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  • "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September."

    Yeah, I really doubt there will be any magical IL to JS compiler. The problem with that is it's hard to make it efficient because it's an abstraction inversion, i.e. translating from something lower-level to something higher-level, and that just doesn't work very well. The native, managed and platform integration story will be "call DLLs through the Windows Runtime", where WinRT is basically a new version of COM/ActiveX designed to allow more idiomatic JS APIs, more secure sandboxing, etc. The reason they're being so secretive about it is they're trying to work out how to explain/spin this to the non-Microsoft-oriented web developers they're trying to court without them hearing "ActiveX" (which is what it basically is), and running for the hills Smiley

    The cool thing though is that WinRT object methods seem to accept JavaScript functions/closures as parameters, and there are a bunch of XXXAsync methods that use the JS callback idiom. It'd be neat if there were some new interop magic in .net 4.5 that would let you "await" on these.

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    @PaoloM: Yeah, meeting people would be the only reason to go, since the sessions and probably any released software will be available online and it makes no sense to pay $2000 for a $500 tablet (or whatever).

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    @Charles: er, I'd imagine at PDC09 they'd be running Win7 RTM? I think you've got it mixed up with the CTP released, with no free hardware companion, at PDC08 ...

  • Jupiter

    as paolo says, silverlight/wpf have never been first class in any Windows ... 

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    ""Legacy" means they won't develop it further. WPF and Silverlight both need more work. That really speaks of a premature taking out to pasture. You could also say that Microsoft doesn't see them worth fixing. Kinda like linq to sql getting an early culling by the premature birth of EF. Yeah they really went to town on Linq's designer after EF was in incubation."

    Weirdly the new embedded database API in Windows Phone Mango is a version of LINQ to SQL, not EF or straight SQL/ADO.NET or something new. It even adds a few new features not in the desktop version. So I guess not everyone at Microsoft thinks L2S is dead ...

  • OK, Microsoft has gone crazy

    I'm hoping to go to this conference instead.  Big Smile

  • My prediction for the .NET Windows 8 dev story, based on leaks

    if you like .net, maybe you should be more interested in the JavaScript compiler work being done at Google (http://code.google.com/p/traceur-compiler/) since if you look at who's working on it a majority are ex-Microsoft C#/.NET compiler and framework developers. And they even have an async feature that uses the "await" keyword!  Big Smile

    Just think, if Microsoft shifts its focus to JS maybe the .NET people still at MS can work together with the ex-.NET people now at Google in the standards bodies, and we'll be able to program with C# everywhere, it'll just be called JavaScript instead. Big Smile

  • Windows 8 and microsoft - One i hate the other i hate even more now - this is why

    I'm not sure why you're complaining about performance penalties that we have no evidence of existing. Besides that they say the required hardware specs won't increase from 7, we already have Windows Phone 7.x with basically the same features running on weaker hardware and it performs just fine. It doesn't require a constant internet connection either.

    I did chuckle at "molest screen" though.

  • Windows 8 Metro Look. Why? Why? Why?

    The Windows team has never been particularly fussy about interface consistency, though. That didn't change with Win7 and since the people in charge are the same I don't expect it'll change with Win8 either. I do expect they'll update the desktop theme a bit more though, but probably not drastically.

  • Micrsoft: lost at sea with no compass?

    @W3bbo: I'd imagine the benefit of US-only features is that they can launch the feature earlier without having to clear all the linguistic, legal, operational and whatever else hurdles in every country. Though maybe they should try to spread the wealth/pain around a bit by having some features/products be Europe-first or Asia-first instead - maybe open more R&D offices in those regions so they're better positioned to design more products suited to European or Asian tastes.  Smiley