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    ALL : Firstly, does anyone know the name of the channel 9 guy?

    Paul + Laura: Great show, I'm always online just never comment, ill start today;

    Laura: Whats your favorite app of all time?

    Paul + Laura: With the Droid competition, does it count if your droid is a tablet? or must it be a phone?


    My view on marijuana

    Other legal substances create more problems than marijuana, especially Alcohol.

    Marijuana can have some varying affects in people, and as long as it is controlled and not abused you will find that it is more contributing to our society than detrimental.

    • It creates clothing,
    • Food,
    • Medicine,
    • and a relaxant.

    Also a standard cigarette is more harmful in the long term, there are more chemicals and tar.

    I'm not saying its a perfect substance but its not as dangerous as history wants us to believe.

    If we take the saying "Everything in moderation" I'm sure we have the capacity to see this predicament clearly.



    Just some further reading if you are interested;