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  • John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: Inside .NET Services

    Please try to keep the audio volume at a normalized level as best you can. The audio dropped out for me, and this is one of the most interesting topics for me.  It's really hard to watch, thanks!

    That is some exciting stuff coming, I hope they can get this out soon.  As I see it the only problem is that this is a vision of the future.  I just hope that we can use the Service Bus soon.

    The volume was fine the 2nd time I watched, something wrong with my machine at the time.
    I also just got my invite code, I can't wait to start playing with it.

    Couple quick questions?

    1. Will the application be stored (exe, etc) with every user? or will you make the application available to all users, but the personal storage, or settings will be stored in the obfuscated directory?

    2. Why choose 512KB?  Will this be configurable?

    3. Along the same lines, will there eventually be a sandboxed, domain based store?  like, could have multiple XBAPs and each it's own settings storage (the 512KB), but would also have a user defined sized storage for the domain?  I think that would be really cool, and useful, I think this would further allow the online applications to be enhanced. 

    Also, I'm glad these technologies are coming out, great work, as now if we can get the main CLR or most of it cross-compat, then this could allow offline application use (possibly with the domain storage) unlike Live Mail or GMail, or maps, etc.

    Great video, sounds like you guys are working hard on this, and can't wait to play with it myself.