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corona_coder corona_coder Only Proprietary software vendors deal in absolutes.
  • Someone should interview people like the Open Labs crew

    No one cares about Microsofts open source labs.  No one wants to see a video about it and not to mention Microsoft doesnt have anyone worth mentioning working with them anyhow.  So until Linus himself goes to work in the Open Source labs no one cares.

  • Microsoft goes nuclear against Linux

    Microsoft will learn that fighting Linux is so futile.  We have means with which to protect ourselves from patent scroungers like Microsoft.  This isnt about GPS patents, its about GNU/Linux.  If TomTom was using Windows CE they wouldnt have been sued, thats point blank.

    Not everything is rosey for Microsoft though, their GNU/Linux wooden horse PC/OS has dropped in the distrowatch rankings. Microsofts stock price just keeps faling and falling.  What do Starbucks and Microsoft in common?  They wont be around this time next year.  The Linux community will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and will make Microsoft obsolete.

  • PC/OS On Facebook

    Well I just looked at the Facebook group, only 6 members so Im guessing no one cares.  rj hasnt made any sales figures known, but Im guessing they are non-existant.  I guess as always Im right and you guys agree with me that PC/OS sucks.  Hopefully this is the wake up call rj needs and PC/OS will hopefully just go away.  Thank you Channel 9, you helped me in more ways than you know.   PC/OS was just another failed Microsoft experiment, the M$ wooden horse into the Linux camp.  So now he knows failure.

  • PC/OS On Facebook

    blowdart said:
    corona_coder said:
    I don't allow him to do anything here, rather the C9 owners and administrators allow him. You think if I had permissions I'd allow you to inflict your endless drivel here?

    As for not being smart; well I've never submerged my car, so that must say something.

    " I don't allow him to do anything here, rather the C9 owners and administrators allow him. You think if I had permissions I'd allow you to inflict your endless drivel here?"

    You encouraged it as did everyone else.  Yay for PC/OS, YAY for rj and then for no other reason then to spite me.  When if you had told him not to post competitor propaganda here he probably wouldnt do it.  You are either for one or the other, Linux or Windows I have never seen any fans of the two ever coexist and like I said I saw this coming.  If I had come in here preaching Windows I would be the forum hero.  Sorry blowdart everything everyone posts here is endless drivel but then again what can we expect from a bunch of softie wannabes who think their way to employment is through a fan forum.  I wonder who here would pass the whiteboard test?

    " As for not being smart; well I've never submerged my car, so that must say something. "

    Then my guess is you consumed large quantities of lead based paint when you were a child.

    if your child was playing with knives and cigarette lighters would you encourage that behavior?

    Time to lock this thread and let it and PC/OS disappear. Unless of course to spite me you plan to encourage rj some more.  Of all the cheers from the 9 crowd I wonder just how many of you have ever used PC/OS or even plan to buy it?

  • PC/OS On Facebook

    blowdart said:
    corona_coder said:
    We allow you. What's your point again?
    Blowdart, try to come back with all the clever meaning;ess babble of retort that you want.  You allowed rj to blog spam, you allowed him to post "news" YOU are responsible for his useless babble and now that you are attacking rj just shows how much of a bunch of hypocrites you are.  Besides the fact you arent that smart, you use Windows a sucky legacy OS to begin with, just shows how little class you have.  I have no love lost for rj or PC/OS but you want to know why he posts his crap here?  You guys encouraged it.  I guess its OK because he is on your side but now that he has seen a little bit of success, he has achieved in creating himself a niche, you people dont like it and now you are attacking him like a pack of rabid dogs.  I wouldnt be surprised if rj is banned and not too long from now.  Linux and Microsoft people cannot co-exist, erisan is a closet Linux user who never mentions it, BAS is a closet Linux user who doesnt mention it much and so is Jamie.

    so go ahead and keep attacking him, you brought it all upon yourselves and this chaos and mayhem just makes me jump up and down with glee for I forsaw this day coming and once again, corona_coder was RIGHT...

    I put in my preorder.

    Harlequin, in a way I was right.  People who supported Obama are now against him, his popularity and approval ratings drop by double digits everyday.  Obama was a bad choice, people are now seeing it.  If McCain was in office this economy would be THRIVING....

  • PC/OS On Facebook

    blowdart said:
    You know this is getting really spammish and COI loaded.
    You morons allowed it.  Plain and simple.  Everytime he has "news" on PC/OS he always posts it here and now you want to complain.  This just shows how unaccepting Microsoft is of Linux and the alternatives.  Hey Roberto, turn around knife goes in back.  Any good psychologist will tell you if you want to end bad behavior you stop it from the beginning.  if the rest of you werent fighting me all the time and encouraged him just to spite me PC/OS wouldnt exist right now, he would be here complaining about Windows 7 or the fact that Microsoft discontinued Wndows 2000.  We all know PC/OS is crap.  You are responsible for PC/OS so dont bother complaining about it now.

    vesuvius, he went from zero to #33 on Distrowatch in less than a year.  I will give him his props that is success the only other distro to do that in history was Ubuntu itself everyone else it took them over a year almost two to achive that.  He has built a brand around PC/OS and for some reason undeterminable by me people like it.  When the moonlight inaugaration plugin was developed the Linux community was testing it and on a forum somewhere I was reading what distros it worked with and I was surprised that more than one person listed PC/OS as one of the distros that it worked with.

    Now that I know rj is hated around here just as much as me I may buy PC/OS.

  • Bill Gates infects crowd with malaria

    Bill bought a jar full of misquitos to an event and let them roam around.  Lawsuits will start pouring in soon.

    Here are bills exact words " Malaria is spread by mosquitoes," Gates said while opening a jar on stage at a gathering known to attract technology kings, politicians, and Hollywood stars. "I brought some. Here I'll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected.""

  • Forget WinCE, Microsoft cellphone to run NetBSD

    Ray7 said:
    figuerres said:
    Didn't MS hire a bunch of Unix bods to help convert Hotmail over to Windows many years ago?

    Microsoft should have used Linux. Linux is the future, anything else is a waste of hard drive space.

  • The week in review for Sunday 2/01/09

    The steelers win.

    So Microsoft loses, GNU/Linux wins.

  • The week in review for Sunday 2/01/09

    This is my new Forum topic.  Every week instead of posting multiple days on multiple topics I will post only once every Sunday.  I will do what I call "The week in review".

    Steelers vs the cardinals.  I predict the steelers will win.  The Steelers are the Linux community, the Cardinals are Microsoft.  The Cardinals dont stand a chance.

    Microsoft to lay off 5000.  Red Hat has no layoffs, Apple has no layoffs.  Microsoft is having to cut its work force.  How soon before our beloved Channel 9 goes "off air" and all the staff wind up working at Red Hat, Apple or Google.  Only time will tell.  PaolaM will wind up at Novell working Under Miguel on Beagle

    The channel9 endorsed distro, PC/OS goes back to its "Be roots" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  The failure fails again.  rj doesnt stand a chance and PC/OS stands as much of a chance as Windows 7 being successful.

    Windows 7 UAC hacked.  I guess somethings never change.

    WORLD ALERT!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Jamie from Channel9 fame and a huge supporter of Microsoft is fed up with Windows 7 and Im sure he is contemplating a change.  Jamie, my suggestions, Mac OS X or gNewSense.

    KDE 4.2 released.  The worst desktop in the Open Source community gets a major update.  It still sucks, just not as much as it did.

    Next week Im sure we will have more news and more breaking news.  So until the day the FSF buys Microsoft and Open Sources Windows, I will be here.