@DBegley: I was the one who pointed out your error on this page when I was kicked out of line after waiting 20 minutes to purchase a pair of devices.  The staff on the floor here in New Orleans called someone, with me standing in front of them, showing them my phone demonstrating what you call an 'error' on this article.  You quickly edited this article TWICE today... and now you're including everyone except the exhibitors.

Why are you excluding the exhibitors of this conference?

I'm not asking for freebies, I'm not asking for a favor.  I'm asking for you to abide by the offer you posted and the media picked up and rebroadcast.  You created quite a stir with this post...




Can we clear this up by letting the other attendees participate in this offer on Thursday?  This way, attendees can be sure to get their device, and others can still have a chance to participate at this conference.  Don't create bad feelings in your customers and more importantly in some of your partners who posted above because of a communication problem between two of your departments