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corona_coder corona_coder Only Proprietary software vendors deal in absolutes.
  • Zune crashing out of the market

    magicalclick said:
    If they make Zune Phone Touch, I would be interested. I personally think MP3 players should be replaced by cell phone. I don't like to carry many devices around. I like Zune FM radio and buy button, but I hope they can do HD radio and other stuff too. About SDK, I think it is pretty clear, one is for MP3 player, and one is for Pocket PC market, which platform is more attractive?

    Either way, it is hard to pick up Zune Phone's momentune, but I wish MS don't give it up too soon. I think Zune has a great potential, but, I still don't like the naming though.
    Microsoft is done, the Zune is done.  Over the past 10 years everything Microsoft has done is a massive failure.  Windows 7 is dead before it even hit the streets.  GNU/Linux is THE only choice in the world now.  Microsofts stock, plummet, Microsofts work force, Fired.

    Good night Microsoft.  The future is bright and you arent in it.

  • Linus Torvalds talks about Windows, Linux, KDE

    Gnome is the best desktop EVER. KDE just sucks and XFCE is stupid and nonfunctional. 

  • Thank you Mark Shuttleworth and a slight PC/OS update

    rjdohnert said:
    ManipUni said:

    PC/OS is still very much alive.  The home page redirects to the developer log because Im currently redesigning it.


    @ZippyV, I thought the same thing. 

    One thing I guess I will never get is the PC/OS fanboyism.  You have numerous fans out there who actually like your distro.  Its weird.  But no matter, PC/OS and Windows 7 will meet the same fate.  Oh and BTW, its UPS.  How you beat out gNewSense in distrowatch I will never know.

  • Windows 7 gripes

    littleguru said:
    corona_coder said:
    And Linux, OSX have kernel panics... so what?

    Mac OSX is also more and more in the needs of AV software - just wait for it. Apple already has already AV sofware listed on their website. Once Linux becomes (if ever) a main stream OS it is also in the need for a AVs. Btw. at the security class at univ we only "hacked" and "infected" UNIX based OSes. Since then all the stuff that you, corona, are saying, about security in UNIX seems so ridiculous to me. It's as infectable as everything else... as long as you run a software that has bugs a backdoor might probably exist.

    With UAC activated in Windows Vista/7 you can do exactly as much as if you crack a UNIX system open under a normal user account...
    All the AV software that exists for Linux and Mac OS X is to protect WINDOWS users from ge3tting mail sent through mail servers that run OS X and GNU/Linux.  Linux and Mac OS X are literally IMMUNE to viruses and Malware.

  • Windows 7 gripes

    fknight said:
    corona_coder said:
    Proprietary non-open standards are okay when they're from Apple, then?

    Incidentally, I haven't seen a fracking blue screen since Windows 2000.   Why don't you just give up?  It's obvious you haven't even seen a Windows box since around 1998, which you probably assembled from parts you found in a dumpster.

    I won't bother to ask you to prove that Microsoft is OMFG SPYING ON ME when I use Windows because you'll just ignore the question and hope people forget you made the claim.  

    Please, can't you come up with something NEW other than "Microsoft is spying"  and "OMG bluescreens!"  You look fracking stupid.

    It is because of people like you that whenever I'm asked (very, very rarely) about Linux, I tell them to steer clear of it because the only help they will get is from a bunch of assholes who haven't gotten past age 15.

    When you use a Windows box and you activate, thats giving Microsoft a door to your computer.  When you do automatic upadtes Microsoft can harvest anything out of your system that they want.  Why do you think updating takes so long on Windows?  Microsofts data digging.  When you upgrade your gNewSense PC its almost instant.  There is no long periods to see "whats on your computer"  Does Apple have activation schemes?  Even when people are hacking their OS everyday.  Does Linux?  No.  Thats because Microsoft is cahooting with the government.  Barack Obama knows what you are doing everyday of your lives because of your usage of Windows Vista and soon the high dollar replacement Windows 7.

  • Windows 7 gripes

    brian.shapiro said:
    littleguru said:
    Yea, 10 year olds arent intimidated by learning, that's why they learn it with ease.

    I learn technology with ease also. But the issue for me isn't how easy I'm learning it, its the experience using it. It's like you can understand a book with very poor writing but still think it should be written better Smiley Or being able to navigate a very bad website design, but think it should be designed better
    And the Windows 7 and Windows Mobile experience suck.  Why do you think Microsoft has such a hard time.  Its not only because their coders couldnt code themselves out of wet paper bags its because the experience on Windows sucks.  windows, you have viruses, blue screens, red screens etc.  You have every malicious pice of software working against you and you must have 10 year olds designing the interface. 

    Its no longer a Windows world.  Long live the Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and webOS.

  • Windows 7 gripes

    jamie said:
    corona_coder said:
    the gimp ...  better than photoshop.    lol

    its none of those reasons.  Im tired of trying to unscrew the training wheels constantly being screwed to my 10 speed.
    Yes it is better than Photoshop.  So let me get this straight.  You like being spied on, you like spending a fortune on a PC operating system and you hate open standards.  Geez Jamie why dont you go work for MS?  That makes as much sense as rj shipping Opera over firefox in his little distro. 

  • Windows 7 gripes

    jamie said:
    Dodo said:
    well have a new one as default - but support the 15 year old too as an option

    Quickbooks 09 wouldnt load on torys laptop vista - so last night i put the factory xp media center disc back in and loaded it back how it was.

    Im sorry to say that i love that OS - better than vista , better than 7. Its on the network (which it hasnt been for 2 years) i used UP about 50 times while loading all the apps - all of which had no problems.

    the control panel is better.  the explorer is better. got the cool black media player tuner - Icons in the startmenu are easier to "know" without reading.  All programs flyout i prefer.

    i basically think ive come to realization that - i really dont like anything at all about V / 7

    I might load it back on every machine in the house and get my network, scanner, games, photostory, movie maker back

    ps - good luck with the office closures and layoffs Steve!
    Try gNewSense.  Why spen $1,000.00 on something you dont like.  OpenOffice beats Office, The Gimp now beats Photoshop and there is tons of free software to be had and you can modify it should you desire too.  Dont give in to Redmond Jamie.  Its your computer, not Microsofts.  Arent you tired of being spied on?  Spending a fortune on legacy software?  Im sure you are tired of viruses and blue screens.  If Rory Blythe can change so can you.

  • EU: No IE in Windows

    brian.shapiro said:
    corona_coder said:

    Internet Explorer being hard to remove worked in Microsoft's defense, the argument against Microsoft was that if it were easy to remove, it should be removed.
    Microsoft should give up its browser.  Chrome, safari and Firefox are sufficient.

  • My Windows 7 desktop

    ZippyV said:
    corona_coder said:

    If Win7 supports my UPS just like Vista then I'll buy Windows 7.

    But I tested my UPS with gNewSense and it didn't get recognized.

    Hey its your money to waste.  So which one will you give up first?  House or car? I think your UPS does work and you are just being contrary.