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  • Ping 106: Nuads on Kinect, Mozaic, Mozilla, Facebook

    lol "keep going till we are friends without benefits"

  • TWC9: The First Look at the New Channel 9!

    I use Chrome, I cannot find any cache storage options... However I have 8gb of ram on this PC so there isn't any good reason why it shouldn't be still sitting in ram (other than each 32bit process can only have 2gb addressed... but hey, we ain't talking about that much video here... until channel9 goes 1080p HD)   Smiley


    In Australia we have fast internet (24mb/s) but very limited or costly downloads.  It is quite a pain to download 100mb in 10sec and find that I don't want to watch the entire episode. 

  • TWC9: The First Look at the New Channel 9!


    More numbers, or a editable number on the page number... (First.2.3 ... 40.. 80.. 99..Last).

    For most recent, don't use numbers but dates... (Latest, Today, Friday, Thirsday, ... 4th, ... June... First) could even have calendar selector tool...

    For alphabetical, use letter rangers (0-F, G- T, R-Z)



    If I'm too eager to play a video and the page hasn't completely loaded dose it still send you a wmv?  If it dose this it should be clear and not have a play logo on the video but a download icon.



    Thirdly dose the home page still auto refresh when watching a video, and reset your position? This is very annoying.



    Not auto loading the entire video when first playing,  I may want to see the first 2min of the video.  I don't want the full 100mb to download if I don't end up watching it.



    Client side silverlight cashing, if i load up the video on the home page, but then click on the video's page, does all the cashed video still have to re-download?