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  • Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !

    vesuvius said:

    I am definitely a type 2 developer, though my current job is more based around WPF and components. We are using WPF for example, but the UI is the basic Aero one, and I don't think that will be changed.

    The problem with Linq to SQL and Entity Framework, is that they are just higher abstractions that generate T-SQL anyway. The reason most people struggle with T-SQL is because it is a pure functional language. The forthcoming EF will have a feature that allows you to define a class, and then an option that says "generate database" that creates all the SQL for you. I just don't get why one would want to waste time learning Linq to SQL when you can open up SQL Sever Management Studio and compose you queries and SPROCS there

    Simply because the LINQ query EDSL gives you a cleaner, more flexible, more composable programming model.

    (or: "what exoteric linked")


    intelman said:
    Koogle said:

    I should say why I do want to use bing.

    I love the Bing image of the day. I love Bing News. Bing Maps one click directions. Bing cashback...

    The search itself and unit conversions leave a lot to be desired though. I also notice google knows way too much about my browsing habbits. Suddenly ads really are targeted at what I search. Kinda weird.

    Google's dominance is scary, but if they keep providing great results and nice innovative easy to use features, I think many will chose to pay a blind eye to their scaryness.

    I do not see why Microsoft needs to do all these focus group studies. They could simply ask me or many niners is this good, what do we need to do, and we'd straight up tell them. There are so many things that just do not make sense to me.

    I also don't understand why Microsoft still hasn't hired me as CEO yet.  What's taking them so long?

    I think "decision engine" is a good concept for something to strive for, but it still has a long way to go.

  • What UAC Controversy?

    Should we all run as root when using Ubuntu or Mac OS X too, then?

  • Project Natal + Windows

    PaoloM said:
    StalkeZERO said:

    Support for what? A product that "technically" does not exist?

    Windows 7 is pretty much done. If you are to ask for supporting some new technology, you should look at the next version.

    Doesn't MS often add support for new hardware in service packs?

  • Mono getting attacked

    I'm not sure it's MS fanboys who hate Mono so much as .net developers/managers who don't take it seriously.  I like Mono, and don't think it's necessarily fatal that it doesn't always support all the latest .net libraries (plenty of Windows .net developers are still targeting older versions anyway); it also has unique capabilities of its own (I've also used some Mono assemblies in Windows projects)  They should really consider making a serious effort to implement WPF now though, now that it's finally starting to gain traction.

    "Yeah, it's kind of funny. I think Linux uses more .NET on the desktop then Windows does."

    also ironically, before it was ported to Windows (but I can't get it to install on 7 for some reason ...) Tomboy was like the only Unix-exclusive app I really missed when running Windows