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  • Microsoft Buys Adobe--Why Not?

    this would make about as much sense as splitting Microsoft into consumer and enterprise companies, i.e. none. although they apparently really did try to buy Yahoo which made no sense either, so who knows.

  • Danny Simmons, yet another great guy goes Midori ??

    , Bass wrote

    Microsoft should have backed NHibernate instead of writing yet another ORM. I can understand the business reason for EF: they are afraid of giving .NET developers skills that would be directly transferable to competitor's technologies. (Hibernate is a Java standard, literally..)

    This sort of ignores the history of the EF, though. The EF is basically a leftover from the WinFS project and originally they weren't even really thinking of it as primarily an ORM, but rather a way to have a common data model shared between WinFS and some other projects.

  • How do the new Silverlight immediate mode / 3D graphics APIs relate to XNA?

    @ZippyV: Good point. XNA is only on Microsoft platforms, after all. However, maybe the SL APIs will be a subset of XNA?

  • How do the new Silverlight immediate mode / 3D graphics APIs relate to XNA?

    Has there been any word on this? Especially from a Windows Phone POV it seems weird to have two separate APIs for this, instead of integrating them.

  • Silverlight Firestarter, twisted firestarter!

    What I'm confused about is how do the new immediate mode and 3D APIs relate to XNA? Are they really going to have two entirely separate immediate mode graphics APIs, instead of integrating SL with XNA?

  • Silverlight Firestarter, twisted firestarter!

    they will probably be in WPF5, just like VisualStateManager started in Silverlight and were ported to WPF

  • Disappointed about WP7 APIs

    , jaimer wrote

    After making IE9 available in the desktop, the browser will make it onto the phone .. but I can't disclose the timeline on how soon after we release because we don't yet know it, rest assured we do want to have HTML5 in the phone and will do our best to get it in as soon as we can;   we will have to see how schedules align next year.

    I think you not only need to invest in the browser, but you probably need to rethink how IE development is managed between desktop and mobile. It doesn't make sense anymore for the IE team to be part of the desktop Windows division, develop for Windows, and only later port to mobile (how I understand it to work currently, correct me if I'm wrong). Mobile should be a priority from the beginning. If anything mobile IE is a lot more important than desktop IE as there are plenty of other browsers on desktop Windows, while Windows Phone, being a minority platform, benefits more from access to a rich standards-based application base to protect against everyone getting locked in to iPhone or Android-exclusive apps.


  • Rx -> How are you using it? What do you think?

    I had my own jury-rigged ghetto version of Rx (made before the official release, based on the initial videos etc. that were the only thing available at the time) that I used at my previous job where we had a distributed document-processing system with streams of document metadata coming in from extractors on multiple machines. The approach worked well but my implementation was pretty hackish, I haven't gotten a chance to use the official .NET version yet because there hasn't been much event-stream-y stuff at my current job. I did use RxJS a bit for some Ajax call chaining, and honestly it was probably a mistake as it was overkill for what I was doing (to be fair my struggles with it were probably mostly due to my inexperience with Javascript in general).

  • Making old DOS games sound good

    I heard that Nobuo Uematsu (the usual composer for the Final Fantasy games) still wrote everything on an SC-88 until very recently.

  • Nobody's talking about the US WP7 Release?

    FWIW, I bought an iPod touch a few weeks ago and I have yet to use the cut and paste or multitasking features (most apps don't seem to work with them properly anyway). On the other hand, there's a cool softsynth app (Nano Studio) which I don't think would have been possible on WP7 because of the lack of a public native API.