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  • Omar Shahine - Windows Live Mail

    Dear friend/friends,

    Why would MSFT keep repeating the mistake of writing the crappiest code and design the crappiest products. Anyways, this time its with Hotmail. I have a fast DSL connection, and hotmail takes ages to open. If it opens, its half loaded. I am made to constantly refresh the screen. I think, you guys are concentrating too much on security and beauty  and other unnecessary features, thereby comprimising on speed.

    For sure, I am getting rid of my Hotmail account very soon for a better email service provider and there are zillions out there.

    Note: If your providing some service for free, build the product not for yourself, but keep the general public in mind.

  • Mike Murray - What the guy who wrote shrimp and weenies memo is doing now


    This was one of the most interesting video interviews i have seen on channel 9.

    I wish all success to Mike Murray and his team in his endeavour.. Good work mate..

    Anil Narayanan
  • Rajesh and Vijay: Life at Microsoft Hyderabad

    Hi Kaushal,

    Good on you mate. I also would like to bring to your notice that the channel 9 home page says there are 29 videos included under the tag "India" whereas i find, if i am right 27.

    Well that needs to be updated mate.

    Anil Narayanan
  • Rajesh and Vijay: Life at Microsoft Hyderabad

    Hi Microsoft,

    This is a message to the HR guys at Microsoft, India. I don't understand what the tech's speak most of the time. They are terrible with their english.

    A software developer should not just be adept at coding, he should even interpret his ideas in an understable fashion.

    You guys should recruit those who are fluent and not those who can speak 'just' english.

    A message even to Kaushal, mate you need to improve your directing skills. Show empathy when you speak as:

    "Hi, How you doing? I am from Channel 9. What is your portfolio...? Would you care to share your views and so forth......"

    Don't make a mockery of microsoft, india and indians internationally..