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I am a college student going to North Seattle Community College. I plan on transfering to University of Washington for my B.S. in Computer Science. I am currently at Microsoft - Sammamish as an ISVTSC, I hope to progress into the Windows Engineering team.


  • Eugene Lin and Jason Cobb - Windows Plug and Play

    Nice, really filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge about how Windows handles its drivers. I agree with minh, I think including a driver on the devices own flashROM would provide a true PnP experience. I can get a 256 MiB thumb drive from best buy for like $30 bucks, Im no expert but drivers and 3rd party apps to interface with those drivers shouldnt be more than 64-128MiB so what an extra 10-15 bucks on top of the price? and thats at consumer pricing, Im sure a large IHV would be able to get this storage in bulk pricing. Smiley keep up the great work guys! Cool
  • Bill Staples - An hour discovering IIS 7

    6 words: Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Big Smile
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Nice work guys, im feelin the new layout, perfecto on the scrolling member bar on the top. over all much much much purdyerrrrr. Smiley
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    Very cool guys, thats great that you get to meet some of the MS Brass. Very inspirational video, Im moving to WA next week just so that i can be close to Microsoft and goto school Wink Hope to see you guys next summer (Crosses fingers he gets picked for next intern cycle)
  • Scott Currie - What improvements have been made in VC++?

    MMMMMMMMM Whidbey so tastey, cant wait until shes here, thank the computer gods for generics Big Smile
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    I just find it hilarious how people are saying that LH is going down the tubes, JUST BECAUSE MS removed winFS from the inital release of LH which as many people on here stated, IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT a "File System", but rather a meta data storage system that interacts with the NTFS file system (which for all purposes is pretty da*ned good). First off for all of the linux zelots in here, quit your b*tchin, as long as MS continues this path of producing better quality products then before, linux will fail miserably as an end-user system just do to the fact that MS is established so well and has the ease of use factor (not to mention the 'purrrrrdy' factor as of LH). 

    Second off, I think LH will be a turning point for MS in the platform development market. Before they've delivered "OK" products, Windows XP, a bit better but now with longhorn on the horizon you can see massive changes in the way MS is running things. Making it easier for not only the end user, but also for the developer. So imo the loss of winFS in the inital release is realy no big deal, probably 3/4 of the end user market wouldnt even notice it in the first place.

    Well thats my two cents, keep up the great work guys!
  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    hehe, I remember that reception desk, it's purrrrrrrdy, hopefuly next time I walk up to it I will be able to say "Uh yes I have an appointment with so and so at 10:30"
  • Dan Fernandez - Demo of C# Express (pull images from Google)

    Hehe looks great! keep up the great work all you guys on the C# and whidbey teams. Im up here in redmond as I write this, visiting the U of W and MS. I look forward to working with you guys some day. Big Smile

    And just out of curiosity I stopped by the MS recruiting center and they had some convention thing at the park? what was that all about...