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  • Learning C# for career development

    I don't have a degree and it doesn't seem to hurt me in job searches at this point, now that I have ~4 years of professional experience. However, I've spent a lot of time learning about and reading books on CS topics, including quite "academic" stuff like programming language semantics and type theory, so maybe I'm not typical of self-taught programmers. Not having a degree made it much more difficult starting out, but I got in "through the back door" by getting a non-programming job at a company which gradually gave me more programming responsibilities as they realized I could do it.

    I wonder if there's some way to combine your biology study with software development? I've found that in jobs that are about applying technology to some other domain of business or endeavor - which is just about all of them - (mis)communication between the business/domain experts and the technical experts is usually the biggest bottleneck, and it helps a LOT to have people who understand both. Plus, it seems like it would just be more interesting than generic business programming jobs, and probably more of a growth area in the next couple decades.

  • Windows 8 to contain iso mounting?

    this is all stuff that was already found in earlier builds.

  • C++ AMP

    @Charles: That still doesn't quite answer my question - yes the keyword "restrict" itself is a language feature, but can targets ("cpu", "direct3d", the hypothetical "pure", etc.) be implemented as libraries, so programmers could implement their own targets? At this point I'm guessing the answer is "no", but I haven't seen any actual confirmation of that ...

  • C++ AMP

    I'm still wondering whether 'restrict' targets need to be built into the compiler, or if there's some way to write a new target as a library.

    btw, something like extensible 'restrict' for LINQ providers seems like a great use for Roslyn in C# ...

  • More details on ​jupiter/win​RT

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did port DirectUI to Win7, as they usually try to port new developer features one version back if they can. e.g. WPF/WCF were ported to XP, D2D/DWrite/Ribbon were ported to Vista. 

  • Windows 8 Metro Look. Why? Why? Why?

    I don't think the immersive UI is going to replace the desktop UI (not in Win8 and not in 9, 10, ...), they'll continue to be side by side and appropriate for different uses. But I guess I could imagine a world where instead of having a bunch of windows on a desktop, you have a bunch of devices on a desk. That would make hardware companies happier at least.

  • How do I import contacts into a Windows Phone?

    Haven't done this myself, but here's a help page about it.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    personally, I don't really care which is theoretically better ceteris paribus. The best text processing utilities come from Unix, since it's a system designed around text processing, and so it's annoying that if you want to use them on Windows (through cygwin or whatever) you have to worry about line-ending issues.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    Do you have to be a person with a brain or can you just be a brain? e.g. a cat brain in a vat of nutrients, with a direct nerve-based connection to the internet?

    Say, once we're all brains in vats, do you suppose there'll be an opportunity for developers to write apps for the VatOS App Store (immersive apps, of course) with access to our motor-sensory I/O? What should the primary application framework be?

  • Win Rumors: Silverlight isn't dead, its the heart of WP7, W8, and Xbox

    @LCARSNxG: while I don't think Silverlight (or at least XAML and .net) are dead, this article is void of substance.