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  • Looking at XNA - Part Two

    Very cool stuff!

    Great interview! Can't wait to get this!

    I am interested in the security aspects of sharing games. There would need to be someone type of validation before downloading the game.

    I assume that when the game is running on the 360 it has full access to all system resources. It would be scary to have an xbox 360 virus that propagates only on 360s.

    Also do you have to have VS express or can VS enterprise work also?
  • Vista User Account Control

    Cool Vid!

    Lots of good info on the UAC model.

    Some white boarding on how this works would have been cool.

    But overall good stuff.

  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    Great interview!

    I hope Jim sticks around Microsoft.

    Charles you should talk to the folks who did the NY Times app or the contoso app.

  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Wow this was really brutal and hard to watch.

    Is it possible for you guys to use the stage that MSDN "the show" users?

    I guess if you are going for the "waynes world' look you don't need to change.

    This is just really brutal and boring.

  • Rory Meets Da Team

    Rory wrote:
    damage-inc wrote: Yeah. why am I watching this?

    Becuase you have nothing better to do?

    Because you tripped and fell and your forehead hit the keyboard and it caused the video to play?

    Because the lilliputians tied you down and forced you to?

    Or... because you willingly clicked on a link and opted to watch the video out of your own free will?

    Not sure which one of these is the most likely.

    damage-inc wrote: 
    Who is Rory and why do I care?

    I'm Rory, and I don't know why you care. Perhaps you could expound on the subject a little - give us a clue...

    damage-inc wrote: 
    Killed this after 5 min.

    You missed the party.

    damage-inc wrote: 

    Great feedback. Thanks!

    I hate to see Channel9 decline into this kind of mindless interviews.

    How about a brief synopsys of who Rory is and why I want to watch the video. Instead the first 10 min was just random nonsense.

    Let the channel 10 or On10 or whatever it is called do the cute stuff.

    Please, Please, please do not let channel9 become some cute little video posting place.
  • Rory Meets Da Team

    Yeah. why am I watching this?

    Who is Rory and why do I care?

    Killed this after 5 min.



  • UGS, SQL 2005, Office 12 and Windows Server 2003: A marriage made in heaven

    Charles wrote:
    Channel 9 interviews are conversations. The focus of the interviews are the interviewees, not me. I like to let them guide the conversation. My approach is ask a question, have a chat about it. The conversation happens from there. It's hard to not provide feedback while listening to the answer (I am a participant in the conversation, after all).

    Ok. this make more sense when you put it like that. I guess my only comments is that sometimes the interviews...I mean "conversations" Smiley tend to drift.

    charles wrote:
    I think there is a happy medium of preparation, however. I don't want to be overprepared as then the questions will be loaded and obvious. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with having some good questions prepared and believe or not sometimes I have them...

    Thanks, as always, for specific fedback on interviewing technique. Certainly, I have no formal training in this area.

    Good point.
  • UGS, SQL 2005, Office 12 and Windows Server 2003: A marriage made in heaven


    Please take some interview training.

    Stop saying "excellent."

    Stop saying "So lets talk about that."

    Before you go into an interview do some preperation.

    Put some questions together do some research and guide the interviewee through the interview. All to often you let the interviewee guide you.

    I really like channel9 but you just need to be more focused in the interviews.