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  • More details on ​jupiter/win​RT

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did port DirectUI to Win7, as they usually try to port new developer features one version back if they can. e.g. WPF/WCF were ported to XP, D2D/DWrite/Ribbon were ported to Vista. 

  • Windows 8 Metro Look. Why? Why? Why?

    I don't think the immersive UI is going to replace the desktop UI (not in Win8 and not in 9, 10, ...), they'll continue to be side by side and appropriate for different uses. But I guess I could imagine a world where instead of having a bunch of windows on a desktop, you have a bunch of devices on a desk. That would make hardware companies happier at least.

  • How do I import contacts into a Windows Phone?

    Haven't done this myself, but here's a help page about it.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    personally, I don't really care which is theoretically better ceteris paribus. The best text processing utilities come from Unix, since it's a system designed around text processing, and so it's annoying that if you want to use them on Windows (through cygwin or whatever) you have to worry about line-ending issues.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    Do you have to be a person with a brain or can you just be a brain? e.g. a cat brain in a vat of nutrients, with a direct nerve-based connection to the internet?

    Say, once we're all brains in vats, do you suppose there'll be an opportunity for developers to write apps for the VatOS App Store (immersive apps, of course) with access to our motor-sensory I/O? What should the primary application framework be?

  • Win Rumors: Silverlight isn't dead, its the heart of WP7, W8, and Xbox

    @LCARSNxG: while I don't think Silverlight (or at least XAML and .net) are dead, this article is void of substance.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    @W3bbo: I think Win8 will get rid of the registry. Why do I say that, when the leaked builds show no sign of doing away with our old friend regedit? When normal or semi-technical people complain about the registry, I think 95% of what they're really complaining about is programs that put unwanted hooks into the system, don't uninstall cleanly, etc. Because the broken configuration settings they install and leave behind happen to be located in the registry, users who then have to go digging into regedit to fix the problems associate them with the registry, but those programs could just as easily screwe with XML config files or whatever and cause the same problems. The real underlying issue is Windows' lack of good app packaging, deployment, and isolation/capability models. So if Win8's new .appx packaging and deployment model, app store and app isolation sandbox are success they will "get rid of the registry".

  • Jupiter

    @felix9: "the only exception may be the phone. but Apollo is the son of Jupiter IIRC. Tongue Out"

    Good catch! 

  • "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September."

    I guess I wasn't a developer at the time so I'm not sure what all the differences between Win3.1 and Win95 were from that perspective. From an end-user POV the main difference was the new shell. "The biggest change since ..." isn't exactly something objective that can be rigorously defined, so there will always be different ideas of what does or doesn't justify it, but it's at least a plausible claim based only on what we know.

    The name change is because they want to attract a wider audience, and the secrecy again is because they're trying to figure out how to woo a new audience that is very suspicious of them, and they're trying to be very careful about how they do it.

  • "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September."

    "They are also touting this as the biggest thing since Windows 95.  That's a hard sell.  Therehas to be a reason, and it's not HTML5/JS."

    er, new touch shell, new touch UI, new app distribution/deployment and sandboxing model, new cloud integration stuff, support for a new processor architecture, new C++ APIs, new COM replacement/revamp? And new HTML/JS integration as well. Seems to already meet that standard, just from what we already know.