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  • Welcome Dan Fernandez to the Channel 9 Team!

    Hopefully you last longer than Rory.  Good luck with your new job.
  • Bill Hilf: Open Source at Microsoft

    The point is that OWA and and even Windows Live Mail do not work properly on Linux or in Firefox.  So the solution is if you want to use Exchange use Microsofts products, if you want to use Linux or Firefox dont bother with Microsoft.  Linux, Firefox and even the mac in some ways are second class citizens.  Microsoft and Bill Hilf can make all the claims about how they are the good guys and they are really trying to interoperate.  Just show me.  Quit treating alternative platforms like second class citizens, support Firefox and Linux with WLM and OWA.  Gmail, Yahoo and even AOL webmail give you a consistent user experience across alternative platforms and browsers so we know its not rocket science and that it can be done, probably very easily.