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  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    davida242 wrote:

    I was only thinking about the typical ORM available for .Net.

    Is at least the fact that all of this is done with strong typing something new?

    For sure. I'm not huge on strong typing myself but I'm happy to see this for C#.  Cool
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Using Kansas a relatively unkown ORM for ruby, the most popular being Activrecord.

    kdb = KSDatabase.new(dbh)

    kdb.select(:Users) { |user| user.company == 'Northwind' & user.age > 25 }

    This is not quite 'VERY VERY VERY' different. It's using lambda functions like Anders does in the same context for the same purpose. No need to define classes. Don't get me wrong what Anders is doing is great. It has graceful syntax too. It's just a great evolution not an earth shattering revolution.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Could someone say ORM at least once. These ideas weren't generated out of the blue. Yes there are some neat things here but a lot of it resembles very closely what I use Ruby for everyday + some type checking.
    I find it slightly disturbing how this is presented and everyones comments here. There are interesting comparaisons to be made. There is a technological context.
  • Joe Beda - Managed vs. unmanaged, how much of Avalon was done that way?

    Thank you, this is exactly the type of answer I was interested in.
  • Joe Beda - Managed vs. unmanaged, how much of Avalon was done that way?

    Are you at liberty to discuss how this has evolved. For example were there considerable portions of managed code that had to be moved over to unmanaged for tweaking purposes ? or unmanaged code that was migrated to managed because it was cleaner to handle and maintain ?