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  • Shanen Boettcher shows off Vista Beta 2

    Sepcot wrote:
    It sounded like Shanen said that the New York Times WinFX application has been featured in another video... Any idea which video or when we get to see the application without the glare?

    The application was briefly shown off in the Bill Gates keynote from WinHEC 06.  It was shown by Mika?, moments before Shanen was also on stage.
  • InfoCard Explained

    BryanF wrote:

    (1) I understand the multiple users on a single computer scenario, but what about a single user across multiple computers? For instance, how would I check my mail at an internet cafe? How would I get my cards on that machine and make sure they're removed when I'm finished?

    Yes, I am wondering about this as well... I'm assuming that there is a way to get limited-time (per session, etc.) cards?  And for the moving across multiple comptuer scenario... do you always start out with a self-issued card that contains a password in the InfoCard system (this self-issued card being the gateway to some cryptographically strong card from some base identity provider)?
  • Steve Lombardi - New photography on Virtual Earth

    Ah, I remember when this was shown in some other C9 video before and thinking how awesome it was.  This is in fact very cool stuff.  Have there been attempts to make it a more seamless view like the aerial and road views instead of click to go to north portion, etc.?

  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    Yep, the big news here is that Microsoft Office is now going to use XML for its default file formats.  While OpenOffice might be doing it, its different when the dominant commercial suite's format starts doing it.
  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    Must add my excitement:

    Hurrah!! Really, this is awesome news.  Hopefully, people will take full advantage of this!  At any rate, this is very very cool!

    Big Smile Big Smile