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  • Satya Nadella - Running the Dynamics Team

    An overall hidden (but common sense) view of a software company such as Microsoft to run SAP is to get full working knowledge of the product.
    Tear it apart, learn from it and evolve your products and at a very slow pace pick and prod at the high end market. This is more of a 25 year attack plan were MS will learn like they always have. MS still has many phases to evolve before they will have a stable/workable all in one running product that can be purchased in modules and help businesses the way a company like SAP can.
    Take over mid market and small business market and slowly push into the higher level markets.
    Also MS is going to have to code many modules/wizards/scripts/etc,etc.. that will have to be able to convert SAP data into workable data that can be used by future Microsoft products. Transitioning data is like a boxing match were you will truly have to prove yourself; you'll win or loose and it might get bloody.
    MS products need/\have to evolve and with this evolution you will find points of innovation that resolve problems other products have, and with this you can take advantage of these situations and increase market value/dominance of your product.