs. Laptop scripting problem




    We have a somewhat complex scripting problem involving a web site, desktop computers and laptop computers.


    We have an internal web application made in ASP.NET. This web application uses a web service to generate a PDF file that is deposited in a transit folder on server file share. The web service returns the exact path where de PDF file is (something like \\Server\Dev\transit\123\file.pdf). Then, using client side javascript, we copy the file from the share using FileSystemObject. The web application allows us to select more than one file to download.


    Everything works perfectly with Windows XP. However, with Windows 7, the code work correctly on a desktop computer but almost always fails at the second file on a laptop computer. We put some debugging code and we can clearly see that the file exists on the server and that the destination folder exists too.


    The web site is in the Trusted site list so Protected Mode IE is disabled. We tried disabling UAC and running as administrator to no avail.  All computers have been installed using the exact same pre-packaged Windows 7 image. Also, if we open in the file share in Windows Explorer (explorer.exe \\server\dev\transit) the download works as expected on laptop computers. We thought of disabling SMB 2.0 but it did not change anything.


    Since this application is used by our laptop users, it is intolerable to ask them to open the file share. I’d like to have some ideas about what would be the difference with filesystemobject on a desktop and a laptop.


    Thank you for your help




  • Backuping System State with PowerShell on XP, Vista, or 7



    I would like to create a script in PowerShell that could backup the system state of a computer running Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Does anyone know some resources that could help me create a script like that?



  • Win7 UAC flaw

    jamie said:
    youre welcome Tongue Out

    UAC:  off since 2007
    As soon as I knew that, I "uped" my UAC level to Vista's default.

    The planet is safe once again!

  • Windows 7 in 2009?

    It will probably be release in 2009 as much as Vista was supposed to be release in 2004.

    Personally, Vista is all right to me. Cool

  • Zune outside of US

    Ok, so legal issues are blocking the Zune to be sold outside of US.

    So, what if I ask a friend in the US to buy one for me and he brings it (send it) back to Canada?

  • Zune outside of US

    Now, in about a month, it will be the first year of Zune availability in the US. Now that you have played with it enough, do you know when other countries (like Canada) will be able to play with it too?

  • Merging local user profile and domain user profile (Vista)

    Ok, for #8 : did you restart your computer? Some time, the NTuser.dat file stay in memory. You should not log on you destination account before making the copy to.

    for #9 : It may be normal that nothing happen : there is no progress bar to indicate the status of the copy. If you have 45 go then let it run. Just check that you hard disk led on you computer flash : that is the only feedback you gonna have. Whene the copy is over, you going to get back to the account selection list.

    Hope it will help

  • Merging local user profile and domain user profile (Vista)

    Easy :

    log as you destination user
    Reboot (not mandatory but can save some time)

    Log as an other admin
    Right click on computer
    Advance system parameters
    In the user profiles section click on settings
    select your user account you want to copy from
    click copy to...
    click on Browser... and navigate to you destination folder you have create at step 1 (c:\users\my.name.domain)
    click the change button in the Permitted to use section and type your domain user account : this will set your permissions
    click ok

    logon you domain account
    It works Big Smile

  • Code change are not taken into account in web app

    typemismatch wrote:
    The process isn't aware any code files changed and is keeping the old compiled .cs file - close the asp.net hosting process if you're using it and hit F5 - the rebuild will fix the problem. If you're bound to IIS do an iis reset.

    If you're using VPPs then your file hash isn't working.


    Cool it works. If I close ASP.NET developement server the changes are taken into account.

    Problem Solved

  • Code change are not taken into account in web app

    prec wrote:

    It sounds to me like it's due to caching in your browser, try putting this in the Page_Load:


    This is of course not recommended for real applications though.

    Not it doesn't work. The same effect. Could it be a Visual Studio bug or a bad configuration