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  • The future of C#

    Awesome stuff. Keep up the great work. 

  • Using Kanban: (02) Start Where You Are

    Interesting stuff. Going through the presentation set now.

  • Episode 127: Windows Azure Scheduler

    Great stuff. I've been looking out for this type of service for quite a while. Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to the evolution of the portal interface / capabilities of this service.

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    I was going to add my comments to this list, but I believe that other have sufficiently addressed the concerns and questions raised here. 

    I find it interesting that persons are lashing out at Anders and how MS are are spending their time and pointing out that there are efforts like Dart and CoffeeScript that are suitable ... well, if you read Mary Joe's article, you'd realize that this isn't really Anders' project ( and also, these guys are language designers, day in day out the think about creating better languages. 

    The way I see it is this ... Even Languages/tools like Dart, CoffeeScript and Script# were created because their creators saw deficiencies in the JavaScript language ans sought out to help make developers more productive and their application less error prone. 

    Statically typing and type inferencing  allow for design time verification have clear advantages ... all developers know this. It seems that TypeScript set out to help bring these advantages to developers *today8 while still doing a number of other things correctly ...

    1. Compiling to existing JavaScript - No new runtime needed, plays well with everything that exists today.

    2. They stuck to proposed EcmaScript recommendations so they're sticking to recommendations of a *standard*. You get the best of both worlds .. existing runtime support with future/better language capability* while also ensuring that the typescript code you write today may in fact become the javaScript of tomorrow.

    3. They've Open Sourced the thing .. use it, change it, contribute ... whatever you like. 

    4. They've added awesome tooling support to existing tools like VS that compiles on the fly in the background for users

    The Dart language is not ratified as a standard , but it does compile to JavaScript. It's also pretty cool that on the server, there is a DART specific VM. Dart also seems to vary lexically from javaScript though, which may not be that enticing to existing javaScript devs.

    I'm really happy with what I see so far from TypeScrip. I'm going to continue to use it, get to team to use it and benefit as much as we can the additional productivity that we get from the tools.

  • Visual Studio 2012 RTM!!