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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Beer, watch this show on Outsourcing

    It does kinda contradict the bleak view that Beer keeps portraying... no doubt after watching it he’ll claim it was all staged, and only the end in the small village was the way that all of India is.

    The opposition we hear in it is interesting too... as the same arguments are heard almost everywhere... including in the United States.

    Svendawg: I agree, some more on the casts would have been nice, but then Lalita Law (the school principal) did have a bit to say on it:

    Q: The kids in your school, what do their parents do?
    A: They belong to the lowest casts of Indian society. They’re not supposed to be near people of the upper casts because they will contaminate the very air that they breathe.
    Q: They are untouchables?
    A: Yes, they are untouchables.

    One can only hope that with sufficient opportunities and pressure that such things can change... sadly any change probably would not as quickly as many would like.

  • Beer, watch this show on Outsourcing

    Very interesting flick so far (granted I’m not Beer).

    Some important quotes:

    • Disposable income, disposable time and 20 year olds... that sounds like an interesting combination.


    • Q: Why are Indians so good at all this tech stuff? What’s the secret?
    • A: I think it starts from their education, the education system brings in a lot of peer pressure and when you have a country with a billion people, that makes the Indian more competitive because he fights for getting the opportunities and when he fights he hones his skills in specific areas, like say the call center business.


    • I’ve often thought that the only solution for developing nations is to do what I like to call, glocalize. That means, finding a way to become part of the global economy by capitalizing on local talent and culture.


    • This is glocalization at its best. Artists adapting their traditional culture for the modern market, while creating an economic boom for their colleagues.


    • Q: I wondered if these up and coming Indians have any sympathy for the plight of American workers.
      Q: Rajeesh, what do you make of the noise coming out of the United States now about outsourcing? Do you find that odd? Understandable?
    • A: It is very understandable for a population that is waking up to what I think is the real world. Because the world has changed around you and there is no such thing as barriers to be built that is going to make sense in the long run.
    • Q: So, what is your message? Fasten your seatbelts? You aint seen nothing yet America?
    • A: My message is that whats happening now is just the tip of the iceburg, and get used to it. There is a fundamental shift in the way that people are going to do business and the way that people are going to source talents that they need. It’s going to be one global marketplace and ultimately its going to benefit everybody. Give you an example, gaming, we’ve never had computer games in India. If an when the Indian market opens, that’s three-hundred-million middle class people. It’s going to create a huge market for American software because the Americans are still way ahead in making games and every dollar that people working in India at these Indian companies earns is going to create prosperity which means that any global company can come and sell it’s products here. Just remember that we are three-hundred-million middle-class, that’s more than the size of your country or the size of Europe.


    • Which is all the more reason why it’s very important for the westernized world to understand that so much of the wealth in the west has also come through access to global markets. You cannot have double standards in globalization. Globalization has to be a two way traffic.

  • EU will fine MS 2.37 million/day re: anti-trust 2004

    Beer28 wrote:
    It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. It was a joke.
    He eventually got in, who knows how.
    Haven’t you already been warned about such jokes? You know... back when you were jokingly advocating violence and rioting in the name of cheap airfare.

  • What's wrong with this picture?

    Let’s not forget that tight looking tie. Lord knows, programmers have a hard time programming with such a thing, cutting off the blood supply to the brain and all.

    Also... is it just me... or does he look like he’s squinting... Why?

  • Why are error messages ​unselectabl​e?

    Try hitting control-print screen to copy the text to the clipboard and then paste it somewhere else.

    Granted this doesn't work everywhere, it's common enough where it can save you plenty of typing.

  • How would you start a Web 2.0 company?

    Karim wrote:

    Link?  Scanned newspaper clipping?  MP3?  Evidence?

    Come on Karim, you've been around long enough to know that he doesn't believe in such things, nor does he think they are important. It's your job to disprove his assertions, not for him to prove them. Tongue Out

    Karim wrote:
    Hell, go out and invent Web 3.0.


    Or if you don’t want to go with the Web X.Y mantra (because version #'s are so 1990's), you can always call yourself a step or two beyond an eBusiness... call yourself an fBusiness or even a gBusiness if you think you are that far ahead.

  • Hurrar

    Larsenal wrote:
    Manip wrote:

    PS - Thanks Microsoft for giving away the Pro' edition, you guys have just saved me £89 of actual money (as opposed to some fictional figure or estimate).

    I attended a launch event in California and got.... Standard!!! 

    See if there are any local .NET user groups who might be having a late launch event.

    Last week my local one had one and being pretty small (only 10 people that night), there was a pretty good chance that you’d go home with one of the 5 launch copies of VS2005 Pro.

  • One for w3bbo : validating well known tech sites.

    blowdart wrote:
    and just for beer

    • Redhat : 7 errors
    • Suse : 3 errors
    • gnu : complete failure due to encoding error
    • Debian : No errors

    Why not check his two key sites as well?

    • Beercosoftware.com : complete failure due to encoding error
    • SiteSpaces.net : 36 errors

  • lump of coal

    Would a few charcoal briquettes be too tacky?

  • Bill Gates Email Address?

    I thought it was billg@microsoft.com, for which Lake Billg (now Lake Bill) was named.