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  • Opinions - enhanced shell execution on double-click

    It definitely feels like for a lot of file types having just one application always associated with them isn't enough, though the danger is that I'm not sure whether there are one or two simple criteria that would cover the situations where you'd want to differentiate, or if you might risk falling into feature quicksand where you keep having to add more and more and more stuff to the rules engine. Still, deciding based on folder seems like a good start. (the other danger is I guess it might make the system feel unpredictable or random if you start to forget what folders you set how or if apps/the system start deciding to set things automatically).

  • [TOPIC SUGGESTION] Wolfram Schulte, TSE, CloudBuild, and more

    ah, I was thinking this meant TSE = Taming Side Effects from (abandoned? :( ) M# work. would love to see a public talk on that too ...

  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    lol, for my part I've always enjoyed @fanbaby's posts here. I actually work on Windows in my current contract so that counts for something, right? :)

    I think competing with the sort of "free from OS state degradation over time" value proposition Chromebook (and iOS/Android/WindowsPhone) promote was what Windows RT was attempting to do, at least in the abstract. http://blog.learningbyshipping.com/2014/08/12/mobile-os-paradigm/


  • love this bit on the angular web site

    You are right, it's not a sinking ship. It already sunk. Who is using .NET and what the hell are they using it for? I'm sure there are insurance companies and other random boring Innotek organizations in non-tech focused companies still out there using .NET for equivalently boring software development. If you enjoy that that's cool. I don't. No one is advancing computer science, nobody is working at the brink using Microsoft technology. Including Microsoft. I'd love proof otherwise, because honestly I think C# and .NET is quite well designed. But I can't find any counterexamples.

    Not sure if it "advances computer science" but Power Map is an IMO pretty cool app we shipped v1 of early this year which had its UI implemented  (partly by me :) ) in WPF :). Even the 3D visualization engine was mostly C#. 

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    @ScanIAm: Bribing developers doesn't really work for very long because it means they don't have any skin in the game.

  • WPF Roadmap published

    edit: never mind, apparently while wpf is part of the .net 4.5.x "look but don't touch" reference sources, it's not confirmed the open source licensed 4.6 reference sources will actually include all the same libraries.

  • Telerik being sold to progress software

    yeah that didn't make any sense to me either. if anything the proliferation of platforms and having to develop cross-platform will probably make this sort of middleware more, not less, in demand.

  • Windows 10 won't be the last major version

    Correct. Windows 8.1 was developed by the full Windows engineering team like a full Windows release, just one with a shorter timeframe (1 year instead of 3). It wasn't developed like a service pack (which are indeed made by a separate maintenance team, WinSE/WinCXE).

  • Windows 10 won't be the last major version

    Seems like they could just make the marketing splash around specific features (or groups of related features added at the same time with an overall "story") rather than monolithic releases.

    Anyway even if they just continue to release annually-ish (like OSX, iOS, WP, etc. - or like 8->8.1->8.1S14->10) that's still a departure from their 3-year pattern, and they could still call them 10.1, 10.2, ... (like OSX).

  • Windows TH?

    @JoshRoss: "Windowth", obviouthly.