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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Why are error messages ​unselectabl​e?

    Try hitting control-print screen to copy the text to the clipboard and then paste it somewhere else.

    Granted this doesn't work everywhere, it's common enough where it can save you plenty of typing.

  • How would you start a Web 2.0 company?

    Karim wrote:

    Link?  Scanned newspaper clipping?  MP3?  Evidence?

    Come on Karim, you've been around long enough to know that he doesn't believe in such things, nor does he think they are important. It's your job to disprove his assertions, not for him to prove them. Tongue Out

    Karim wrote:
    Hell, go out and invent Web 3.0.


    Or if you don’t want to go with the Web X.Y mantra (because version #'s are so 1990's), you can always call yourself a step or two beyond an eBusiness... call yourself an fBusiness or even a gBusiness if you think you are that far ahead.

  • Hurrar

    Larsenal wrote:
    Manip wrote:

    PS - Thanks Microsoft for giving away the Pro' edition, you guys have just saved me £89 of actual money (as opposed to some fictional figure or estimate).

    I attended a launch event in California and got.... Standard!!! 

    See if there are any local .NET user groups who might be having a late launch event.

    Last week my local one had one and being pretty small (only 10 people that night), there was a pretty good chance that you’d go home with one of the 5 launch copies of VS2005 Pro.

  • One for w3bbo : validating well known tech sites.

    blowdart wrote:
    and just for beer

    • Redhat : 7 errors
    • Suse : 3 errors
    • gnu : complete failure due to encoding error
    • Debian : No errors

    Why not check his two key sites as well?

    • Beercosoftware.com : complete failure due to encoding error
    • SiteSpaces.net : 36 errors

  • lump of coal

    Would a few charcoal briquettes be too tacky?

  • Bill Gates Email Address?

    I thought it was billg@microsoft.com, for which Lake Billg (now Lake Bill) was named.

  • Google Typo-​Squatters

    Without evil there can be no good so it must good to be evil sometimes.

  • Doom 3 for $9

    Beer28 wrote:
    I purchased every single proprietary game I've played for linux. All the other ones like america's army ect... and stuff from happypenguin.org are all FOSS freeware.

    You completely missed my point... but then I think we've all come to expect nothing less of you.

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased a copy of every single commercial Linux game that has ever been... you are just one person, and there are not enough Linux gamers currently to make such costly endeavors as profitable as you think. Period.

    Also... While Americas Army is given away for free... it is certainly not FOSS. Somehow I don’t think Epic would appreciate their engine source code being given away.

  • What would you buy Bill Gates for Christmas?

    Karim wrote:
    Rachel: You like our penguin?

    Beer: It's stuffed?

    Rachel: Of course it's not.

    Beer: Must be expensive.

    Rachel: Very.  I'm Rachel.  I'm in marketing.

    You either know Blade Runner way too well... or have the Vangelis version of the soundtrack handy... in either case... I salute you!

  • Doom 3 for $9

    Let me tell you a little story Beer, one that if you call yourself a Linux fan you should be aware of, sadly though, it is probably not one you’ve heard as it mostly occurred on a little known *nix protocol known as finger.

    The time, was in the late 2000 and id Software was gearing up for the release of Team Arena, an addon to the already successful Quake 3. The question asked, was if there would be a Linux version of it. This was key to quite a few as when Quake 3 first launched, it was available in a boxed form for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Sadly... the Linux version didn’t really sell, in fact, it was a painful flop for id and Loki.

    In response, id Software made the decision not to support Linux as a primary platform as they did then because of its terrific failure. Lots of people bought the Windows version, and many still the Mac... with very very few Linux copies sold (possibly due to the Linux version coming out a month after the Windows one).

    Of course... they realized something then that you still refuse to Beer... there is simply not as much money in games for Linux as there is for Windows. You should be happy that they provide binaries at all. If you and the handful of other Linux gamers want to be counted, pay the money and play the games so that your client shows up in the logs, so that one day, they might see a slight shift... until that day, be happy with what you’ve got, as it’s far less than Linux gamers had just 5 years ago.