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  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    Welcome to Channel 9 Zac, we hope you stick around... though I would ask that when you critisize something... you be specific


    >Still not as easy to use,


    So you've used one and said "my iPhone is easier?"




    You base that on... what?


    >or as many apps as an iPhone.


    Given the iPhone has been on the market for... how long? Is that really a surprise?


    >Nothing can ever pull me away from mine.


    So it would be impossible for Apple to make a poor product at one point that could drive you into the arms of another, possibly better product?


    I’m sorry to see that you are so emotionally attached to a brand that you cannot conceive of going without it.


    >Good try by Microsoft, but Apple will just come out with something even better.


    Time will tell... however if the iPad is any indication... that may not always be the case.

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    hopefully, since this is windows 7 series, you'll have a "pro" version.

    Despite the badge on my hip, I have no inside information to confirm this... however I suspect that 'series' has less to do with multiple skus as had been rumored prior to today... but more to do with the series of physical phones than the software.


    Only time will tell though as there is still a lot we don’t know.


    None the less... I want.

  • Bug Killer – A Channel 9 Halloween special

    While I can totally see Dan going crazy like this... I just don't see him wearing a tie to work without being forced to... which come to think of it could also bring on this kind of outcome.

  • Hands on with Windows Live Movie Maker

    I've not watched the video... but did DL the final version... very impressive, especially comapred to the earlier betas.


    Only time will tell if I quit using Expression Encoder instead of Movie Maker for basic editing jobs.

  • Fly Me To the Moon

    Sweet stuff... only Michael Collins never landed on the moon... as pilot of the command module he got to orbit the moon while Armstrong & Aldrin  were on the surface.

  • Windows Home Server: PDC 08, New Features, Meet some of the Team

    And here I only thought I was funny looking in the mirror... though I must remember next time to use both arms a little more... it just took me a little while to warm up with the camera there.

    Engage me in the right kind of discussion/debate in person or on video and you'll see a bit of a different side... still very friendly and what not... but also quite serious and able to tear down the other side.

  • Chris Gray: Windows Home Server ​Extensibili​ty Model - Building Add-Ins

    ckindel wrote:
    You are sooo gullible.

    I prefer the terms 'driven', 'easily bribed', 'hears only what he wants to hear'.
  • Chris Gray: Windows Home Server ​Extensibili​ty Model - Building Add-Ins

    primortal wrote:
    Can someone remind Chris to post the vb.net files to the sandbox, please

    While you wait for him... feel free to take a look at this Visual Basic add-in template I've created as part of my Windows Home Server Developer Tips blog series.

    In order to use the template, simply copy it to one of the following directories to make it work in Visual Studio 2005 (or Express):


    %UserProfile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic\


    %UserProfile%\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic\

    Once there, simply launch Visual Studio and bring up the New Project dialog, select Visual Basic and you should see the Home Server Add-In template listed under My Templates (with my wonderful icon), type in a name you want and hit OK and you are on your way.
    Two words of warning though:
    First up, due to a Visual Studio bug (which they claim is fixed in a post beta 2 version of 2008), you will need to change the assembly name of your project before you can deploy it (to C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\ on your WHS).

    By default Visual Studio gives your assembly the same name as the project... instead you'll need to change it's name to:

    HomeServerConsoleTab.<Safe Add-in Name>

    Where <Safe Add-in Name> is the same name as the last namespace listed in your root namespace.

    The other warning is that you will need to copy HomeServerExt.dll from your Home Server to your development machine and reference it in order to make the add-in you create with this template build.

    I'll be writing more up on this on Monday along with some pictures.
  • Chris Gray: Windows Home Server ​Extensibili​ty Model - Building Add-Ins

    ckindel wrote:
    So all you can do for now is sit tight and be patient for a bit...

    That's what you think Smiley

    When left to my own devices I tend to do anything bit sit tight and instead make new to make due... hence this latest post of mine about adding better intellisense support to the WHS development experience.
  • Chris Gray: Windows Home Server ​Extensibili​ty Model - Building Add-Ins

    Excellent video, although I'm a bit confused (and excited)...

    You said that there was going to be a client side SDK... only in your example you were using WHSInfoClass from Microsoft.HomeServer.SDK.Interop.v1.dll to add and remove notifications while completely on the server... to confirm... before to long you'll be shipping a similar ability that will work on the client side?

    Also... get to the blogging Chris! I feel lonely as I seem to be the only developer blogging about development on WHS.
  • Jack Gudenkauf - .Net 3.5 for ISVs

    For the love of Ballmer... please stop recording/encoding 16x9 videos with the black bars.

    4x3 displays/players will add them if needed and 16x9 displays don't need em and end up adding their own giving a nice ring of black around the video.

  • My computer won't boot and I need my data!?! - Tugboat Enterprises Selkie Rescue can save the day!

    Hum... the download and full-screen links are the same (mms:, grrr)
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