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dahat dahat inanity makes my head hurt
  • Thoughts on Microsoft Branding & Meme's

    Don’t get me wrong... I love what you do jamie... but you’ve got way too much time on your hands sometimes... care to share?

  • when is torture... torture?

    JohnAskew wrote:
    Democrats are naturally more transparent and accountable when in office. We knew details of Clinton's sex life,

    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" - Bill Clinton

    Yes, because lying under oath is being transparent.

    What he did is not as important as lying about it afterwards.

  • Why we homeschool our kids

    Why not try a private school? Sure it might cost more and the parents are not as heavily involved, it sure takes a lot less of the parents, and has professionals do some of that work for you, and still leaving you major input.

  • when is torture... torture?

    W3bbo wrote:

    There is no Soviet Union, what are you going to fire nuclear warheads at?

    The 'Terrorists' know that the US isn't going to use them, especially not against themselves (given their cell's roach-like behaviour) so what is the point of a thousand-warhead strong nuclear arsenal in this day and age?

    I'll conceed you may want about a hundred or so warheads for "miscelanious" purposes, but there is no justification for keeping thousands of warheads and delivery mechanisms (subs, bombers, and missiles).

    Just because the Soviets are no more doesn’t mean that they were the only country who posed a threat to us via nuclear arms... lets not forget China (PRC), North Korea, and Iran... three countries the US is not exactly on the best terms with and who have the bomb.

    Sure, we beat the big threat... now we’ve got a few smaller ones... and MAD is still as true today as it ever was... if any nation should launch an attack on the US or its interests with WMD’s... we would respond in kind.

  • when is torture... torture?

    Consider this... is the US really saying that they want to be able to use torture... or just have it as an option?

    With the war on terror still in full force and the US and it’s allies capturing potential information sources, it would be a disservice to the war effort if the terrorists knew that their captors hands were tied, preventing them from employing a whole list of potential weapons

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m against torture myself... but the treat of it can often be just as effective.

  • Windows Beat UNIX but cant beat Linux

    I propose that Beer is banned from ever using the words ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’ on this forum without substantial proof to back up his assertions.

  • And Just how tall are you?

    6'4"... or 1.93m.

  • Sydney Riots!

    Such could also be on it’s way to US soil soon... we must not forget the supposedly threatened violence in LA that may occur should that gang founding murder be put to death tonight as planned.

  • What makes a good IM client?

    I’m still stuck with Trillan (2.0) these days, and that is despite their refusal to acknowledge and/or fix a well known bug that makes it extremely unreliable for use with MSN for many (including myself). Do a Google search for “Missing IMs” and you’ll find the top hit being a long standing Trillian forum thread... from which a number of my old posts were deleted when I had the misfortune of proving their admin wrong that this bug has existed for years (I still have documentation of my reporting it into their bug tracking DB a couple of years ago).

    So... I keep on chugging along with 2.0 because 3.0 just mostly bloat and eye candy (and not a fix for the above mentioned bug)... at least until the MSN client I’m building is closer to being done (it’s in it’s third version of building it from the parts of previous versions), and when done I am aiming for many of the things you mentioned Devils, IMO, far too many of the clients out there are far too bulky and try to do everything... I just want to be able to talk with contacts on multiple services, have logging of said conversations and maybe exchange files from time to time… sadly MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, IM2 and Miranda fail miserably at this... GAIM does look decent... I just have an aversion to open source of that kind.

  • Scary Guy at Best Buy

    W3bbo wrote:
    You went to one....

    Perhaps he’s admitting that he needs to get a life?